My Experience Purchasing A Double Foam Padded Bra!!!

This world is now moving to a land of no return.. ..

Am sharing this experience because it seems the bad omen is now going viral, And I wish to share it before it starts affecting we d ladies too much. .. 

It Happened sometimes last week when I visited Bodija market to get material for My dinner party. ... I finished buying everything and i still had some balance left so I decided to use the balance for Undies.. .. To cut the long Story short, I bought the undies which also Included a double foam bra(padded bra).. 

I noticed something when I bought the bra but the ibo woman(seller)told me it's general. .what I noticed is that while pressing d bra's foam, I felt something hard like stone inside. .. but she told me it's normal... I accepted it and went home. .

When I got home i showed my roommate what I bought and she noticed the bra while opening the bag because, let me say the black  bra was really beautiful , it's  really one of the best design . .She tried checking it out also and that was when she also noticed the solid stuff inside, she asked about it and I told her what the seller told me but she didn't agree with... She said her sister told her there mustn't be anything inside the bra someone wants to wear, that it causes cancer. I was like cancer keh, so we decided to cut the bra and to our surprise, after cutting we saw something inside a very paper nylon which contain the solid stuff, so we were trying to check what was inside,the razor mistakenly cut the paper and the stuff popped out along with an unknown liquid nutrient.. .

We got confused and took it to our Landlady, which is one of the Health consultants in Oyo state.. she was really happy that I haven't put the bra on because it was not an ordinary bra .. she told us that the nutrient inside the foam also causes cancer... .

She gave us more lectures on other causes of cancer. and she told us to be very careful when getting the bra, if you are doubting whether the bra has the nutrients or not, is better one go for Normal bra to double foam bra .. . .

That was how I really learn how to be careful when getting a bra..... .

So am sharing this just for people that are not aware of the bra that causes cancer to know that the bra is real... 

Ladies please avoid purchasing a bra that has any liquid or solid nutrient Inside!!!!!!   IT CAUSES CANCER!!!!!


Other Experiences are cordially invited. ... 

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  • Yeah I've had a similar experience but I narrowly escaped mine because I actually wore it it was when I was doing my weekly washing with my roommate that she noticed it inside and advices me against buying such because her mum is a nurse and she already warned her since then I've sworn myself off padded bra I just wear normal bras to save myself the risk of cancer 

    - Vivian Ekpegbue - 2020-01-25 09:58:57 Quote

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