Keeping A Personal Journal: How Important Is It?

A journal is a chroological record of a person. It is sometimes referred to as a diary. A personal journal gives the owner the opportunity to record events as they occur in his life. It also offers him the golden opportunity to pen down ideas as they come to him from time to time.

Most persons are unsure about what should be the content of a personal journal. It is not however as complicated as they imagine. After a day's activities, you pen down a summary of the day in a few lines. Write about the ideas, motivation, inspirations, fears, achievements, difficulties, et cetera of that day. 

There are a plethora of reasons why we must all keep a personal journal. Firstly, it serves as a backup file for our brains. Humans to a great extent forget easily, by keeping a personal journal, they are sure to remember. Also, it gives posterity a better understanding of how one led his life. An Africann proverb says; "when an aged man dies, a library is burnt  to-the ground". We must all avoid this.

What other reasons do you think inspired the greats to keep personal journals.

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  • Its very important because of reference purposes and when you are just bored, you can just pick it up and read. Some memories will just make your mood for the day to be awesome.

    - Macaulay Oladiju - 2019-09-19 12:08:35 Quote

  • To add to the wonderful ones you listed above,

    • It helps one ascertain progress or failure.
    • It helps one live organized. Since you always take note.
    • It makes one more open & exposed, since you get to compare your daily living.
    • It reminds you of wonderful memories & events.

    - Ugochukwu Odika - 2019-09-19 12:13:45 Quote

  • Journals are very important to have, they show personal encounters, secrets that can't be told to just any one and they give an insight to the kind of personality a person has

    - Ayoola Breakthrough - 2019-09-19 12:40:09 Quote

  • Journals are always essential for us and I see it as an obligation to keep some certain things I feel are so important in my personal journal and the things I put in my journal, I put them in a way that it's only me that will know what it means. Human brain can't recall everything that's why I deem it fit to have a journal. 

    - TOCHUKWU KINGSLEY OKOYE - 2019-09-19 13:12:01 Quote

  • I think it's also dangerous because many important secrets have been exposed by personal journals especially due to the fact that anyone can open them and read at any given time when carelessly placed. Still it is true that keeping a chronological record of events can be very helpful. 

    - Virtue Azuka - 2019-09-19 13:26:33 Quote

  • Very important indeed. Keep your personal journals does a lot to bring out who you are and make ammends where you are doing it wrongly. In my house I have my notebook where my daily activities are jotted down. I have my yearly calendar marked with my activities and events for each day. Some times, it does not do exactly what you wish for the day but it is a good guild to succeeding in your planning.

    - Michael Eboh - 2019-09-19 13:28:23 Quote

  • It is important because when you write out your goals and the things you want to accomplish, you seeing it will motivate you to do what you want to and make you push further because you would want to be able to say I have done that.

    - Tomiwa olousolape Oyegoke - 2019-09-19 13:42:57 Quote

  • Having a personal journal as you listed is important so as 

    Not to forget past events easily

    To keep the brain updated

    To always focus because without being focused you can't write a personal journal

    Infact it's just so advantageous

    - Success Odika - 2019-09-19 13:58:15 Quote

  • Having a personal journal is really important because apart from having all your day to day activities in it it would keep you updated about things you dis previous days and it would also push you to do more than you did the previous day and as the saying a blunt pencil when used to write will keep more information than the sharpest brain

    - Agbozie Daniel - 2019-09-19 14:20:41 Quote

  • Keeping chronological journal is very very good and important. But in this kind of country of ours, how many people have time for themselves. After hectic day at work, and returning home very late, very little people have such time to pen something down

    - Oludare Olushola - 2019-09-19 18:18:52 Quote

  • A journal is very important to keep.

    Especially in critical times, when one feels down in life,a journal can be very helpful at the time because you can just flip through the pages and reminisce on those event you thought you could never had gone past.when you see how far you've gone from there there's a new surge of energy from within you to thrive further and push things behind.

    - Ameh Victor - 2019-09-19 18:28:30 Quote

  • To know how their personal life went for that day, to know there good and bads to know where their fears in some certain situations arise from and to know how to canter it

    - Nwosu Vincent - 2019-09-19 18:39:41 Quote

  • Journals are notes to your future self. When you keep a journal and write down poems, dreams and ideas, they could profit you greatly in the future.

    Or at least give you a few laughs.😁

    - Preye Tungbulu - 2019-09-19 18:41:17 Quote

  • We create diary to avoid same mistakes  in of life, we also keep diaries for memories and to learn about the past and for remembrance of task that are too bulky to handle at a time. Diary is a Wonderful note of memories that can make you laugh sometimes of your past events and how you handle it.

    - Sule Abdul - 2019-09-19 19:22:22 Quote

  • A personal journal is very important, it keeps record of things you might not remember again in future. It reminds you of your past achievement which will motivate you to want to do more. It also helps in good planning, on how to plan accurately according to time.

