August Payout: See How NNU Forum Members Earn A Lot Money Online Legitimately (viral Share)

Click here to Viral Share our post properly on your timeline as public in order to get paid by the end of this month. We usually verify members Facebook timeline before they cash out.


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No member will be left out without getting paid. NNU will keep sharing revenue and paying members as long as internet keep working.
We have come up with a remarkable working plan to make sure all participants benefit and cash out their earnings without losing or end up getting frustrated. Continuity, stability and sustainability is our top most priority.
All required of you is to join us with a token amount of just ₦1,400 naira, stay active, do your part genuinely without cheat or tricking the system, make sure you share our viral post up to date on your timeline and leave the rest. Request for withdrawal whenever you wish and chill. Exercise patient while it get to your turn for your withdrawal to be processed.
Having high population in mind, we payout using the rules of first come first serve, membership duration, time withdrawal requested and highest earning rules from 20k and above.
Eligible members and those who are due for payment have been paid for the month of August revenue share with over ₦2million naira. A lot of people used fake Facebook account, they created temporal Facebook account for our viral share purpose.
Such trick is not allowed, if i can use my real profile to share what brings money, why cant you? Some people accumulate earning so fast cheating the system and freezing browser session. Also some people copy part of forum post to use as comment. such behaviors are not allowed and people like that wont get paid.
Payout continue by the end of this month September using the rules above?. Whereas, old pending withdrawal will be taken care of base on withdrawal time and also highest earning rules.
Keep earning and avoid any trick while you exercise patient for your time unless if your withdrawal is declined for reasons. Attached is a screenshot of list of members that got paid with their Facebook profile link for confirmation and transparency including link to full payroll.
If you are among people with pending earning on v1, please relax your mind and keep your account safe. NNU•ng v1 website is not useless or closing. It will keep on delivering timely news update daily. We have got a plan on how to make sure your effort is not wasted and you will definitely be rewarded.
We are also working on a method of transferring your old earning from v1 to v2 nnuforum in order to get paid in due time. So if you were part of us in v1, kindly register on v2 now and keep your space.
If you are not yet a member, you still have the chances to join us now to have your share in September revenue. We also have a tip for you as a member to earn as much as you want with daily commission without waiting for monthly payout.

#Smartdistributors earns more. Registration E-Pin distributors / agent opportunity door is still open, before i decide to close it. Whatsapp me if you are interested

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  • I think NNU is the best in this business, with this kind of process, I am giving them my genuine support and trust, I am delighted to be part of it. 

    - Jonathan Onyebuchi - 2019-09-01 07:50:37 Quote

  • Well done to NNU forum for successfully paying out their first payment....I hope this continues and everyone get paid for their hardwork.....I hope more members join to because NNU forum is a very legit place to earn ur cash steady

    - Faith Olamide - 2019-09-01 07:53:05 Quote

  • Nice in seeing this August payout list am happy for those that was paid and I pray and hope this September payout list I will be among them

    - ABIYE SHAMMAH - 2019-09-01 07:56:11 Quote

  • I really love the transparency of this platform..those doubting Thomas better come and have a taste of internet we start hustling for September payment 🏃🏃🏃

    - David Akwe - 2019-09-01 07:58:00 Quote

  • It not longer a news that NNU has arrived big and better, those still doubting should wake up from their slumber and join the league of those making money, a lot of members have been paid for month of August, then what are you waiting for, you better register now before it too late.

    - Kehinde anthony - 2019-09-01 08:01:34 Quote

  • i also wish to be wowed by the end of this new month. Just like I've seen people get paid, i want to earn like them and i think this is a great poverty alleviation plan too for students like us ☺ 

    - Faheedat Lawal - 2019-09-01 08:06:43 Quote

  • This platform is so real,but it hurts me I joined few days ago,I really look up to being credit by Sept ending mk me sef jolly as others de jolly

    - Okechukwu Jude - 2019-09-01 08:18:55 Quote

  • Thanks to PSO  for the wonderful opportunity given to the masses to have a cut of online money, I will be forever grateful to this man because I made my first money online through him. Thanks once again 

    - Eklou Gbenga Tunde - 2019-09-01 08:22:12 Quote

  • Thank you so much NNU you've made this new month a good one for a lot of people. May God continue to bless you. I pray i make my own too

    - Yusuf Abdulqudus - 2019-09-01 08:27:05 Quote

  • I will never stop praying for you Mr Paul for this wonderful platforms God has given you the knowledge to operate, NNU is cool and a blessing to people if you never join na watin you gain 

    - Nnamani Josh - 2019-09-01 08:28:10 Quote

  • NNU is the best online business, no scam, it working and hot like fire. I will always pray for nnu and may God be with you always .

