7 Things That Makes Your Girl Leave You For Another Man

Good day everyone, 

​​​​​​women as we all know are very precious, they should be give the care they deserve.

​​​​​​A woman loves a man who is caring, loving, handsome,rich,sexy, and awesomely perfect.

Nowadays most girls are not satisfied with the man they have, they want to try other men. But this will eventually happen if the man doesn't do these 7 things for them:

#1. If u don't care about them: Girls love men who care about them, they get excited when a man cares so much about them, they will begin to fall more in love. They will leave you if u do otherwise.

#2  If u don't love them: Some girls are very sensitive they know whether a man loves them or not and they may leave you when they realise this.

#3  If u don't communicate well with them: This is one main thing to do with your girl daily because it enhances strong relationships. You will both be thinking and remembering each other.

#4  If you ignore their text or calls:  Ignoring your girls call or text make them fell sad and uncomfortable, a good man who loves his girl must never ignore her messages. Even though u are busy, try to let her know that you are busy instead of ignoring or snubbing.

#5 If u never want to help: Many girls want their man to help them, but they might not actually show it. But u must try to help her even though she refuses, just offer your help with a smile and she won't  hesitate allowing you to help her.

#6  When she finds out you are cheating on her: This is one major reasons why relationship fails. Most girls doesn't like it when they are sharing their man with another girl.  This is natural it is jealousy which is needed to be present in a relationship. she may not even think twice before breaking up or leaving the guy.

#7  Lack of thrust in the relationship:  this is very common nowadays. Most  men and women don't thrust their partners. Which may result to break up. I thrust you is a better compliment than I love u. So therefore a thrust worthy relationship is prone to last long

Thanks u all for reading.

Hope this helps.

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  • Women should be treated well and given more attension. The woman should seem as special in the eye of men. If a man keeps late night can make a woman loose trust in the man. And also when a man doesn't listen to the wife can cause breakup in the home.

    - Okoro chidiebere Henry - 2019-12-23 22:12:58 Quote

  • Women should be love and care for, understanding also matters alot in a relationship, when you understand each other your relationship will go on smoothly.. Women too needs to be submisive and not to be disrespectful to their man,when this is done the relationship can't encounter any problem.

    - Itunu Ajide - 2020-01-04 22:33:00 Quote

  • Women loves when a man gives them full attention and appreciation of what they do, cook or even wear. Women love compliments alot, you might have all the money in the world but if you don't take 1min out of your 24hours every day to compliment your woman, she might start taking compliments from outsiders which may eventually break the relationship. Women also want you to give them listening ears and advice them with good reasons. No woman wants a dictating boyfriend or husband. 

    - Ugochukwu Deborah - 2020-01-13 09:48:57 Quote

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