Maggot; An Economical Supplement For Feeds In Fish Production


Maggotery is the act of producing maggots (the larva of flies such as houseflies, cheese flies and blowflies) in large quantity with the intention of using it as a supplement for fish feed and other livestock animals in a maggot building. Maggot are highly proteinous with high nutrient content that facilitates the growth of aquatic lives.

Description of a maggotery

Maggot are produced in a maggot building;  a structure which has only pillars but no wall and also has many compartments called maggot pen of about 15-20cm in height. Allowance like a trench is always provided within the pens so that when the maggot escapes from the pen, they will fall into the provided allowance. 

Production process

Sourced for pig/poultry/cattle dung. Thoroughly distribute the dungs into the pens and spread in such a way that they cover the base of the pens. Afterward, moisten with water and substances such as rottened fruit, ntrails of fishes, entrails of other animals or sweet scented subtances should be added as this helps to attract more flies. Leave the mixtures for about 48hours to afford the rottened fruit and the entrails’ blood to ferment, by then, the odour to attract flies that will perch on the mixture would have been released.The eggs laid by the female flies on the mixture hatches, develop into larvae, then the larvae is allowed to mature a bit, then harvested

Harvesting of maggot

After the appearance of maggots on top of the mixtures in the pens, sieves with very tiny mesh should be carefully dipped into the pens so as to separate the maggots from water present in the pens. The maggots can then be emptied into a bowl, if in excess, they can be sundried or roasted using frying pan.

Note: wheat offal should be introduced into the diet of fishes that are been fed raw maggots as this will help them put on more weight because raw maggots as feed can lead to accumulation of fat thereby hampering the weight of the aquatic lives(fish).

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