Problems In Rice Production, Processing And Possible Solutions In Nigeria

The rice sector in Nigeria is one of the most important remarkable agricultural developments over the decades . it is the most consumed staple food by Nigerian's over 174 million people across states and geo -political zone.Nigeria is the highest consumer of rice within the west African sub region.

Nigeria has made a significant strides towards increasing rice production over the last few years. Several research and development initiatives have been launched and are significantly contributing to what is likely to become a leading trend of increasing rice production in west Africa.

Rice processing involves stages that rages from the cleaning of the paddy to packaging of the milled rice. It can be done in two system such as : the traditional rice milling system and modern milling system.

Problems in rice processing are : 

Problem associated with  traditional processing system are:

- poor processing facilities

- poor processing techniques

- poor packaging 

- poor quality of water

Problem associated with modern (commercial) processing system are: 

- capital mobilization

- unavailability of raw materials

- inconsisteny in government policies

Problems associated with rice production: 

- lack of basic mechanization

- poor quality of paddy 

- limited irrigation facilities

Possible solutions are:

- provision of modern processing facilities

- provision of portable water

- irrigation facilities

- Government intervention in capital mobilization

- organizing if training programmes

- availability of farm input s/ basic mechanization.

I believe with this recommended possible solutions it will be able to increase rice production and quality of rice in Nigeria . if you have more ways to improve rice production you can do well to add to this ones.

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  • Some of the major problem of rice production is lack of farm land for farmers that are interested in the production of rice. 
    And another problem being encountered by the farmers is the problems of the Fulani herdsmen. This set of people have created fears for the farmers to the extent that majority of the farmers are not interested in farming to avoid their problems. 

    - Oluwaseun Afolabi - 2019-12-21 22:22:37 Quote

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