How I Was Scammed By Fake Celebrity On Facebook

On a faithful morning,  i woke up,  did my morning prayers,  my house chores and headed for my phone in the living room.

I open my phone and logged in to facebook, i was amazed on what i saw when i clicked my home for stories. I saw a man who pretended to be peter Edochie,  the popular actor in Nollywood industry saying he is giving prizes of 50k to anyone that  answers his questions concerning his movies in the industry.

I then try to participate in this so called quiz,  unknown to me that it was a social media fraud,  i answered the questions correctly and the man confirmed and said i have just won myself 50k cash,  i was so excited that faithful saturday morning.

So along the line i asked him  how can i get this money?. He text his so called manager's number to me telling me i should call the number for more information,  which i did,  when i called the manager he said for you to claim this prize you need you send M.T.N card of #1500 to me to process the money for you,  which i did. Unknown to me that i was giving a thief my money for free,  i called him severally to ask him if he his phone with the process,  he said no that i have to wait for some hours for it to be done. I waited and got anxious of the issue,  i tried chatting him up on facebook,  but unfortunately for me the guy had already block me.

So i am asking the audience now,  if this kind of situation comes up or you fall a victim of it what will u do?

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  • There is nothing you can do than to be more careful next time,  there are lots of them on Facebook,  always captivating people with this give away thing. Let's all be careful and we should also be able to detect fraud,  especially when they tell you to send card or money. 

    - Ruth Oyeleke - 2019-09-27 16:44:51 Quote

  • Have always been cautious, I know celebrities dont  reply to message on Facebook. Most of them will Tel you to send them airtime or money, that's their way. But next time be careful. 

    - Ebenezer Umoh - 2019-09-27 16:46:54 Quote

  • Hahaha sorry I laugh is fuuny sha, we sometimes have eyes on big things I want be like this like that, shine you eye before answer good morning from any mouth because you don't know who is who

    - John Deborah - 2019-09-27 16:48:06 Quote

  • I was once scammed too by a fake celebrity who claimed to be Genevieve. They asked a question and I answered it, so she chatted me up that I won an iPhone, and gave me a number to call and give the person my address so he can deliver my prize, so I joyfully called and he requested for a delivery fee of 5k. My brothers and sisters.....after sending the 5k na so the Nigga take block me oo.

    - Isomkwo Clement - 2019-09-27 16:55:47 Quote

  • My dear you will not do anything you sent the money so no refund of it my brother was also a victim of this one they use ini-edo that he won 50k but as a sharp guy he ask the person if he clear farm for her in other for him to win such money immediately he blocked my brother on FB so those people are very way

    - Miracle Boniface - 2019-09-27 17:14:34 Quote

  • Seriously as at 2012 this same thing happen to me I send almost 7000naira Mtn card to that same idiot who called himself a manager it really pain me and I feel looking for juju to rain curse on him

    - olalekan Adetutu - 2019-09-27 17:16:59 Quote

  • Seriously speaking nothing can really be done about all this scammers cause they are so good at covering up there tracks. Expansion they say is the best teacher , now you'll know if you're trying to get scammed

    - Dumebi Nicole - 2019-09-27 17:17:02 Quote

  • Hmmmm, to be sincere, I wouldn't have sent card to a stranger who claims to be a celebrity on Facebook in the first place because based on where I was born here in lagos, nigeria scammers are all over the internet and so a real celebrity wouldn't have asked for something before offering a favour. So if such happens to me, I will just accept it as fate and add it to my experience chart because that's the only thing to do

    - Gbolahan Adebayo - 2019-09-27 17:19:11 Quote

  • Most of the  social media Caleb's are fake mostly if it's on facebook they prey on innocent people and steal their money I suggest you ignore all of them. 

    - Okpako Rukevwe - 2019-09-27 17:19:31 Quote

  • Most of the time all this Facebook give away are fake under the name of someone popular. You've been scammed, you should be glad its just 1500, some people have it worse. 

    - Mofolu Ayo - 2019-09-27 17:27:43 Quote

  • it's your fault tho... You can't expect any celebrities to ask a recharge card from you after winning there price

    But if that happens, you gat nothing to do than to screenshot the message you sent to him that shows your chats with the card you sent. And you should post it on there wall on facebook 

    That's just to help others

    - Mustapha Abiodun - 2019-09-27 17:29:25 Quote

  • You don’t have to believe any celebrity you meet online so easily cause most of them online are fake. Scammers are mostly everywhere now and I don’t think there’s a way of stopping them but we should just pray we don’t get in touch with them one way or the other.

