What To Cook To Keep Your Man

Cooking in the African society is a determining factor of a real woman suitable for marriage. Every woman or lady who does not know now to cook is assumed to be incomplete and unworthy of being given to any man as a wife. It was, it is and it has been finalised that cooking and home upkeep is the one priority of a woman going into a marriage aside child bearing.

I guess this mentality came into existence because it is believed and widely accepted that the way to a mans heart is through his stomach. Yea this is true and working.

My advice to ladies now is that, as a Lady whose cooking a skill is on an average, you wouldn't fault your man for tasting a better meal outside and yearning for more of it. The world is advancing regularly, garnishing and packaging are taking over the food world. We need to upgrade. The regular concoction Rice wont cut it anymore in the nearest future.

Learn more about food and cooking and you will have a better chance at keeping your man.

If you have any other advice for our women and young girls on cooking, pls kindly use the comment box. 

Thank you.

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  • As much as I think that cooking helps.. it's not going to keep a man that doesn't want to be kept if not all these mama put and restaurant women will have men licking their feets.. don't stress yourself to do pass yourself

    - Prosper Emodi - 2019-10-05 19:28:54 Quote

  • Just like you spoke about the future, most men might not care about cooking as a yardstick for marriage because of unconditional love. Some men are okay with chefs coming over weekly or monthly and cooking a large portion of food. Some other men don't mind looking for alternatives. Everything falls down to the type of man

    - Kamsy Boss - 2019-10-05 19:30:11 Quote

  • Actually hearing what you said was great...  as a woman you need to prepare good food for your husband it help in keeping your marriage many marriages today has been broken because of this cooking of a thing... Many girls grew and cant learn on how to cook thats really bad... You wll have to learn it through any means.. Because there is a saying that the fastest way to a mans heart is through his stomach

    - Joshua Etekuwoma - 2019-10-05 19:31:28 Quote

  • My suggestion for the young Ladies and women is that, if you know that your cooking skill is not good enough or your husband is complaining about your cooking. Just get a book on cooking that will guide you or you go to catering school.

    - Gbowoloye Adedeji - 2019-10-05 19:47:29 Quote

  • You are right my brother. Every woman that wants to gain a man heart must have a good cooking skill. You can't imagine a man who has gone to work since morning and now came back thinking of while reaches the house his wife would have cooked a correct dish. Eventually when he started eating the food it  was fully salt. Can you imagine how the man would feel. So every woman who knows how to cook exceptionally owns a man's heart 

    - Keshinro David - 2019-10-05 20:04:18 Quote

  • Afood can not keep a man, except you charm him, if you like be the best cook in the world, a man that'll cheat on you will definitely do,and if you like be the worse cook in the world, a faithfulman that'll stick by you will always and definitely do and vice versa.

    - Hammed Jide - 2019-10-05 20:24:30 Quote

  • It really feels right to have a conversation like this. Its also yo serve as a reminder to many young ladies out there that Brazilian hair and Congo hair, are not the true attributes of a woman. Even our president said that his wife belongs to the other rooms(Kitchen and bed room), however, its advised for any young lady to have a good knowledge of making good food, learning constantly, practicing and also perfecting in making delicious meals. Not having a ckte knowledge about some meals, makes husbands and boyfriends cheat on their partners and can even destroy the stability in homes. Start now to learn. Cooking is fun. 

    - PETER MMADUEKE - 2019-10-05 20:26:32 Quote

  • Everything we have in this world has advancement.  Food is actually what keep most men,  if you know how to cook you will definitely keep your man and otherwise,  if your man loves you very much he will teach you more how to garnish and package your food.. 

    As ladies,  we should learn different ways of packaging our food but online and offline.  Be versatile. Thank you

    - Atanda Temitope - 2019-10-05 20:35:24 Quote

  • My candid advice to young girls and ladies out there is to take time out to learn from any source available. An adage goes "its the one in our stomach, that's our own" and "he ehi eats well, thinks well".