    - Iyanuoluwa Dorcas - 2019-09-19 19:32:06 Quote

  • Have not for one have a personal journal ( Diary), After  a long day having time to jot down notable experience becomes so difficult bcoz of tiredness. But it's not a bad idea though,  I think I should be fun.

    - Olabanji Lebile - 2019-09-19 19:43:44 Quote

  • You have said well, its important to keep record of the day's activities

    You can refer to it later in life, it helps you to know how much progress you have made and many others.

    - Maureen Okoh - 2019-09-19 19:52:58 Quote

  • Keeping a personal journal is really important as it helps you to record all of your achievements plus your failures. Having all this record, you can easily go back to them and correct your mistakes 

    - Bello Joy - 2019-09-19 19:53:54 Quote

  • A jornal can be used to record or put down important informations as they happen in life, although this isn't done much these days, I think it's highly important to keep one to remember what happened in one's life before we forget them

    - George Belema - 2019-09-19 19:56:34 Quote

  • Journals are always essential for us and I see it as an obligation to keep some certain things I feel are so important in my personal journal and the things I put in my journal, I put them in a way that it's only me that will know what it means. 

    - Ishaya Tanko - 2019-09-19 20:21:48 Quote

  • Keeping personal journal is very important,it's good for reference purpose, it refresh our memory, it make us have the record of our past, but at thesame time it's risky, some personal secret have been let out by this same personal journal, so we to be careful about it.

    - Sayaolu Remilekun - 2019-09-19 20:32:34 Quote

  • Keeping personal journal is very important,it's good for reference purpose, it refresh our memory, it make us have the record of our past, but at thesame time it's risky, some personal secret have been let out by this same personal journal, so we to be careful about it.

    - Sayaolu Remilekun - 2019-09-19 20:35:09 Quote

  • Keeping a personal journal is very important in our life time. It give you more information about the past which you have forgotten and also tells you have you have been dealing with life. It also help in writing good English and be good writer 

    - Jahid Ibraheem - 2019-09-19 20:37:28 Quote

  • Another reason while elder keep record is because of unborn generation. I mean the younger one to come. Just like the Yoruba adage that says tomode o ba batan, aba aroba, aroba sini baba itan. That is ,if a child did not meet the story, he will meet the recorded one and the recorded story is the father of story.

    - Dairo Idowu - 2019-09-19 20:44:23 Quote

  • It helps to reminisce on the good and bad and be thankful  and also helps to remember what we might have forgotten. Helps to know more about ourselves. I see nothing bad in keeping a journal/dairy but most people think its either kids or young teenagers.

    - Shalom Michael - 2019-09-19 21:59:41 Quote

  • Over the course of your life, most likely you will have had many, many significant and even profound interactions with the people you know. Keeping a journal helps you record those interactions. Review them from time to time to remember and understand why those people were so important to you , long after the events have passed.

    - shafiu salihu - 2019-09-19 22:48:12 Quote

  • I will always and forever be grateful and respect my dad, my dad is a man that always keeps journals and this has helped me a lot to get to know many things about himself and about so many things about life in general even after death when i read i get to feel close to him and i sometimes feel like he is with me, (may his soul rest in peace). Truth is, these days, people no longer see it fit to keep journals but in my opinion it is very important to do this because it is something you will be proud and happy that you did at the end, it will also serve as a guide to your children when you are gone and also get them to know how you led your life.

    - David Isaacs - 2019-09-20 02:42:43 Quote

  • Keeping a journal is effective,  it serves as a track record of your life, and it make you remember your ideas,  because there are some things that cross your mind in a jiffy,  and when they are penned down. Achieving them is easy

    - Ruth Oyeleke - 2019-09-21 10:58:10 Quote

  • I sincerely agree with you on this.

    We humans tend to forget some things easily, not because we don't wish to remember but because we have a lot to take in.

    Keeping a personal journal will not only help us pen down important information but serve as a guide to us as we can always go back to it for reference.

    - Ajayi Funke - 2019-09-22 03:52:05 Quote

  • Journal is a  very important  thing to have because  it keeps some old records  and memories which most times are very special to us. Whenever you look at it just like looking back at your life and see how great you've  become and what you have achieved so far. 

    - Abolarin Deji - 2019-09-28 23:20:47 Quote

  • Honestly I love the idea of keeping record on a daily basis, I still remember back then in secondary school when I always hold a journal around me every single experience I will have to pen it down but now laziness won't let me again.... 

    - Mabanmi Olajide asharis - 2019-10-05 19:05:24 Quote

  • Is been said that a man without principles is useless an a man With principle is known as a Wise man and this principles are your journal because it help you to knw your rules and how to follow them in life so keeping journal is one we need to do and work on it.

    - Moses James - 2019-10-12 21:57:52 Quote

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