4 Things To Consider Before Marriage

It is the dream of almost every normal person to get married someday, to become wife to someone or to become a husband to someone. To be called Mr or to be called MRS. The feeling, the boy, the story, the experience, truly is electric, it is one that such a person never forgets (if all goes well (positively)). The normal thing is to have a wedding ceremony once in an individual's entire lifetime and so such a person takes every step he can take to make sure that the ceremony is one in town.

As sweet as a wedding ceremony can be, it is just a one day or two day ceremony and the real ceremony is the everlasting journey that follows after. It is a journey that requires endurance, strength, determination, prayer, companionship just to walk through all the way to the finish line, but even with these mentioned virtues, some marriages still never make it up to four or five months, some even break apart few hours after wedding, yes, how surprising does that sound? What can we ascertain as the cause of such catastrophic misfortune? Imagine after all the planning, all the time wasted, the party, and then everything comes to an abrupt end sadly.

This is not a new thing, and even though in an interview, single couples who have broken up all had different reasons for tearing the marriage apart, but after a conclusive generalization of all these reasons, it was estimated that there is a total of four important factors that these couples have failed to put into consideration before their marriage, and these factors are what we shall be discussing in this article today... Read on.

1. Religion.
Believe it or not, religion has been one major reason for the breaking up of some fresh and young marriages in our country today. Love is blind is what they say and so when two people fall in love with each other, it is usually very charming and strong that it looks very unstoppable not even religion as large a force it is. A strong love will assure the Two love birds that they can overcome anything, it tells them that they can defy all odds and still soar high in the hot air balloon of love, it tells them that they are invincible to the criticism of the society, friends, families and whatever religion says, but that is not true, I'm fact, the only simple truth is that, these love birds will believe this because they are not carried yet so they do not know exactly what awaits them.

Before they say the vows, they tolerate each other but once the rings have been exchanged, things change, the husband realizes that he can't live with someone who doesn't practise his religion and the fire war starts. Everything gets so hot that religion builds a wall between the couples until they have to consider divorce.

2. Culture.
As stated earlier that love can be "devilish" so to speak, it blind's both individuals and they don't even stop to consider what is it same if they dare take the bold step of going down the marriage way. People with entirely different cultures have fallen in love and decided to marry each other and they did successfully. Problem starts when the wife begins some strange practises that the husband does not agree with but the wife claims it's her culture, she says it is the way they do where she comes from. Example is tribal marks.

Imagine that the wife suddenly grabs the new born child and takes her to her parents who slashes the innocent child's face and the husband returns home to see his little daughter's face all mutilated. What would happen? Would they not definitely ensue in a tight, especially if the husband happens to hate the practise a lot. This is an instance of how culture could destroy a marriage.

3. Finance.
I have seen cases where two love birds impregnated each other and because of that, a flash and quick marriage was conducted for them just to save them from the embarrassment. Initially, the guy was not ready for marriage because he did not have a stable job and if there is no stable job, that means that there is no stable source of income to cater for the people inside the house and that is an invitation to trouble.

Now, a man who does not have a job will never rush head on into marriage so this is where the topic of our article comes in "things to consider before marriage". Whether a flash marriage was conducted or not, the couple involved could easily say their mind and confess that there is no money to run a family.
How long do you think a family would stand without a job, money? I give it six months tops.

4. Career.
The last factor we will be considering in this article is choice if career. I want to believe that most of us are very familiar with cases like this. Let us talk about our entertainer industry in Nigeria. Before two artists get married, they paint the internet red with their loved up pictures, love messages to each other and people begin to talk about them as the latest couple in town and eventually they will get married.

Few weeks or months after marriage, problems begin to sprout in the home. It is that the social media platform that used to be their House of love becomes their battle ground where they accuse each other, throw insults at each other. The shocking thing is that one of them says the other does not have time anymore as he is always busy with work.

This will be truly shocking because one would feel that they ought to have known each Other's career choice, but it does not happen that way. Work begins to get in the way of love and frustration sets in till everything scatters.

marriages would last long and tear apart less if these four factors were put into consideration instead of rushing head-on into marriage only to hit a wall and fall down on their backs.

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  • It is also necessary not to forget health status, speaking on genotypes, blood group and the rest. It's advisable to go for a test just a little time before the marriage,as we've seen cases of health status change from previous years,for example HIV or Hepatitis B.They are also important things to consider before saying "I DO"

    - Gaius Ayokunle - 2020-01-27 10:45:06 Quote

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