Tanker Accident; Who Is To B Blamed? The Tanker Drivers Or Government?

in Nigeria over the past years, tanker accident has been one of the most reoccurring predicament we face. Everyday in the news we here various accident involving tankers and other vehicles or just them or them with other tankers

The main question is who is to be blamed in all this. Is it the drivers or the government??

In in various cases,I have heard people who where involved in the accident complaining about the reckless driving of the tanker drivers, their over speeding and also driving under the influence of alcohol. Some other times the tanker drivers blame the other road users for misusing the road . well in all this the road users in general can be blamed for this 

On the other hand most tanker drivers complain of poor and very bad roads, use of sub standard materials in road construction , no wide enough road for them to pass and so on

This brings me to this question , who is really to be blamed?.. Is it the road users or the government??

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  • Although both sides are to be blamed but more blames goes to the drivers. They are too reckless and acts like they have a second chance at living. I have seen occasions where these drivers, the experienced ones, will be teaching the newbie how to drive while on the highway and if care is not taken, an accident might occur and also all those tankers without breaks, risking their lives and the lives of  so many others. Most tanker accidents i have seen is due to the reckless attitudes of the drivers.

    - Tolulope Okunlola - 2019-12-06 02:04:55 Quote

  • More of the blames should go to the tanker drivers.. We all know the condition in which most of our roads are so it's not a new thing..Instead, the drivers should learn and cultivate the habit of patience rather than putting more blames on the government and endangering lives and properties..

    - Adeyemo Peter - 2019-12-06 13:34:23 Quote

  • Both are to blame there should be strict rules as regards those who drive trucks and special check on the trucks... Government should work on the rules so drivers can act on the rules and if not severe punishment should be given to defaulters.. Both of them are the reason ..Some truck drivers even go to the length that they must drink hard drinks to be able to drive what kind of menterlity is that both are at fault

    - Bisola Adeyeye - 2019-12-06 14:53:18 Quote

  • To be sincere, both sides are to be blamed.But more of the blame goes to  the tanker drivers because there was a time government gave an instruction that tanker drivers shouldn't work or move during the day. Governments said they should work only at night but they didn't heed to it. Government are also to be blamed because of their inability to construct good roads.

    - kofoworola monsurah Taiwo - 2019-12-07 18:59:15 Quote

  • Both of them are to be balmed actually but still the blame goes to the driver.. 

    Even when u know the road isn't good,, you as a driver must know how to manage this poor built road since they call themselves experienced drivers.. 

    But this drivers will still be on a high speed knowing so well dat the road isn't good.. Some of them might be stressed up because of overnight working but will still be driving fast not being mindful nd cautious of their life and other people life

    So the blame still goes to them nt the government 

    - Eyo Anita - 2019-12-09 18:36:07 Quote

  • All the road users must be blame including the government too, on the side of the tanker drivers and other motorist both should be blame for not being careful and not respectful to all the road rules and regulations and on the side of the government for not be able to come up with laws that will help curtail all these horrific incidents and also not being able to make our roads motor able. 

    - Chima Onyeani - 2019-12-11 10:54:32 Quote

  • Well, as for the road users, drivers are to be blamed for wreckless driving on the road

    On the other hand, Government is to be blamed for not making sure the road is good enough for driving and this causes 40% of accidents

    So, lookijg at my analogy both sides are to be blamed.

    - Toluwaniyi Boluwajoko - 2019-12-12 09:20:04 Quote

  • Every party has a part to play. The government should have planned ahead, particularly knowing fully well that a time will come, there will be increase of tankers, so parking space for them should be put in place in other to avoid congestion on the road. The drivers should from time to time given proper coaching on the use of road.

    - Christopher Eke - 2019-12-19 15:25:23 Quote

  • The tanker drivers are to be blamed because each time they load and about going to their destination they shouldn't do the following 

    1.drink alcohol of 5% upward or smoke Hempstead

    2. They should check their brake oil,pad and make sure it's intact

    3.they shouldn't pass a restricted road for tankers but some of them do brake those rules

    4.they must be patient and drive carefully because what they are carrying is inflammable 

    - Adedeji Adeyemi - 2019-12-22 17:34:29 Quote

  • In this type of situation both party need to be blame.because the government agency in charge of roads need to work on having a separate lane for the trucks .this has been argue on severally.also the truck drivers needed to be punish because some lack experience why some drink a lot of alcohol and this made them drive irrationally.I urge the government agencies I'm charge of this to profer a lasting solutions to these problems.

    - Yusuf Abdulkadir - 2020-01-02 19:10:12 Quote

  • Everybody is supposed to be blamed,from the speed level of the drivers, down to road users who drag road and space with this big trucks knowing fully well that the casualty is fatal

    The Govt on the other hand is a big failure for failing to implement strict measures and policies that will curb the activities of this big cars on the road, the lawlessness of the nation is alarming

    - King ELE - 2020-01-10 00:45:56 Quote

  • The both of them are to be blamed, because if the roads were good I believe it would reduce the rate of d accident .

    Then as for the tanker drivers that calls themselves experienced drivers still are to know that we don't have good roads and be more mindfu of how they drive, 

    So I'll put the blame on both the government and the drivers

    - David Nnanna - 2020-01-28 08:12:30 Quote

  • Both parties Is to be blamed, we don't have good roads quite alright and the government is not doing anything to help so on the other hand drivers should know how they drive especially truck drivers and passenger drivers no body is patient enough to calm down and wait for another so I blame the driver more  because we all know the right to do even though our government present  us with more hardship we should learn to be patient enough all the time.

    Thank you

    - Alex Modestus - 2020-02-10 16:56:21 Quote

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