8 Ways Parents Can Learn Faster And Improve The Academic Performance Of Their Children

There is no doubt that every child wants to makes a success of his/her academic career, but reverse is the case for some (if not many). While some pupils are making progress in their academic pursuits some are not achieving success they desire. But this situation can be reversed for this who are witnessing failure in the academic career if their parent release the fact that they are one of the key educators apart from teachers, and strive to spend quality time with their children education. Here are seven ways parents can make a great different in the academic performance of their children.

There is a positive relationship between parent’s engagement in their children education and pupils achievement. Parent who encourage their children to cultivate the habits of reading books daily tend to get better academic results and even the dull witted pupils with low IQ can make success of their career by developing the reading habit

Create an environment that fosters learning:

A child can make the most out of his academic pursuit if he reads in a well structured environment and reads often. You as a parent to strive to create an environments that fosters learning an environment that develops not only the reading culture but also make the parent alive to their responsibility as key educators and contribute daily to the progress of their children academic pursuit to achieve this, they have to come up with clear goals, that will be communicated to their children of what they want to achieve plan out those goals and act decisively this way the children will know that they are expected to actualize their academic success with result-oriented plan parent can figure out the best time of the day to get involved in their academic work of their children that is the time they need to go through their student note guide them on how to solve homework and not do it for them in other not to deprive them of their responsibilities of using their brain to think.

If things are done in the right way the parent can witness improvement in the academic performance of their children regardless of the prevailing academic situation. It is equally important that you encourage your children to read extensively. the Impact of extensive reading cannot be emphasized as important as intensive reading is in passing examination it cannot be subtitled for extensive reading because of it measurable advantage of extensive reading widens one’s horizon gets one duly informed  increases one vocabulary bank, promotes exposure enhance right command of English the list is exhaustive.

Encourage your children to think out of the box and think positively:

The impact of positive thinking and thinking out of the box cannot be over emphasized. Quite frankly, success or failure comes from the mind a child the thinks he has what it takes to pass exam and make a success of his academic career won’t find it hard and grasp things. one major reason that makes pupils fail exams and not to make progress in their academic career is their inability to think positively and think out of the box.a child that thinks maths is difficult will always find it difficult because he wont create time to study and if he is not studying maths there is no way that child can pass maths .for your children to think positively you can buy valuable motivational books for them which they can read daily and boost their thinking.

Provide balanced diet and exercise:

By the way do you know the impact of giving balanced diet to the children? Do you encourage your children to do exercise daily basis? You can improve your children academic performance by creating an environment that encourages children to do exercise daily. Apart from the fact that exercise can bolster that thinking faculty it also helps them to be healthy and when a child is well-coordinated he will be able to think through and grasp things fast. It is also important that you give your children balanced diet and ensure they take the breakfast as early as 7:00am so that they can be energetic in school and invariably perform well in their academic career. According to dr. Ronald E. Kleinman, there is a strong relationship between eating breakfast and improvement in academic performance. dr. Ronald E. Kleinman.

Endeavour to regulate the time your children spend on trivial things:

While browsing the internet, social media, search engines etc or watching television is not wrong, spending 4hours on the internet or watching television daily as a student may be unproductive. It behave you a parent to find out what your children are spending their time daily. It is your responsibility to ensure your children are not frittering away their time on things that would not add up to their academic performance research reveals that

Encourage your children to be resilient:

This might strange to some people but it is a quality that every child needs to possess to overcome hurdle of examination. There is no doubt that your children will face challenges as they try to master new topics or subject. you might have a child that find it hard to grasp things .that is the time you need to encourage them with inspiring words like ’’it is not that difficult you just have to do more exercises in order to grasp the topics .’’ as a parent ,it is your responsibility to teach your children how to be resilient  ,and exhibit self-confidence  .let them know that there is nothing hard they cannot overcome .they can achieve whatever they can conceive .ben Carson’s  mother  was unique  in this aspect  despite the fact that ben Carson wasn’t doing well in high school , she used to tell him ‘’Benjamin ,you’re much  too smart to be bringing home grades like this ‘’.


If there is one thing that makes a child to be serious with his studies,it is the ability of the parents to ask for feed back .Telling your children to read their books often is not enough ,you must creat time to hear from them [check their work]. Ask them guestions on what they have read. And if you are not knowledgeable to ask questions, delegate the task .get someone to do that for you .be it your neighbor ,a private teacher or your grown up child . when your children get to know that you are going to give them 10 lashes for not reading their books ,they will sit up and read their books and also do their assignments.

Share Biographies of people who make success of their academic career sharing biographies of people who were once dullards or dull witted and later achieve success as a student as a great way to enhance  the thinking horizon of your children . peradventure ,you here a child that is dull witted and find it difficult to grasp things ,this the time to get him a copy of Ben Carson’s book this book has the potentials to build self confidence in the life of the child     

Discover the weak point of your children and turn them to strength or nutigate the effect:

however a good child still have one or few weak point. It is up to you to figure out the weak point so that your children can achieve success in their academic career a child that finds it hard to grasp a subject n eed help and that is when you have to  get involve getting private teachers depending on the numbers of subject he/she is finding it hard to grasp and you should enourage your children to do the subject that they are good at more importantly you need to know how well your child is doing in class compared to other student while you are trying to help your child to do well in school it is important that you don’t do something that will truncate your effort one of the ways some parent can truncate their effect of helping their children to overcome their weak spot is to deny their responsibility of doing their homework helping your children to do their homework will deprive them the ability to think and when a child cannot think through he won’t be able to overcome challenges.

In conclusion having known that you are one of the key educators of your children if you get involve in your children’s education, paying school fees buying text books and enrolling your children in one of the best schools might not suffix what Ben Carson’s teachers cannot do his mother did. She was able to transform his academic career Ben Carson witnessed incessant failure but became a successful student when he developed the habit of reading books as instructed by his mother. You can achieve the same in the lives of your children you can boost their thinking horizons and invariably enhance their academic performance as you inculcate reading habit in them if this article is invaluable to you don’t hesitate to share it with your fans on Facebook and link in twitter feel free to post your comment below I will try my best to respond to it.                


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