5 Ways To Win A Man's Heart Without Having S3x With Him

These are major ways to win a man's heart.... 

•Cook for him : An adage about winning a man over is through his stomach is true and real. Cooking for someone is to cater basic human needs. Food is parts of the basic needs of life. So cooking for your man everyday most especially when the meal is dealious will make a lady win a man. 

•Accept him for who he is: This point is very important because a lady can't change a man completely but can help him to change his ways little by little. Accepting a man for who he is means a lady needs to understand her man so that both of them will be able to live comfortable. 

•Make him laugh: Making a man laugh is very essential in a relationship

•Tell him a secret:Telling a man your deepest secret has a vital role to play in a relationship. Telling him a secret will actually make a man to see his lady as more than a friend and wanting himself to trust her. 

•Accepting his family: If a lady wants to win her man's heart, she needs to see his family as her family inorder for their love to grow stronger.

If you know other ways kindly share with us via comment.

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  • You've tried in your research, I think winning a man's heart isn't easy that way. However, when both parties are in love, then the love can be nutured and grow...But trying to win a heart that is wondering in a far land by doing  all this  things is a complete waste of time.

    My Take ...

    - Faloye Tolulope - 2019-11-24 21:10:35 Quote

  • I feel there are countless ways to get a man's heart.

    First and foremost you must understand the man, what he likes and what he hates, things he does for fun and the rest. 

    Another way is giving the man a useful advice that would be beneficial to him and others around him. A man likes a woman who always cheers him up and gives him advices when he is in trouble. 

    Another way is to cook a good meal for him. For this is the main way to get to a man's heart. 

    Lastly a man likes a woman who is tolerant and understanding and also a decent woman who also takes care of him and does all the chores without complaining.

    - Bouff Daddy - 2019-11-25 12:44:05 Quote

  • its not easy to win a man's heart with just food although it's true,most men don't like a nagging woman. They want someone that will give them space to do anything they like,hang out with their friends.
    Anyways it depends on the type of man. Onces a woman starts to show respect to a man ,she have automatically won his heart,because they want a woman that will make them feel like a man.

    - Okonkwo Mabel - 2019-11-27 10:20:02 Quote

  • Is never easy for a woman to win her man's heart but food is always the priority above all. A woman can also win a man's heart in romantic way, pets names, take care of his home and children and most especially love him and care for him, get to understand him when he's angry or happy and know how to approach him. 

    - Emmanuel Williams - 2019-11-28 08:06:42 Quote

  • First i must confess that you really did a good work, by computing these facts. To add up to what you have rightfully said; a lady need to be patient with her man. Just to stress the point you made- accepting him for who he is.

    This is the problem we have with this generation. They don't want to hustle with a man. Is like all they want is an already made man. Forgetting that men respect ladies who stood by their side when they were nobody.I think this should be stressed...

    Respect is one foundamental point to talk about. How you talk to your man before people will make you his queen. Inrespective of your family or educational background, winning your way into a man's life requires wisdom.

    That is my view.

    - Nathaniel Shekwoduza Ayuba - 2019-11-28 13:13:48 Quote

  • Winning a man hearts is something a lady need to be very careful about   

    A lady should do all her possible best to keep her man but everything should be under control 

    Because doing  everything for man doesn't stop him from doing what u don't like    do everything for him and also caution him when necessary 

    - Hammed Adekunle - 2019-11-29 07:28:10 Quote

  • Another way could be by being a good listener, people in general need someone they can talk to. So if he feels he has someone he couild confide it, that could really go a long way.

    And do try to contribute positively to his life. Men need someone they can grow together with. 

    - Yahaya Emmanuel - 2019-11-30 13:24:51 Quote

  • For you to win a mans heart you need to support him physically and spiritually in prayers , you dont keep things from him you tell him everything he needs to know and most especially dont joke with his food. Because men that dont like eating outside can be very annoying when it comes to the issue of food.

    - Latifat Lawal - 2019-12-02 11:20:51 Quote

  • I totally agree with cooking for your man but accepting him for who he is???? That's very inappropriate. Even if what he does is harmful to you or to the relationship you should encourage him because you want to keep him??? A man who truly loves you will accept most if not all of your decisions. 

    - Adegbenga Gbadesire - 2019-12-02 21:04:43 Quote

  • A woman needs to support her man physically,spiritually with prayers,financially when he needs help. Create an avenue for communication,even if you don't see often,try to call and ask about his day,pray for him at every chance you get,Advice him,support him on every decision. Trust me he will not even try to look outside unless he is charmed

    - Moses Helen - 2019-12-08 09:39:22 Quote

  • Support and encourage their purpose

    Something that is very important to men is that their lives have a purpose. That purpose can be tied to what they do for a career, but not always. Men need a mission. What is your husband passionate about? What is his mission to accomplish? Nothing lifts a man’s spirit or confidence more than the support of a loving woman. The way to a man’s heart is to support the purpose that his heart is passionate about.

    - Joseph Pacheco - 2019-12-13 01:24:41 Quote

  • I totally agree with you but winning a man's heart can be very tricky sometimes you know. As for me, I think it depends on the kind of man the woman is dealing with. Everyone has individual differences but one thing common among all men is that they always love women who is loyal and shows herself to be very trustworthy.

    - Opeyemi Lediju - 2019-12-17 22:53:24 Quote

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