5 Factors To Be Considered Before Marriage

The stage of singlehood is the best state any body can be, as it the space for options and choices. Few things that can change or affection someone's life forever

1) Salvation 

2) Purpose discovery 

3) Who you marry. 

Since the focus of this is one marriage, so i will share my sincere view on the number 3 outline. In choosing a partner for life, one must consider these few things 

1) The person must be a Christian : in choosing a life partner, you shouldn't marry someone of different religious belief from you. Being nice and moral isn't the criteria to justify this point, but being of same faith with you will save you some much dramas and trouble in your home. 

2) Character : You must look out for character in choosing a partner, physical looks don't match up compared to character, of course you marry someone you like, but looks are not enough, what is the character like? Not beauty, but virtuousness, not handsome or rich, but faithfulness 

3) Compatibility : Two cannot walk together except they are in agreement, compatibility here is not resemblance, but the ability to get along. There should be certain things or attributes both partners have that compliments each other. For an instance, the pen and the cover are compatible, when you are not using it, it covers the writing tip and when you are using it, it still covers the other end, they don't look alike, but they are compatible. Check your basic values too, your belief system, your mindset about life and purpose for life. 

4) Companionship : Marry your friend, you can't marry your enemy, so marry someone you are friends with, someone who knows you. One major thing you do in marriage is companionship and friendship. Companionship is the grease that makes the journey of life smooth, so you should find companionship with your life partner. Don't try to make your spouse your friend, but out of your friends, choose a spouse. 

5) Capacity / Capability : Marriage is not for boys or girls, but for men and women. You need to consider your capacity before going into marriage. Capacity talks about Maturity, financial capability, emotional maturity all very important. 

These are a few factors I can share, if you have more, please let's hear from you in comment space. 

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  • Another thing here is Understanding. Most examined divorce today, when carefully evaluated you see that they both love each other, but they can't just understand each other. So love is great, but love alone cannot take you far. You have to understand who you're bringing into your life.

    - Osatohanmwen Oghosasere - 2019-11-25 09:37:25 Quote

  • One thing we should know is that love can never be enough and marriage is a life time something, patience is included together with trust and I think  we should learn to work more on ourselves cos the person you want to get married to is not your family member but from another background

    - Oni Kehinde oluwabukola - 2019-11-25 14:29:20 Quote

  • There  are many things to be considered before getting married. Marriage is not friendship, its a serious business which gets tougher and tougher as time goes. Only a matured mindset can scale through. All the points mentioned above are necessary and also bear in mind that there are individual differences.

    - Chinwe Okeke - 2019-11-25 15:07:31 Quote

  • Love is a thing, great communication is another. It's a necessary therapy. The ones mentioned are quite important especially the spiritual aspect. Marrying someone that serves and appreciate the Good you serve is a vital role. Also, knowing each other's capability without comparing with other people is important. Some people aren't lazy they just can't work to a certain level and it should be respected. Everyone has their area where they shine. So ones spouse should look more into that area.

    - Akinbuwa Ifeoluwa - 2019-11-26 14:11:57 Quote

  • Marriage is not only based on being of the same religious belief hence for instance I'm a Muslim and i could Marry a Christian so far there is love and understanding..the fact that she's not a Muslim doesn't mean i can't marry her because of her religion..love and understanding matters the most 

    - Oladeinde Bazeet - 2019-11-28 13:36:02 Quote

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