    - OLUWATOSIN ADEOYE - 2019-09-01 08:42:31 Quote

  • Great job nnu forum making cool and legal money at the corner of my home is the best thing anyone can think of without stress or sweats.kudos to the organizers of nnu forum.

    - Taiwo Itunuoluwa - 2019-09-01 08:54:41 Quote

  • NNU forum is the greatest online paying platform I know. I will do my best to start earning big to be at the top list as well..

    - Precious idisi - 2019-09-01 08:56:44 Quote

  • U really wowed us sir,this is the best platform i have ever seen.Paying non referrals is not easy.Keep it up sir

    I hope to be among the next people to withdraw.

    - Bajepade Sodam olanrewaju - 2019-09-01 09:11:27 Quote

  • Wow! This is wonderful. I didn't meet up  the minimum withdrawal last month. I believe this month os September will put smile on my face.

    - Esther David - 2019-09-01 09:15:07 Quote

  • Congrats to the great people of NNU....this is not a joke at all...please friends and family stop end your worries today  what you'll eat...and mother end your worries of how to pay your children's school fees...father's end your worries of how to put food on your family table...youth end your worries your saying yes to NNU ...with NNU you have nothing to be scare of

    - Precious Solomon - 2019-09-01 09:52:04 Quote

  • Yeah!! Nnu is back again, even though I registered a week to the end of last month and I reached 5k threshold.

    Nah alart of my 5k woke me up yesterday..! 

    If you haven't registered you are missing a lot... 

    - Saliman Nasirudeen - 2019-09-01 10:00:20 Quote

  • I am very happy with this platform.I have seen many that pays but with referrals.Well done Mr Paul.

    Am sure I will be among those that will withdraw by the end of this month.

    - Abduljaleel Akinlabi - 2019-09-01 10:00:51 Quote

  • So far so good, nnu is putting smiles on thousands of faces of Nigerians. With this laudable platform, u only pay a token of #1400 and cash out up to 20k. What are you waiting for. This is the best I have I seen. 

    - Adamu Usman - 2019-09-01 10:07:16 Quote

  • Wow, that is really interesting. I'm going to cash out this month oo. I'm on my way there.


    - Tomiwa olousolape Oyegoke - 2019-09-01 10:12:15 Quote

  • Kudos to Paul Samson for doing a great job and making Nigerians smile I've made a lot of money through this platform..

    NNU has been helping both the youth and adult financially.. All you just need is a browsing phone, that's all.. .

    God bless NNU

    God bless Paul Samson

    - Idris Owolabi - 2019-09-01 10:16:17 Quote

  • I thank God for this platform. Since I joined my money has been increasing and I'm confident and sure that it's gonna pay... One love!!!!

    - Joy Pius - 2019-09-01 10:31:33 Quote

  • Nnu we really appreciate your company for all they have been doing to us, gaining your trust for providing for us. May God bless you people more

    - Omole Elizabeth - 2019-09-01 10:57:28 Quote

  • This a very nice idea and good way of hellping the less !! I hope to get paid this month too as this is my first account on nnu and I have full confidence that I will receive mine even those I referred 

    - Umoru Abubakar - 2019-09-01 11:09:47 Quote

  • This is really amazing.. Not getting paid is not an option this time around. I'm proud of all that took the rist and I'm hoping to cashout with y'all this month

    - Feyisayo Awosusi - 2019-09-01 12:02:01 Quote

  • NNU version 2 members smiling to the ATM to withdraw their cash. Those doubting Thomas for how long will you keep doing this?. Keep your pride aside and embrace the right path.

    - John Jakada - 2019-09-01 12:19:58 Quote

  • Everything is going well now a lot of people have been smile to the bank am not going to be left out by God grace

    - Kolawole Bolaji - 2019-09-01 12:30:56 Quote

  • This Is very impressive

    Many people wants To join but they are doubting. At least with this alert they would be able to believe   nnu is real keep It up Mr Paul

    - Emmanuel Godwin - 2019-09-01 12:52:09 Quote

  • Am also a living witness of the NNU Version 2 and am ain't ready to quit any moment soon, so let keep the ball rolling as we make our cash by month end.

    - JOHN David J. - 2019-09-01 13:07:45 Quote

  • NNUV2 is real and legitimate join now and stop doubting..

    Its new month beginning you will surely launch to your bank account by the end of of the month..

    Just give it a try

    - saliman saliman - 2019-09-01 13:14:06 Quote

  • I thank God for NNU v2, every one gets paid unlike the first version that had issues. I'm really happy because NNU is really changing lives. 

