NNU September Payout: Over ₦8 Million With About 600 Payroll

No member will be left out without getting paid. NNU will keep sharing revenue and paying members as long as internet keep working.

We have come up with a remarkable working plan to make sure all participants benefit and cash out their earnings without losing or end up getting frustrated. Continuity, stability and sustainability is our top most priority.

All required of you is to join us with a token amount of just ₦1,400 naira, stay active, do your part genuinely without cheat or tricking the system, make sure you share our viral post up to date on your timeline and leave the rest for us while we pay you in due time. Request for withdrawal whenever you wish and chill. Exercise patient while it get to your turn for your withdrawal to be processed.

Having high population in mind, we payout using the rules of first come first serve, time withdrawal requested and highest earning rules from 20k and above.

Eligible members and those who are due for payment have been paid for the month of September revenue share with over ₦8million naira. A lot of people used fake Facebook account, they created temporal Facebook account for our viral share purpose.

Such trick is not allowed, if i can use my real profile to share what brings money, why cant you? Some people accumulate earning so fast cheating the system and freezing browser session. Also some people copy part of forum post and other people's comment to use as their own comment. such behaviors are not allowed and people like that WILL NOT get paid.

Payout continue by the end of this month October using the rules above?. Whereas, old pending withdrawal will be taken care of base on withdrawal time and also highest earning rules.

Keep earning and avoid any trick while you exercise patient for your time unless if your withdrawal is declined for reasons. Attached is a screenshot of list of members that got paid with their Facebook profile link for confirmation and transparency including link to full payroll.

If you are among people with pending earning on v1, please relax your mind and keep your account safe. NNU•ng v1 website is not useless or closing. It will keep on delivering timely news update daily. We have got a plan on how to make sure your effort is not wasted and you will definitely be rewarded.

API method of transferring your old earning from v1 to v2 nnuforum will be ready this month.Those who sent their old and new username to whatsapp, has been taken note off and that will be manually transfer. So if you were part of us in v1, kindly register on v2 now and keep your space.

Remember, the earlier you join us, the earlier you earn, the earlier you request your withdrawal and the earlier you cash out again and again.

If you are not yet a member, you still have the chances to join us now to have your share in October revenue. We also have a tip for you as a member to earn as much as you want with daily commission without waiting for monthly payout.

#Smartdistributors earns more. Registration E-Pin distributors / agent opportunity door is still open, before i decide to close it. Whatsapp me if you are interested https://wa.me/2348169787210

Click here to Viral Share our post properly on your timeline as public in order to get paid by the end of this month. We usually verify members Facebook timeline before they cash out.


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Comments Reply
  • I got my payment on the 29th but most of my friends who made 5k and requested didn't get paid. I know the payment was massive and some had to be left out, but if it continues at this rate some of us will have reduced referrals and less and less people will wat to be involved. Please PSO should try and make the payment at least 99% to encourage more people to join. I withdrew 31k and I'm grateful for it.

    - Paul Agba - 2019-10-01 11:22:27 Quote

  • I got my payment on the 30th, thought I was part of the last month pending payment. I was very happy when the alert came in my phone. And I will use the to convince other people out there that are still doubting Nnuforum. Thank you very much POS for making the beginning of this month wonderful.

    - vincentbruno Ihemenwa - 2019-10-01 12:31:34 Quote

  • NNU is bae, paying people like an ATM machine once you press the right button the money will start rushing you. Kudos guys, keep it up, we really appreciate your good work. 

    Testimonies are everywhere and still on the way to get to others.

    - Christogonus Uneze - 2019-10-01 20:47:53 Quote

  • We appreciate your good works Mr Paul and we all believe in your leadership. We know this initiative will always get better and promote lives more among youths and adults. It feels good to be a team member on nnu. 

    - James Brown - 2019-10-01 21:14:42 Quote

  • I can't wait to receive my first payment on nnu , this is a great opportunity for all Nigerians who waste their sub on irrelevant things online . why not use your data to make money on nnu forum , I pray this nnu last long so a lot of Nigerians can benefit from this golden opportunity

    - Mordi Christian - 2019-10-01 21:32:47 Quote

  • Good work from nnu, people are now smiling to their bank for withdrawal. Hopefully, it will get to my turn and I will be very happy that day.nnu has proven to be  tested and also trusted. Let's be patients 

    - Ukamaka Okoye - 2019-10-01 21:47:25 Quote

  • I'm impressed with the way this platform is set up. Cool and easy way of making money. It's a wonderful win-win solution to financial problems. All you have to do is be patient and you'll get paid at the end of the month

    - Yinka Afolayan - 2019-10-01 22:29:16 Quote

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