8 Black African Legends

1. Nelson Mandela: His a legacy will never be forgotten as he was jailed for 27 years for his people and he is today a symbol of freedom all over the world.

2. Michael Jackson: History will never forget the first black man to have his music played MTV and also attain excellent in music, with mind blowing songs like "speechless", "black or white", "thriller" etc.

3. Fela: Baba 70, greatest Nigerian musical legend, but is now also recognize internationally around the world, not only musically but because of how he mixed freedom fighting in his music, his type of music is different and is called Afrobeat.

4. Martin Luther King jnr: He was another African- American hero who fought untill death, he foretold of a dream of a black president in America, and his speech till date is the most popular. "I have a dream".

5. Oprah: She is a total example of an African American woman, kind, and beautiful and caring. Her shows have touched lives and no wonder she was awarded the best talk show. Oprah is the richest Afro America of the 20thcentury.

6. Winnie Mandela: Ex- wife to former president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, Winnie was a very strong instrument in Nelson's journey.

7. Jaja of Opobo: Jaja of Opobo was the greatest of all freedom fighters. He was against the British imperialists and was taken as a slave. He died on his journey back to home.

8. Obama: The Man is a dream come through for the Black America nation, as his election into most powerful post on the face of the Earth, the president of The United States of America.

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  • Indeed these are legend's. They lived their life to the fullest. These are people who fought for their people and stood to the end till the battle was worn. They are people with integrity, confidence and strong minded individuals. If only some of our leaders will follow the path of these our gone legend's, then some of our problems today wont be as much as it is. But unfortunately the reverse is the case. There's still hope. ONE LOVE AFRICA.

    - Solomon Nyebe - 2019-11-22 10:58:21 Quote

  • Indeed those aforementioned are truly legends,you can call them super 8,i think they all were good leaders,as a leader is supposed to have the characteristics that they did,i think if our present leaders should follow in these footsteps,i think all would be well and the country would be a better place

    - Richard asuquo - 2019-11-22 11:55:18 Quote

  • Indeed the names listed above really affected the world in thier own time. Nelson mandala is highly respected even in death in South Africa. The popular artiste fela; his lyrics are alive today and when can see it happening within our neighborhood. Indeed they were all heros of their time

    - Ozioma Chukwuma - 2019-11-25 08:09:28 Quote

  • Truly! These are legends indeeds, who fought for the rights and freedom of the black nation. And I really wish that the leaders of our present time will also emulate and follow the steps of these ones as regards freedom fighting. True, many African nations has gained her independence, but are still in bondage.

    - Goodness Chukwu - 2019-11-27 03:30:05 Quote

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