What Is The Solution To Our Economy Problem In Nigeria

Now am beginning to think what has come over this great nation of ours Nigeria because I don't understand the problem and I don't know what the solution especially rice problem in Nigeria 

We were told they close all neighboring countries border so people won't smuggle rice to our country and by doing that so our farmers can be selling their own rice. 

But the rice we are eating now are very bad ,I don't know if it our farmers producing this rice because I don't seem to understand it ,Nigeria is getting bad day by day and again we were told about dangote rice but I haven't been able to buy dangote rice because I think dangote rice is very expensive that why trader opted for those rice we eat 

I don't know if closing the border is the right decision for we Nigerians because if dangote rice is produce in Nigeria then it should be around everywhere and it should be very affordable to people to buy in Nigeria 

Please my follow Nigerians I want to know your take on this matter. 

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  • In order to make nigeria great again, electricity is the key. Making electricity available at all times, can greatly have a positive effect on agriculture, can increase manufacturers in the country. It'll help them spend less money on fuels like petrol and diesel in order to keep business running. 

    - Iyobosa Aluyi - 2019-12-18 10:36:16 Quote

  • For Nigeria to be fine, the government has to work equally on all the sectors of the economy especially agriculture. People have turned a blind eye to agriculture but this yields a lot of money and in the case of this rice problem, closing the borders to stop importion of rice was a very bad thing to do. If the government wanted this to work out well then dangote rice has to be made cheaper and they should pay more attention to the production of local rice because it's not being produced well.

    - Owhojeta Tega - 2019-12-18 16:07:37 Quote

  • The closure of the broader is the right option because Nigeria is blessed with so many things but we don't know the benefit. We don't embrace what we have imaging importing tooth pick,Turkey when we actually have all these.Nigeria are trying now with rice production.but if we support them and buy from the farmers they will improve with time.the rice am eating now (confluence) is stonefree,sweet and it does easily get spoilt and for now is affordable

    - Rasheedat dolapo - 2019-12-18 18:58:40 Quote

  • The problem of this great country on agriculture is the government because the government are not helping matters at all closing borders and at the same time smuggling things into the country, to me. I think closing the borders is not the way forward, the way forward is to help the Nigeria farming system to improve their products or produce, providing the necessary equipment or materials they need to the effective farming 

    - John Israel - 2019-12-18 20:54:31 Quote

  • My take especially on the rice issue is this. I have notice that we actually don't patronize what is ours and what is cheap. And I also think that greed is our most dangerous enemy in this country. If we do away with greed and love what is made here, am sure, things will get better.

    - Nonso Chinonso Paul - 2019-12-19 00:13:16 Quote

  • The government is not helping the matter at all, it is good to be consuming our own products. I strongly agree with that but while they close the borders they should also provide the basic amenities needed to produce a better rice. If it's okay people will buy it.

    - Mojisola Akinola - 2019-12-19 23:47:28 Quote

  • The solution to the economy problem of this great country Nigeria is the more infrastructures(companies) should be erected to balance the total work force of the economy,also the type of government also affect the change In an economy,more so,the problem of electricity has also led to the detriment of the economy of Nigeria and there there is need for the more power supply.... I believe if this decision is strictly followed Nigeria will be the most developed country in the world

    - Tega Ahweyevu - 2019-12-21 12:20:06 Quote

  • First of all most ..... Government should expand our agricultural activities in Nigeria.....if that is been done then our farmers can produce a good and eatable rice for us...Closing the border was not a good thing to do as of the s point....if the government wants to close it they should have made sure that rice production is stable and they produce stable rice...

    - Chioma Ugwonna - 2019-12-24 16:09:58 Quote

  • The problem that we have in Nigeria is that

    There is no electricity which reduces the cost of production

    And again they invest more in petroleum than in agriculture, the only solution is for them to invest in agriculture and build infrastructural facilities and it would also provide job opportunities

    - omotayo Inioluwa - 2019-12-24 19:56:28 Quote

  • In my own point of view, I think self development should be well considered which will help us to be able to embark on some so called government responsibility on our own like amending our roads, taking care of our electricity supply and others.

    And the government should be encouraged to invest mostly in ventures that will boost the economy rather than tap out of it and agriculture is a good idea. 

    - Atoyebi Adebimpe - 2019-12-31 11:59:25 Quote

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