The Circle Of Job Seeking With Education

Over time it has been the norm in Nigeria and the world at large that people try their possible best to get into the tertiary institution, study a course or discipline of their choice, and graduate from school with a good result so they can be employable or get a good job with their certificate.
This is so normal that it is an integral part and usually the major reason why people go to school-to get a job with their certificate. 

In contrast to this there are a number of people who also go to school just so they can pursue a career in whatever course they study in school. 

Bringing this to Nigeria our education system, our economy, our mentality, and our society have made it so that many just want to go to school and get a job with their school certificate, while a few on the side want to pursue a career with whatever they are able to gather in knowledge from school.

There sure is a difference between who wants to work with their school certificate and one who wants to pursue a career.
The latter is likely to be more concerned about building a future not with their school certificate per se but with the knowledge they acquire from a field of study through education.

Unfortunately, many Nigerian youths just study to pass their exams,  make good grades, graduate, afterwards seek for available jobs with their certificates. Not so many are ready to travel outside of this stereotype. 

Often times people's reaction to a particular academic course of study is "what job can one get if they studied this course?". This simply tells that many are not concerned about knowledge. A good certificate and a good job are what many focus on. 
The irony of this is there are not so many available jobs out there. Hence one of the major reasons why we have many unemployed graduates in our country today. 

We misplace our priorities and think too much about our stomach. The final destination of schooling and having a good certificate should not be at the relegation of job seeking and job acquiring. The tertiary institution would not tell you to either seek for job with your knowledge and certificate or build a career with them.

Money and a comfortable life are byproducts of success. Success on the other hand could be achieved with a well built and well sustained career. And what could help to properly build and sustain a career is your knowledge; knowledge, that which education helps you acquire when you allow it take you through a field of study.

It is advisable that we do not focus too much on what course we can study in the tertiary institution that would help us acquire a good job, other than look for a course that can complement our passion and appreciate with wide arms the knowledge we can acquire from such a field of study. 

We need more knowledgeable and career oriented youths than the yearly throngs of job seeking graduates. This is not to say that those who seek for job are without knowledge. But there is a pertinent need in breaking that circle of job seeking and using of our education as the only tool for achieving this.

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  • First, I think it really depends on the type of course one studied. There are professional courses like medicine, nursing, laboratory science, etc. People that studied a professional course mostly follow that career. While people that didn't study a professional course do find it hard to find a job in their field.

    Take for instance microbiology. Microbiologist are supposed to work in a medical laboratory apart from food industry. But the country has it that as at now only laboratory scientists are allowed there. What is a microbiologist to do now? We will take any job we see.

    Then also many youths were seeking admission to a course of their choice but in many cases the school gives them another course. Some just take that course because they have been seeking admission for a long time.

    So you see in many cases it's not the fault of the youths not being career oriented. There are different factors surrounding their circumstances.

    - Irene Obasuyi - 2019-10-05 17:27:57 Quote

  • The circle of job seeking with education in Nigeria has become a national norm in our society which is disgraceful. Other third world country like south Africa isn't going the way our system is and that's why the latter is better than us in all forms. 

    - Ugo Manuel - 2019-10-05 17:52:43 Quote

  • Kudus to the writers and those that comment, u guys really talk out the point.

    My own view in this is that even if someone is not given a course of his choice to read, is there any good facilities in the school anymore? A class that suppose to contain just hundred students and is given to over three hundred how would the lecturers and the student be conducive in that kind of environment.

    Not only that, how about the lecturers who ar supposed to help the the student in there career but molesting the student just in the name of good grade.

    Or how about the sadist lecturer who (even if) u go to the heavens to satisfy him in ur exam,but because he is not happy u got it all and will mark u down. Now tell me ,how would i not look a way out to chase grade but not career.

    - Abubakar Hassan - 2019-10-05 23:16:26 Quote

  • The problem of graduated hunting for jobs still abounds because of our mentality. Over the years, nothing has been done to erase the thought of going to school m, graduate with good grades and get a job. Now it should go to school acquire knowledge,out it to practice and become an entrepreneur. True success is not in going to school it is in discovery your purpose which is who you are and why you are born. School only gives us the ladder, it won't show us how to climb ,we climb using the knowledge we acquire from education.