    It may be av local cafeteria, a large cuisine restaurant or even the woman that sells Akars down the road, just take time out and have a cursory look at her activities and I bet you'll add to your cooking prowess.

    - Ferdinard Oko - 2019-10-05 20:43:30 Quote

  • You can only keep a man that love you with ur cooking but cooking doesn’t keep men cos man who love wit always love you more with ur delicacy but The Who doesn’t love even if u cook different food and do everything to him if he doesn’t belong to you , he won’t stay so Men knows who their heart belongs to 

    - Oluwaseun Funmi - 2019-10-05 21:22:18 Quote

  • The adage that "the secret to win a man's heart is how good your food taste" is very true

    Every woman who wish to have a successful married life must be a good cook, that is the fact, there is no two ways about it

    - Osas Nice - 2019-10-05 21:23:21 Quote

  • God bless you for this write up dear, it's very true that sometimes what takes man out of the house to a restaurant is food, and getting there, he might not eat the food alone but might eat plus the waitress, and the wife at home will stand a chance of loosing the husband, all  because of not well prepared food or absence of food at home. So ladies stand up now else you will never have a chance to rise again. 

    - Anyang Blessing Edim - 2019-10-05 21:31:30 Quote

  • Good meal is one thing a man requires in a woman, very man after hustling on getting home needs a shower and a good meal and rest but in absent of this there most be problems, every man like to eat food at home than eating out side.

    - Austin Chinedu - 2019-10-05 21:41:53 Quote

  • Nice write up. The good thing is that technology has made anything learnable. You can learn any food you want to cook on YouTube. You can as well Google it. This is apart from talking to any of your friends who can cook what you intend to learn. So women really don't have any excuse on not spicing up their cooking game in the kitchen. 

    - Charles Chigbundu - 2019-10-05 21:50:06 Quote

  • It is very important that a woman knows how cook 

    Not just that we still need to learn how to present the food

    If your food smells good but doesn't look presentable.. madam only you will eat your food. So learning how present food is good too

    - Ogosi Blessing - 2019-10-05 21:50:46 Quote

  • The saying that the way to a Man's heart is through the stomach is very real. The joy of a man coming back home to a very delicious and tasty meal after a hard day's work can be very satisfying. One of the attributes of a good wife especially in this part of the world is to make great meals.

    - Ndukwe Ikechukwu - 2019-10-05 22:03:51 Quote

  • It is very good and important that a woman knows her way around the kitchen and she's a good cook; it helps her have a good hold on her man, if she can't cook then she's gonna lose him to someone who can. 

    It is also nice to see a man who is skilled in the kitchen and able to cook 

    - Richard Olumide Okorocha - 2019-10-05 22:17:41 Quote

  • You just nailed it. I will not marry a lady who does not know how to cook. I think women should be allowed by their parents to go through catering school. I believe that will enable them prepare good meal for the family . No husband will eat out if the wife know how to cook. Not only that, if you are lady with good cooking skills, you will be making big money from it either by cooking for the people in occasion or cookkco as food vendors or restaurant

    - Onwa Matthew - 2019-10-05 22:19:58 Quote

  • A woman that can cook is what every man requires and d adage that the way to a man's heart is through is stomach is very true. I mean who will miss the pleasure of returning back home after a stressful day,eat a sumptuous meal prepared by one's wife. So it's actually encouraging as a lady to learn and know how to cook and how to garnish as well as serving foods properly.

    - Ayelaje Glory - 2019-10-05 22:27:38 Quote

  • just like the saying of our president,women are belong to the kitchen,apart from the other way,cooking is one of the woman duty to take care of in the house,and thats how a normal wife should do..

    - Happy Buhari - 2019-10-05 22:29:40 Quote

  • Thats the truth, no man wants to marry a woman who can't cook. We know some people eventually gets lucky to get a man who can teach them after marriage but many don't.. 

    so as a lady, please know how to cook. And if you can cook, learn to improve your cooking skills. Don't be shy to learn new things . Always surprise your man with different meals and then be creative with presenting the food to him. 

