Trackers Installed In Mercedes.

Purchasing a Mercedes in the United Kingdom, you need to take note that there is a tracking device in the automobile which tracks down the driver whenever he has a breach of contract with them. This simply means that whenever a buyer of a Mercedes fails to pay his complete fee for the automobile and the car dealers have been trying to contact him but to no avail then he would certainly be tracked down by the automobile company.

The sensors have been in all their recent automobiles but it would not be activated unless a customer defaults his payment with them. The automobile company also admitted to having shared their customers' information and vehicle location details with third party bailiffs.


Do you think the sharing of car owner information to a third party bailiffs is legal?



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  • No is illegal for the owner to share the car information to third party

    - Olamoyero Rosheed Adewale - 2019-08-22 09:19:10 Quote

  • Its a welcome development because people take advantage of others trust to perpetrate their wickedness..if they don't pay they would be disgraced when tracked down

    - Ibrahim Deji - 2019-08-22 09:20:17 Quote

  • Yes its legal. The person buying the car should be known by the legal officer so that when matters arrise thereafter there will be an easier way to predict and allow the tracking of the person.

    - Lubem Terzungwe - 2019-08-22 09:23:00 Quote

  •  No it is illegal to sure secret information to third person

    - Eghianruwa Rocco - 2019-08-22 09:25:19 Quote

  • Trackers should be installed in them since technology is fast becoming something.

    - Gbadegesin Ajibola - 2019-08-22 09:29:03 Quote

  • Tracker on Mercedes is good, every development or version has its advantages and disadvantages, from my own view it's advantage is very vital compare to the disadvantages, no need for complaints.

    - Chinyere Joy - 2019-08-22 09:34:14 Quote

  • Things that belong to someone else are called 'third-party goods'. If a bailiff takes third-party goods, you'll need to contact the person they belong to

    - AUDU KUJE - 2019-08-22 09:45:48 Quote

  • I think the one who has paid for thr car completely there is no need for such information again 

    - Benedict Oge - 2019-08-22 10:04:19 Quote

  • Not bad for a prestigeous car manufaturing compnay like mercedes but i feel customers privacy rights should not be infriged upon

    - Joseph Ogunba - 2019-08-22 10:12:32 Quote

  • As long as the buyer is aware then there is no breach of information. Most times buyers hardly read those tiny terms of condotions that comes with products.

    - Rita Amadedon - 2019-08-22 10:13:12 Quote

  • It is a good idea to have trackers in cars, helps track debtors, but they do not have to share this information with a third party, they are putting the buyers at risk and chasing away potential buyers. Instead, police should be contacted.

    - Demilade Daniel - 2019-08-22 10:15:12 Quote

  • This is a nice development now considering the things caused in the past. Installation of this trackers would really be helpful 

    - Joseph Chukwuneke - 2019-08-22 10:20:19 Quote

  • I believe fixing trackers on Mercedes is for a good purpose like security reasons and location too so I think its a good idea coming from the company.Now their users don't have to spend extra money installing tracking devices.

    - Godswill Augustus - 2019-08-22 10:56:56 Quote

  • It's a welcomed development because you are not the owner of the car until you make the full payment. The tracking also gives good information to the company on the use the car is subjected to in case of any issue.

    - Emmanuel Oyewale - 2019-08-22 11:19:02 Quote

  • Sharing and individi tracking location to a third party is illegal. And individual should have his/her privacy.

    - Chukwuebuka Eze - 2019-08-22 12:27:54 Quote

  • For me it not a good ideal to tell any third party that there is an installation of tracking device because you don't know what that has in mind

    - Eric Anyanwu - 2019-08-22 12:32:30 Quote

  • In anything that has to do with a third party provided there is an agreement and an understanding, there won't be problems

    - benedicta emmanuella - 2019-08-22 13:02:57 Quote

  • Its absolutely right to share the information with the legal authorities cos of the customer has breached the rule

    - John Akingunola - 2019-08-22 14:36:40 Quote

  • This was well spelled out, it is basically meant to track those who are trying to breach the terms and condition of servive. It will really be helpful that i believe

    - JOHN David J. - 2019-08-22 14:37:55 Quote

  • No, this is illegal, can remember a story a friend of mine told me, (mechanic) he said he was testing one of his costumer with full speed the car stop on the way, he discovered that the car was track but the owner ,he said (the owner)t th car was on a high speed more than how he used to drive a text message was sent to him (the owner)and he press ok, the car stop on the way

    - Emem Edem - 2019-08-22 15:43:46 Quote

  • Sharing any type of information to a third party I think should be treated as a bridge of trust. It should be discouraged at all levels.

    - Obed Dike - 2019-08-22 15:51:00 Quote

  • For those that do not pay the full amount the trackers should be used but for those that have paid the the full amount the trackers should be removed.

    - Isah Philip - 2019-08-22 22:46:06 Quote

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