Advantage Of Fish Farming Over The Conventional Fisheries


1. Fish is reared in controlled and secured medium of water,harvest/cropping is predictable while the same effort put in catchery fisheries may not yield proportionate result and highly unpredictable.
2.With the modern aquaculture techniques, the fish genetics can be manipulated to improve yield and the environmental condition can be easily controlled to enhance higher harvest. On the other hand, the natural environment conditions such as tide,salinity, fertility of the medium cannot be controlled neither can the genetics of the wild stocks be altered in the wild
3. The upland areas without rivers are completely excluded from the benefits of the conventional fishing industry while everywhere in the country fish farming can be practiced with appropriate environmental manipulations.
 4. Fish farming can be practiced on lands unsuitable for Agriculture. The swamps and flooded plains in Rivers,Delta State and its environs of the Niger Delta which were considered unsuitable in terms of crop production are the most ideal environments for fish farming and can now be made productive lands because of fish farming.
5. Fish is known to be the most efficient converters of food comparing it with raising of other animals; equal input(feeds) yield highest in fish.
 6. In fish farming, yield per unit of land is higher compared to arable farming and animal husbandry. Therefore fish farming is the most efficient user of land. In fact,if every other farmer could know the secret of fish farming they would have converted all their farmlands to fish farms.
 7. The market supply from fish farms is more elastic because facilities can more easily be expanded or adjusted to meet the market demand for fish.
 8. This fish farmer can control production according to market demand. Only demanded quantities could be harvested and sold,delivery of definite quantities at regular intervals could be guaranteed from fish farm while this is not possible with the conventional fisheries because of their seasonal and unpredictable nature.
 9. Fish farming is a rural area development oriented industry. Almost every rural dweller can practice fish farming and if it is encouraged rural development is a matter of time. 10. Finally,fish farming industry is the most lucrative of all the Agricultural industries if cultural practices are adhered to strictly.

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  • Fish farming is pretty much a profitable and advantageous venture I'd encourage alot of persons to consider for investment.I am into it and the only major challenge is the start up capital and process as well as continous cost of feeding which can be less challenging when proper finance planning is made.After that,all that needs be done is regular feeding,periodic change of water and treatment with vaccines where necessary.In few months time,the fishes are ready to restore your capital and fetch you profit.

    - Omoefe Bazunu - 2019-12-09 22:31:32 Quote

  • Fish farming as one of the careers in Agriculture is the activities that involve the management and production of fish.Fish is useful to Man in many ways,such as:Source of food for man,source of ornament,source of animals or livestock feeds,also as a polishing materials,at the same time it's also serve as source of medicine e.g Cod liver gotten from fish. Nowadays fishery fetch people more income

    - Eegunbiyi Aishat oyenike - 2019-12-16 16:47:15 Quote

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