4 Reasons Why Students Should Not Miss Class

If some of us can remember, we have discussed in an earlier article some of the reasons why students miss classes and interestingly, some of you have contributed to the reasons reasonably. The focus of this article is to highlight the dangers of skipping classes in the university, secondary school etc. Before we dive deep into the discussion, it is imperative to know that attending classes has one hundred percent importance, no excuse, no reason qualifies for one to absent himself especially when it has become perpetual and is now becoming a habit gradually. Lecturers have been there before students, they have more experience than any student can have, so they know exactly the deal if a particular student keeps missing their lectures, so do they have a series of scopes to catch and punish such students. Let us discuss the dangers of skipping classes, read on...

1. Unannounced Test.
Like I stated, lecturers have various ways of punishing students who intentionally stab classes, one of such ways is unannounced CA tests. Lecturers come to class, and they notice that the class is not filled up compared to the number of students taking their course that is registered in paper, then they instruct students who are on sit to tear a sheet of paper and they give them questions. What would be the fate of students who miss class?
It is not about the reason why you missed the class, no. That may not matter because the lecturer in charge of the course may not give a damn regarding your reason; be it health reasons, emergency reasons etc, it is imperative that as a student who would not be in the class to contact the Course rep, explain to him or her that she won't be coming 0to class with reasonable reasons and the lecturer would do well to inform the lecturer in charge. It is a shame that some students care less, without knowing.

2. Some students go into serious error despite the fact that they know themselves as such students who gain a lot when only when they listen attentively to the lecturer when he is explaining, yet they miss the class. You will all agree with me that lecturers tend to drop some key points, ideas, that they will surely be one of the questions that will come out in the exam. You will not find these chips in your handouts or materials no, you will only hear them from the horse's mouth itself and you can only hear if you pay one hundred percent attention, let alone someone who did not attend the class at all.
Most lecturers may not say these things intentionally, but you must know that they have set the questions for their course before the end of the class, so when they remember that there are topics they have not taught in the class, they use the opportunity to drop ideas that only wise students can grab.

3. Marks for Attending classes.
Some students argue that this is bogus. It is not a students choice to miss class because the attendance would not attract any mark, that is laziness. All lecturers are not the same, we all know that. A lecturer may decide to use the attendance to dish out 10 or 5 marks, no matter how small these marks may seem, they will go a long way in your score.
Some schools have it in their rules and regulations that you can not say for an exam if you do not have 70% attendance of classes, that is not bogus! It is a fact, You can ask students in some renowned universities in our country. Students who miss class regularly have very little chance of success.
The 10 marks that look small to you might be what pushes your total score into an "A", or save you from having a carry over. By now, students who are in their first year who have learnt that every mark means a lot, especially when they start seeing scores Like 68, 69, 67 etc, What would have happened if they had gotten that 10 marks from attendance, would they not have made it into 70?

4. Direct and first hand vital information.
It is in class that you can get purest information, and why is that? It is because you are hearing it directly from the mouth of the lecturer. Although, the class rep or the course rep might disseminate the information on the social media platforms of the class, but what if he doesn't? What if he did not give accurate information? Can you blame him? Even if you blame him, what difference will it make? Shouldn't you be in the class to hear the information from the lecturer directly too?
Information passed across will go a lot way to help you from making mistakes, from taking wrong steps.

These are the few crucial reasons why it is imperative that a student should never miss a class, except for certain emergency reasons.


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  • It's totally wrong for students to miss class irrespective of the reason because not all lecturers are the same like you said earlier done lecturers may decide to help you if you need thier help but because you don't attend class they may decide that they have no reason to help such person so missing of class for students is totally wrong.

    - Olabamiji Juwon Moses - 2020-01-25 19:18:20 Quote

  • It's totally wrong for students to miss class, but some situations warrant missing of class. All listed above are very true, that is why a student should take permission before missing the class. 

    - Bankole Titilayo - 2020-02-28 07:38:11 Quote

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