    - Akintobi Akinwale - 2019-09-01 13:42:04 Quote

  • This will serve as a prove to those who still doesn't believe nnu is real, at least with this evidences of payment maybe they will change their minds

    - Ibitoye Michael - 2019-09-01 13:58:26 Quote

  • This is motivational and makes others out there positive about NNU forum. I didn't get alert in this August, but I'm positive that I will be among those that wil get alert by September. I believe in NNU. This is a good means of side income

    - abdullahi sunusi sani - 2019-09-01 14:30:59 Quote

  • This is really good opportunity again for us all. I was once part of the nnu v1 member, I believe v2 will pay more than v1 because I still have earnings on v1 which am still unable to withdraw. God bless the ceo.😎

    - Charles Antwi - 2019-09-01 14:39:34 Quote

  • I have never loved NNU until now. Seriously, you are the best online platform for making money through reading and commenting on news. Thanks for the hope you gave we on version 1. 

    - Mayowa Akins - 2019-09-01 14:40:29 Quote

  • Yes o more of this comes this month stop procrastinating and join kudos to Mr Paul Samson your doing a great work sir keep it up 

    - Chidera Duru George - 2019-09-01 14:43:24 Quote

  • This is no longer a story, it is real that nnu has come back again it is working as my friend got paid as one of the members and I'm  happy to be part of it.

    - Moses James - 2019-09-01 14:53:43 Quote

  • Actually am a new member here and I wish to say... The solving on problem over this is great... I really like the write up and disgin of the forum and its display... I will introduce more of my friends to this... And am happy to be a member 

    - Ebuka Nwafor - 2019-09-01 14:54:36 Quote

  • Nnu you is the best, I've not yet been paid yet but I know I'll be paid in no time.

    If you've not registered, you better do so now its not late yet. 

    - Lucas Lucas - 2019-09-01 14:55:01 Quote

  • I'm really impressed by the massive payout for the month of August, and I help lord gives the management the opportunity and strength to keep the good work ongoing 

    - Adaranijo Muhammad Toha - 2019-09-01 15:15:46 Quote

  • Funny how some people still doubt NNU when people are cashing out on steady.I can’t wait to get paid too and give my testimony to others.

    - Eric Kalu - 2019-09-01 15:17:17 Quote

  • i stand and isentify with nnu i am among the first set to get alert from nnu v2, and i made enough from nnu v1, nnu is the best platform for online biz so far, so unique in all, kudos to D Boss PSO. NNU all the way

    - Udueni Anthonia - 2019-09-01 15:37:05 Quote

  • Congratulations to those that makes the list ,this is just the beginning put more effort to earn more In this great platform...all the listed rules should be adequately adhere to so that we won't disprogress the progressive progress of this platform

    - Abdullahi Nurudeen Olayiwola - 2019-09-01 16:12:03 Quote

  • Hmmm! Well-done boss for the transparency. I have been thinking why some my  referrals didn't get paid. But after reading this my questions are answered.

    I hope they make necessary corrections before next payout day. Thanks again sir

    - Folakemi Obatimehin - 2019-09-01 17:07:33 Quote

  • Nnu forum as really wowed people ..and doubters like me have believed it true now ,am working hard to earn enough so as to get paid dis month o 

    - Favour Adedayo - 2019-09-01 17:37:07 Quote

  • The person that sent me referral showed me his past earnings and that of August. More reason to participate in NNU forum. Kudos to NNU, you guys rock.

    - Abdulafiz Musa - 2019-09-01 17:43:27 Quote

  • Congratulations to those that makes the list ,this is just the beginning put more effort to earn more In this great platform...all the listed rules should be adequately adhere to so that we won't disprogress the progressive progress of this platform

    - Abdullahi Nurudeen Olayiwola - 2019-09-01 18:07:52 Quote

  • This is indeed nice, over the years nnu has been one of the most active and best paying online platform,thanks to the CEO for his creative ideas for the sustainance of the platform

    God bless nnu,nnu till kingdom come

    - ifijie George - 2019-09-01 18:38:09 Quote

  • This is awesome, congratulations to the members and more grease to your elbow Mr Paul. Keep up the good work we're all with you man.

    - Ahmad Tanko Aliyu - 2019-09-01 19:01:21 Quote

  • Omo nnu forum v2 rocks oh, i just dey look alerts since from everywhere i look, Mr Pual just dey help lifes oh, hoping to cash out my own this september 30th

    - Mark Da'ar - 2019-09-01 19:45:43 Quote

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