    - Grace Emenike - 2019-10-05 22:31:36 Quote

  • I firmly believe the best place and time for a lady to learn cooking is in her parents' house from from her parent (especially mother).

    Butthole everybody is in a different situation, learning cooking from parents might not be possible for everyone.

    Hence learning it wherever possible is absolutely necessary, even if payment is involved

    - Abdulhameed Muhammed - 2019-10-05 22:40:15 Quote

  • What you can cook for your man is a good delicacy food.Asume your husband is from Northern Nigeria you cook food  called Tuou kinsafa.To make this food, you need corn, vegetable oil,boiled water in ratio to the size of the people who're to consume.Stire on fire when the water boils then sarve with "draw "soup your husband will be home on time.

    - Abiodun Leigh - 2019-10-05 22:41:27 Quote

  • For a woman to know how to cook, is very important. But first thing first, a woman that is ready for marriage, should know the principle of marriage. Cooking is not the first thing that a woman ready for marraige should know. The first thing, is to have the fear of God. Second, is attitude. Now, cooking.  

    - CHRISTIAN IFEANYICHUKWU - 2019-10-05 22:47:44 Quote

  • My contribution to this is that in Nigeria there are some food that we cook like they are limited so i will advice ladies to learn different types of food from different tribes. You know he won't be used to one food but varieties of food. You can go on YouTube to learn more about  different food. We should try to know how to make some snacks not everything is swallows, rice and the likes. 

    - Ajala Blessing - 2019-10-05 22:56:46 Quote

  • Girls of nowadays dont know how to cook again all they know how to do is make i guy take them to an expensive restaurant to eat.i pray girls will learn from this post and go learn how to cook good meal before they end of regreting later in life.

    - Ugwuodo Stanley - 2019-10-05 23:11:53 Quote

  • Good meal is one of the attributes a man needs from his wife but no matter how good the wife is at cooking meal, if she doesn't have a good character, the husband might decide to eat from another woman outside and that can leads to extra marital affairs.. Knowing how to cook good food without having good manners wont keep a man

    - Adaranijo Muhammad Toha - 2019-10-05 23:12:25 Quote

  • every man ofcors want to marry a woman that can cook if not i dont think your mother would be with your father today. i also love women that can cook good food. so ladies enter the kitchen now and let your mom teach you

    - Otesanya David - 2019-10-05 23:13:42 Quote

  • Cooking in the house is very important ,a lady must know how to cook,to avoid the man from going outside to eat ,besides the world has advanced to a level that ladies no longer have excuses why they wouldn't cook special delicacies at home ,they can easily go to YouTube and learn any meal they want to cook ,there are also lots of magazines on cooking now they can learn how to cook special delicacies from .so I advice ladies to advance their cooking skills to maintain their home when they get married 

    - Akinfenwa David - 2019-10-05 23:22:34 Quote

  • A woman who want to keep her marriage must be able to provide delicious and different delicacies for her man.A great meal is one for the most important factors in marriage because not every man finds pleasure in eating out.

    - Adelowo Olamide - 2019-10-05 23:42:05 Quote

  • Nice one. Nothing will give a man joy than him getting home to a very delicious food prepared by his wife. Even sometimes the man would close early from work because he doesn't wants the delicious food to get cold. So my advice for ladies out there is that they should learn how to cook. Because nothing impresses a man than him having a good cook as wife 

    - Olumide Damilare - 2019-10-05 23:49:09 Quote

  • The kitchen plays a lot of role in binding the family that's why it's important to cook the right food for your man. A Yoruba man will probably prefer something light in the morning and something heavy in the afternoon like Amala same with the igbo. 

    - Egbeyemi Ireoluwa - 2019-10-05 23:54:42 Quote

  • The world is evolving and so the ladies need to up their cooking game and skills. Also ladies need to attend both project and business management sessions to learn how to manage the family with work. Everything in the family is a project. From child birth to child rearing to buying a car to building house. If it is not well managed it can cause chaos.