    - Ogunjobi Kolajo - 2019-09-27 17:32:53 Quote

  • It is an experience that adds to your self realization, you can fall victim when you are vulnerable, I believe u have learnt your lesson, for the sake of others i believe sharing this experience would go along way in reducing, the rate at which people fall victim to their schemes.

    - Adumekwe Henry - 2019-09-27 17:43:25 Quote

  • I was once a victim too,  mine was even prizes like iPhone7plus, plasma TV 32inches, it wasn't funny that day, I was also given a number to call then which d manager told me I was going to send 7000n to clear the prizes which I told him I was gonna send it that day .  So I tot I should discuss it with my mom and she said I should not even try it that she doesn't trust them.  That was how I forgot about it. The manager sent series of messages that my clearance will b expired before the weekend but I didn't even bother to react to his messages. 

    - Ibrahim Rofiat Omowunmi - 2019-09-27 19:26:03 Quote

  • Have been told several time not to accept Celebrities friend request, despite of chatting with them. Majority of them are fraud. And minority of them is real, but why will I even has them as friend, Since there is another platform to follow them. Which is Instagram.

    - Oyekola Olamide - 2019-09-27 19:48:03 Quote

  • Lol, it happened to me sometimes in 2015 where i was told  that i was chosen as part of those people that won a laptop and other freebies in Psquare's yearly anniversary and i was told to send money for delivery which is 15,000 naira, so as to make the delivery to my doorstep from Abuja.  I played along with those fraudsters as if i've fallen for their trick until they got tired because they kept calling me to know when i'm going to send the money. They later give up when they didn't see any money.

    - Kehinde Ibukun - 2019-09-27 19:53:00 Quote

  • Well, that's an experience for you. I hope you can learn from this. We all have to be careful nowadays. And we should try to talk to people before we do somethings, so that they can advise us. Sometimes what you can't see, others can see it.

    - Ayodeji Akinoluwa - 2019-09-27 20:48:33 Quote

  • Same thing happened to me by the same so-called 'Yul Edoche'. He asked me some questions which I answered correctly, then he told me I had won an iPhone, apple laptop and 50k; gave me his so-called manager to call for directive. I dialled the number and a teenager answered me. Lol. He told me my name was already on their database and that I either choose to pay delivery fee of 3k or I travel to Lagos to claim my prize.

    To cut the the long story short, I told him to convert the everyeverything to cash and transfer to me. That's when his number became available. Lol.

    - Itz Ellah Ezekiel - 2019-09-27 21:44:37 Quote

  • The problem is not that you are not a smart person the problem here is you were expecting everyone to be like you hence you trusted a stranger too much and hoped you would get 50k more I would advice you to be more careful over promised money on the internet because a lot of them are not who they claim to be 

    - Agbozie Daniel - 2019-09-27 22:10:56 Quote

  • I won't fall victim to all this kind of things why because....I know that they ain't real. Thats how one came up with van vicker profile,he said he will be sending me fridge,laptop and alot more.

    .but then he was requesting For money to send them . I told him to keep it.. 

    That's how i avoided getting scammed.

    - Deborah joel - 2019-09-27 22:17:14 Quote

  • Nothing to do about that,just accept the faith and move are the one looking for money that you didn't work for.and they've show you how thing are going on round the internet

    Thats a big lesson,just cheer up

    - Idiris Opeyemi - 2019-09-27 22:50:46 Quote

  • Your own story is only a little version of my own ordeal. I was scammed of 30k by a guy who claimed to be Rachael okonkwo. I was chatting the person who claimed to be Rachael okonkwo,and he showed me a phone and some men shoes which I said I love to have one of them. Immediately he said that he no longer uses them and wants to dash them out. I told the person to dash me and he agreed but said I will be the one to pay for the way bill,which I agreed to because I know the things he wanted to dash me were over 200k. He said he would call the driver that will do the way bill. The so called driver contacted me and sent his bank details so that I can make the transfer. Unknown to me,I never knew it was that same guy but he used another phone number. After the payment, I waited for 3 days but saw nothing, that was when I discovered I've been scammed.

    - Emmanuel Agbasielo - 2019-09-27 22:53:19 Quote

  • Forget it then and move on. You have learnt your lessons already. I have been scammed severally too via social media but I want to assure you that greed and ignorance has a role to play here. The scammer asking you to send him credit airtime of N1,5000 would have opened your inner eyes to see what he really is. You post is simply a warning to several others out there. We are no longer safe from them unless we begin to mind our business and say no to greed.

