5 Reasons Why You Haven't Made Enough Money On NNU V2__ Part 2

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2. You Are Too Arrogant

A lot of persons feel too big and do not realise the potency of humility in business. 

To succeed in every business, you need to LEARN first and adopt the right strategies but pride has hindered a lot of persons from LEARNING! 

The first two friends who registered under me on NNU V2  are currently on the top 10 earners list; this is because they know the potency of LEARNING. 

As a newbie in the business, don't feel too big to beg those top earners to teach you how to hit it big. You can make me (Egu Chris) your E-PIN distributor while we rub mind together and grow together in the business. Not a big deal.

When you seek for tutorship and the person fail to respond politely, follow him/her up while conversing with other top earners. 

Your mode of approach matters a lot. You can't add your potential tutor on WhatsApp and the next thing is; "I want you to teach me how to get many referrals on NNU" 

That's totally wrong, especially when you didn't register under the person. 

Humans often feel elated when they are complimented. 

If you wanna approach someone for business mentorship. This is how to start the conversation: 

You: Good day bro/sis

Egu Chris: How are you doing?

You: I'm fine and you

Egu Chris: I'm okay 

You: I have been seeing your outstanding performance on NNU Forum V2. I must commend you for your productive efforts sir

(The head of Egu Chris or the tutor will become so big?? and he/she will instantly cherish you)

Egu Chris: Aww! Thanks for the compliment. 

After winning the heart of the person, the next thing is to draw closer. 

You: Your performance attracted me to you and I strongly desire to be one of your students/followers. 

Egu Chris: Glad to have you sir

Ask him/her for tips and demand for your contact to be saved. Get closer to the tutor and learn more. Simple! 

Do you like the topic or should I stop?????

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  • Please don't stop, I'm following and learning too, as a newbie. This is very helpful, thanks a lot. 

    Its nice that you took out time to share this very resourceful information, willing that we all make this money. 

    - Chidinma Maduka - 2019-09-25 19:59:39 Quote

  • Please don't stop just yet, your post has really been helpful as it as open my eyes to some of the mistakes I have been making and I intend to work with these your tips because I want to make more from this NNu V2 forum. 

    - Elizabeth Daniel - 2019-09-26 08:17:05 Quote

  • Please continue, I am really following up. Thank you for this, you just corrected my mindset and manner, I'd also ask if you take me as one of your students, pls equip me on what to do, how to reach to people and to earn please. 

    - Prince Michael - 2019-09-26 18:49:35 Quote

  • plєαѕє í αdvícє thαt чσu dσn't ѕtσp,αll σf uѕ αrє ѕtíll lєαrnєr'ѕ, σf cσurѕє wє αll wєnt tσ ѕchσσl,tσ lєαrn,ѕσ íf чσu put чσur hєαd dσwn αnd lєαrn fσrm чσur rєfєrєє,whєn чσu tαkє чσur tímє tσ ѕtudч αвσut thє plαtfσrm, чσu wíll єαrn вíg.

    - Ruth Dennis - 2019-09-26 21:11:25 Quote

  • I can bet you must be a good tutor. After reading this post,I started wishing you were the one who registered me. I will keep following this your post. Infact right now,I'm gonna get your contact from the e-pin vendors list. Please also accept my Facebook friend request. I have a lot to learn from you especially the secret to post approval.

    - Emmanuel Agbasielo - 2019-10-02 22:15:13 Quote

  • Your post has been wonderful,  I think I having been kissing a lot by not following up with the person that register me. I need to go back to the drawing board now.

    - Babatunde lateef - 2019-10-13 19:35:19 Quote

  • Wow reading this has really inspired me to a very deep extent I now know how to earn easily on nnu if I need assistance I will definitely find a way to hit you up thank you so much for putting out this article I can't wait for part 3

    - Starr Olatunji - 2019-10-13 20:25:54 Quote

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