    - Christopher Peace - 2019-10-05 23:55:25 Quote

  • It's true but for the nature of our country has made people not to have plans for education. They believe that education is a waste of time and resources. Quite alright it is better to be educated incase if you have the opportunity. It really pays. 

    - Joy Chidimma - 2019-10-06 01:05:19 Quote

  • I see your point but i have a question. Money not one of the reasons we go to school? Yes people should work on that and also we need more job creators in Nigeria rather than job seekers

    - Oluwasegun Olaleye - 2019-10-06 07:32:21 Quote

  • It's not easy to gain employment this days

    Even doctors

    So what's the plan of our nation

    It's really bad

    I hope everything change soon

    But it's very easy for medical students to get employed than any other courses

    For instance people who studied animal science

    And someone who studied physiology

    Who do you think will gain employment easily

    Physiology of course and it's even rare for them to get job

    I pray this county change for good

    Prayer does everything

    - George Quadri - 2019-10-06 09:11:58 Quote

  • There are a lot of projects and graduate works most of our professors have done but the government are yet to approve it and make it a national or international knowledge. This is because Nigerians are ubiquitous and can adapt swiftly to anything. Foreign projects are accepted worldwide and mostly in Nigeria, leaving us with nothing. If you would kill yourself and read your books and not get a job afterwards, why bother. Job seeking has become a norm in our societ and will stay up until our fellow Nigerians are being offered with enough wages and enough jobs to sustain their life and make a living.

    - Muhammad Faeezah - 2019-10-06 09:22:50 Quote

  • For me, i see education as the basic requirement in life, no matter how little the educational qualification is, it would help you both in job pursuits and career goal achievements

    - Amebeobari Agba - 2019-10-06 14:10:34 Quote

  • To me, I will say education is very important. But we should change the ideology of going to school because we want to make it or get a good job. Instead we should see education as something good that if opportune, we should pass through it. We should see education as a means of gaining some knowledge that may help us later in life. No knowledge is ever lost, so even if education can’t provide you a job, it can help you in one way or the other.

    - Onekeneke prince - 2019-10-06 19:27:12 Quote

  • well I believe in this area of being career-oriented sometimes the youth are career-oriented before they get admission but the system of Nigeria whereby jamb frustrates a Nigerian youth and doesn't give him or her the cause that was registered and give him or her another course and that student is forced to enter the university with that cause he did not register because it doesn't want to stay an extra year at home. In situations like this before a Nigerian youth gets admission he or she should ask himself if I don't get this particular course which I want to use to establish a career is there a plan b in my life which I can also use to establish myself outside this course if I'm not giving admission in that particular course? In situations like this Nigerian youths should be more objective if they really want to build a career when they get admission even before they get admission so that they will not be victims of jamb and at the end of the day because of what jamb does by not giving them the course which they registered for, they forfeit their dreams

    - NDU-ELUWA CHIMELA - 2019-10-06 19:43:27 Quote

  • This article write up really hit up the main issue with Job seeking with Nigeria economy. To me I think the main issue of failure to secure Job in Nigeria is the course of study imagine graduate animal husbandry graduate or Library information graduate with all this irrelevant course it will be hard to secure Job 

    - Oretan Ayomipo Micheal - 2019-10-08 21:39:42 Quote

  • To be sincere the way this country is going those who go to university with the mindset of seeking for job are not serious,one has to learn a skill outside his or her area of study or learn a skill similar to area of study that make someone independent.

    - Ojo Faith - 2019-10-09 20:26:48 Quote

  • I personally as a school cert holder have worked in different organizations, meeting different kind of people with different do's and don't. And I come to the conclusion that ALL NA SCAM IN SOME CASES. get yourself set up by starting your own venture. If school cannot give you a job, you give school a job by setting one. 

    - Sunday Ogabor - 2019-10-13 14:41:30 Quote

  • You have said it all. Nowadays, people go to school just for the certificate and not to seek for knowledge. This is all because the rate of corruption in this country is so high that a graduate with good result and knowledge will be refused a job and given to a graduate with a fair or bad result just because the one with the best result doesn’t know any body as his god father. 

    We need to change this and reduce the rate of corruption for this country to prosper.

    - Ibrahim Khairatu - 2019-10-13 15:13:01 Quote

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