    - Michael Eboh - 2019-09-27 22:54:07 Quote

  • You should be grateful it's just 1500naira fraud I was once a Victim of fake Muyiwa Ademola FB account I applied for his production film audition for 15thousand naira then later find out it was a scam and not real 

    - Oretan Ayomipo Micheal - 2019-09-28 01:18:55 Quote

  • This same thing almost happened to me on instagram I was told that before I can get the money I need to have like 50k in my account and I said yes I was told to send a screenshot of it to them and send my card details also ,thank God I was aware of this before ,please there are so many of them online don't get scammed please be careful 

    - Abolanle Samson - 2019-09-28 02:19:40 Quote

  • This same thing has happened to me 6 month ago. I was scamed by fake celebrity on Facebook and since then,i have learnt a big lesson on facebook celebrities cause of their account are created by Scammers.We should all be careful with facebook celebrities cause it kindly rear for you to see any kind of celebrities on facebook 

    - Faborode Emmanuel - 2019-09-28 06:24:14 Quote

  • I had a similar  experience  too on Fb,  the person  claiming  to be the popular  Yoruba actor Lateef Adedimeji,  he told me I had won 3 HP laptops for getting his questions right that I should send 3500 Naira for delivery of my gift, I was very happy that day I quickly  sent the money but unfortunately  for me few hours after sending  the money I tried chatting him  up,  he has blocked me. 

    - Lateef Azeezat - 2019-09-28 08:44:42 Quote

  • You have lost your money dear, I think you should be more vigilant next time because these scammers are everywhere, you don't win any money online instead you work for it, try and report that page on FB as scam so that they don't deceive others

    - George Belema - 2019-09-28 09:32:55 Quote

  • When you’ve been in such a situation, the only thing you can do is to be more careful next time so you’d won’t fall a victim again and try telling your friends and people are you about it so they don’t fall victims like you did. Because there’s really nothing you can do to get your money back or even get the people who scammed you. 

    - Omosivwe Jonathan - 2019-09-28 11:54:05 Quote

  • We have a whole lots of scammers on Facebook, most of the celebrities you see on Facebook they are not the real person behind the accounts.

    someone somewhere is using fake pictures and numbers, well the deed is done already, all you should do it never fall for such again 

    - Omodunmiju Oluwaseun - 2019-09-28 13:00:31 Quote

  • Many people have been defrauded through this piece of shi*t. They was one morning that my very good friend rushed to my house and was like guy we are made. I was like did you win any serious money from betnija he said far from it then I asked him what it was all about and he said mercy Johnson is her friend on facebook and have chosen him for her facebook friends that will get some prices and because of that he will get 2.5 million and an iPhone. I told him its scam and later he found out as they started requesting money from him to process his money for him. 

    We should all open our eyes. 

    - TOCHUKWU KINGSLEY OKOYE - 2019-09-28 15:47:10 Quote

  • Facebook has made it easier for us now. Celebrities' accounts now have blue ticks to show they're verified.  Another way I use to confirm if a so called celeb's account is authentic, I check their timeline to see how many likes they get from posting pictures and others on their wall. Its that simple

    - Olayide Soaga - 2019-09-28 15:47:49 Quote

  • In this kind of situation there's nothing you can do about it to retrieve your money back, it has already gone thank God for you that they only request such a little amount of money from you assuming if it was huge amount of money what will you do, nothing because it has already gone to the unknown person

    - Rilwan Abdulrahman - 2019-09-28 16:00:56 Quote

  • You have to learn from this experience to avoid falling a victim in the future. And you can also help others not to fall victim of such people by searching for his account and reporting it, get some of your friends to report his account also and his account will surely be disabled.

    - Onekeneke prince - 2019-09-28 16:04:12 Quote

  • Internet fraudsters and scammers come in various ways and with different tricks. In case of next time, if you are told that you've won a certain amount and you are to pay money to retrieve your prize just ignore the message entirely because a rich celebrity won't require a token to give you a large sum of money.

    - Ndukwe Ikechukwu - 2019-09-28 16:19:34 Quote

  • I can't be the victim because I don't use to add all the celebrity on Facebook because if you send them message they will not reply you, it's not that they are proud but they are very busy to reply all the message they have . And there are many people on Facebook that they use celebrity picture on there profile picture to scamm people, so next time be careful not to fall to it again.

