Should I Tell My Aunt That Her Husband Raped Me?

Since i was 10 years, i have been living with my mother's younger sister.  My mom has two children that's me and my brother but my brother is much older than me and he is in the university. My parents are busy people and i never had a problem staying with my aunt who is married and has a son.  When i was 17 years old,  i was through with my secondary school and i was at that time awaiting admission when I left my aunty's house to my parents house permanently.

Now am in my second year in university and we have this long holiday when i decided to come home, while i was home i remembered my aunt and told my mom that i wanted to go to her place even if its for a week. Then my mom agreed, cutting the long story short, in her house, she was so happy to see me mainly because she wanted to travel to Ibadan for a wedding and she wanted someone to take care of her children while she was away since her husband is always at work.

Two days after she left for Ibadan, her husband took her to the bus stop and when he got back he had this weird smile on but he just asked me about school and all and that was all. The second day he got back from work early had a shower and came to the palour only for him to be asking me questions like do i now have a boyfriend? Am i still a virgin? And so on. When i was cooking in the kitchen any small thing he would touch me.

The next day which was sunday after church the children were sleeping and i was chatting with my phone he called me into his room and when i entered his room i noticed he just finished having a shower and he was on a towel. He told me he had forgotten why he called me and started saying things like i was beautiful and all and before i knew it he was close to me kissing me,  i tried to resist but he didn't listen. He slept with me, i won't lie i somehow enjoyed it, i didnt even shout to wake up the children but now dat my aunty is back i feel guilty.  Do you think i should tell her? 

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  • You have to keep it to yourself and leave that house as fast as possible before you'll be the case of a broken marriage... You enjoyed your aunty's husband my dear just kukuma relocate somewhere and Leave that family otherwise you'll bear the consequences alone. 

    - Inem David - 2019-10-20 13:02:26 Quote

  • You actually welcomed the chance of sleeping with your aunts husband even he planned it. You could have gone back when you notice he was with towel seeing you were not a kid but an undergraduate old enough to be smart. Keep it to yourself,never go that house again and ask God for forgiveness.

    - Olufunmilayo modupe Jimson - 2019-10-21 11:21:44 Quote

  • I don't think you should tell your aunty because you also said you enjoyed it and I think that doesn't count as rape. You didn't feel guilty while doing it and you didn't call for help. Don't yell your aunt cuz it'll be as if you're the one who ruined the marriage.

    Just leave quietly, don't spend a night in the place again, you can visit but don't sleep there. Also ask for forgiveness.

    - Babatunde Wuraola - 2019-10-21 11:23:08 Quote

  • Please, dont cause a damage to the marriage all by your self, rather you pray to God to  help the man, so that he won't go out to sleep with another woman. And as for you, leave the house.

    - Olaniyan Samuel - 2019-10-22 09:52:20 Quote

  • To me the act to you reporting to her after saying you enjoyed it will break her home and tarnish your image in the family which will make u feel guilty more ... By the way not reporting also makes you guilty 

    The best thing to do is to report to God and beg for forgiveness ... I can't say you should leave the house o because I don't know what brought you there, but he will want to try it again, but ensure you stop him

    - Olaoluwa Mercy - 2019-10-25 11:00:35 Quote

  • To me what happened there was not rape. You should not tell your aunty because she might misunderstand you and think u have been in a relationship with her husband for long. So u should try and leave behind your past and start afresh.

    - Emmanuel Yusuf - 2019-10-25 17:05:26 Quote

  • Don't tell her. If you tell her, you might cause a very big damage to their marriage and if people ask her why she left her husband, she would tell them she left because the husband was sleeping with you. And that would damage your image. The best thing you can do is to just tell your sister you want to give her and her husband space. So you should just leave.

    - Ayomi Remilekun - 2019-10-31 08:51:35 Quote

  • You should o, let your aunt know the type of person her husband is, besides am sure keeping the secret is eating you up, so just drop the burden and tell her, your parents should know about it too

    - Bolu David - 2019-10-31 15:30:43 Quote

  • Actually, this is not to be seen as a rape case because you reluctantly gave in. 

    The truth and best thing to do is to just leave the house and go back home. Telling your aunt or mum will cause a serious damage. But threaten the man you'll do so in case he tries to advance next time (if only you won't give in willingly again)

    - Ukwu Chinaekeoke - 2019-11-03 23:21:27 Quote

  • No don't tell your aunty, how do u think she will feel it might even cause them their marriage, and please leave the house as soon as possible and don't ever go there again...this is a feeling guilt it's so strong you never can know when you will just decide to spill the beans..but keep it to yourself it won't speak well of you either since you enjoyed it, take the secret to the grave and ask God for mercy.

    - Ebiloma Victoria - 2019-11-06 14:16:49 Quote

  • Since you've  grown, the best decision to make is to flee. Staying at your aunt's  place will warant more advances from her husband,  you never can tell maybe someday, somehow, your aunt or the kids may find out and then the real trouble will begin. So keep calm and gently leave the house

    - Chinelo Victoria - 2019-11-07 09:20:27 Quote

  • He did not rape you so there is no point in lieing that he has raped you. Had it been you don't want it, you would have shouted but one way or the other you are actually lured willingly. Shouting would have been a help because he's in his house and  his children are there so he would have thought of being disgraced and leave you alone. Ask for forgiveness of sins , tell her what you have done and she would forgive you rather than she knowing herself.

    - Adebisi Pamilerin Johnson - 2019-11-14 14:33:15 Quote

  • I feel it can't be termed rape since you didn't resist or budge but instead you enjoyed it, and you shouldn't tell your aunt so as not to break her home, the only thing you have to do is leave the house asap so it doesn't continue and only visit when your aunt is around

    - zainab Kasali - 2019-11-19 13:35:08 Quote

  • It will be better not to tell her because all the blame will be on you cause the husband might lie that you are the one that seduce him the right thing to do is go away from the house as soon as possible and try to avoid your aunt husband

    - adeeso emmanuel - 2019-11-24 18:17:54 Quote

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