    - Oluwayemisi Adebisi - 2019-09-28 16:34:36 Quote

  • So sorry for the lost but I don't think I can fall to those scams ,they send me inbox daily even through hacked accounts of people I know very well but I don't give a dime ,I must see you face to face then you can tell me what you want me to do for you ,besides celebrities don't have time for all those things 

    - Ukora Kenechukwu - 2019-09-28 18:00:16 Quote

  • This very unfair to be truthful... well as we all know the kind country our nation is we hv to be really careful on the this we do... this is a country where we hv a lot of evil things happening, I pray that God will give mercy on to them so they can realize there mistakes.

    - Dany Twizy - 2019-09-28 22:31:40 Quote

  • There is nothing to be done just to learn from that mistake. Infact there are still many of such scams on facebook noowadays in various forms,some will come inform of network providers and some in the of phone brands,some with names of famous supermarket and some with celebrities

    - Eklou Gbenga Tunde - 2019-09-28 22:32:01 Quote

  • You really speak like one who is new on social media. Social Media fraud is now the order of the day. This has taught you a lesson, yes because you wouldn't be a victim next time. Speaking of what to  do about it, your #1,500 is like a price you paid to learn a lesson, so just forget it and carry on. 

    - Gladys Chinonyelum - 2019-09-28 23:41:10 Quote

  • This is always one of their tricks, you have to be more careful next time. Don't believe whatever you see on social media and any one asking to send your personal or bank information. These scammers are everywhere and inventing new tricks everyday. Shine your eyes oo

    - Shalom Michael - 2019-09-28 23:41:18 Quote

  • Asin scam don plenty like,chai how will a whole celebrity manager ask you to send call card to him for you to be able to process your money those people don't have conscience they don't know the law of karma

    - ibikunle ibrahim - 2019-09-29 06:54:10 Quote

  • Nothing to do bro, since he ask you to send airtym before you have the price, you should have suspected him. It happens to me a long time ago, telling me I have a big price infact, asking me to send some airtime. I told him I don't know the job I did to get this huge price, but u know what? Remove the airtime money and send me the rest. He was shock en couldn't call me back after the line went off 

    - Adelokun Temidayo - 2019-09-29 07:53:57 Quote

  • There is not you can do when it comes to internet one need to be very careful mostly Facebook and instagram many fake accounts are on this platform and one need to be careful on who to chat with when it comes to transactions 

    - Adigun Esther - 2019-09-29 11:42:26 Quote

  • thats how they do, i almost fall to there hand one dsy on instagram with a female account tell me i should jopin flip cassh if i put 100k i bwill collect 200k i almost fall that day not knowing that they are scam. but to God be the glory i was not scam

    - Adeosun Ajibola - 2019-09-29 12:38:18 Quote

  • You see the first mistake you made was that you gave him money to send you money. I mean if he truly was the manager of Peter edochie then won't he have enough money to process everything himself. So next time calm down reason everything and if you are not sure on what to do, speak to someone knowledgeable about things like this before paying a dime.

    - Rukky Ogor - 2019-09-29 13:15:49 Quote

  • I had once fallen into their trap but refused to be a victim. It was FUNKE Akindele, popularly called Jennifer. I was to mention five movies she acted as the main cast wish I did and I was told I had won some certain amount of money. I was also given number t call and he told me to send him recharge card. I thought within myself,someone who wants to give me money is asking for money,this must be a scam, that was how I free myself.

    - Arowomole Samuel - 2019-09-29 13:50:23 Quote

  • Fraudsters are everywhere especially in the internet which gives them the ability to reach out to many people. I haven't been scammed by fake celebrity but I know what it means to be scammed because I have been scammed in real life. The best thing is to be more carefully and be contented with whatever you have .

    - Musa Garuba - 2019-09-29 15:52:54 Quote

  • It happens alot and I'm fed up of this. Though I haven't been a victim but I know how it feels for someone to be scammed.

    Thank God the money isn't more than that. This has thought us all a lesson. Nothing is free except God's grace

    - Muheez Oladimeji - 2019-09-29 16:07:35 Quote

  • I will be cautious afterwards.Moreso if you win anything, you wont be asked for money or airtime to redeem a prize.Most fraudsters use celebrity‘s profile to defraud people and use different means.Be guided

    - Olufunke Samuel - 2019-09-29 16:17:37 Quote

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