    - Oluwaseyi Oyedokun - 2019-10-06 00:02:36 Quote

  • Well cooking is very good especially when a woman have a man who liked good food,but cooking a lone  can not keep a man,there are other things like neatness,obedient,humble etc that will make your man looks lie a king and the woman like a queen.

    - Babatunde Olaniyan - 2019-10-06 02:34:48 Quote

  • A man does not pls with is stomach,If a woman don't no how to cook and got married she should go to a caring school to learn or look for a friend or aunty that knows how to cook to come and teaxh her,because that is the only way you can keep you man

    - Enebeli Vivian - 2019-10-06 04:50:11 Quote

  • That true good meal keep men at home, because if the wife can`t cook and after long day job of the husband still thinking of what to eat then it gives the husband no choice but to look at and ladies should know how to manage resources

    - Richard Akinwande - 2019-10-06 05:22:31 Quote

  • It is so true that women who can't cook lose their home and their man so easily. So, it's the responsibility of the parent to properly teach their children how to cook In an early stage. Then, after the parent has done theirs, the woman should not just lay her knowing how to cook on that alone, she should also widen out and learn more on cooking because a man will not always want to eat the same recipe of food every day till he dies, trust me, he'll get tired. 

    So, women should really know how to cook so as not to lose their home and most especially their man.


    - Victoria Oluwatobiloba - 2019-10-06 05:36:01 Quote

  • It is the duty of a woman to know how to cook,any woman who does not know how to cook is not home material or eligible to marry,woman should know how to cook delicious food for his man to avoid him eating outside or another woman food.

    - Ajayi Sodeeq - 2019-10-06 06:55:57 Quote

  • In fact I cannot marry a lady that lacks cooking skill, I mean 'cooking skill' not ordinary cooking. and if by mistake I do, something will happen-either allowing me to marry one that knows or she vacate. no one jokes with food

    - Uthman Akinkunmi Adigun - 2019-10-06 07:00:49 Quote

  • They say the way the heart of the husband is food. Africans generally love food cooked by their wife's. If a woman does not know how to cook she will loose her husband trust when it comes to food. 

    There will be fear in her mind of the husband getting married to another wife better in cooking than her. Even if you are good on the bed just don't forget that if you can't cook good food you are done disappointing. It is very important that every woman should know how to cook a lot of food around the grow up area of her husband so that she can meet up with any type of dishes. 

    - OROROEMI ZEBLON - 2019-10-06 07:04:50 Quote

  • You said it all, every ladies have to read this, cooking good food is very important for a woman who wants to enjoy her marriage, taking care of the house is also important, respecting your man's friend and family is also necessary

    As for me, I can fall in love with a lady just because she knows how to cook good food, because the only way to my heart is through good food, my favorite food is pounded yam, my wife will keep me forever if she's giving me my favorite

    - Jerry ifeoluwa Adebayo - 2019-10-06 07:11:20 Quote

  • This five paragraph article addresses an issue of great importance. I think most of the work should be from the mothers. YES the mothers because if a wife doesn't know how to cook, its either her mother didn't see it as a responsibility to teach her or that wife didn't see it as her duty to learn from her mother. All the same a man whose wife cooks good meals for won't look for alternatives. Wifes please satisfy your husbands with good meals so he won't start satisfying himself.

    Also learn to cook varieties.Different meals each day. May God help you and provide for your husbands too.

    - Taiwo Olushoto - 2019-10-06 07:18:41 Quote

  • Sorry I sincerely do not believe food is the way ro a Man’s heart,a man that loves you will always love you,even if you cannot cook well,you guys can eat out but it doesnt change the affection,as long as the babe and the guy understands themselves.

    - Damilola Talabi - 2019-10-06 07:31:40 Quote

  • If you truly want to keep your man two things are involved : A lady should be able to cook different varieties of food for her man because a good and tasty food is a place to a man's heart and also you should be able to satisfy him sexually with varieties of style. My sister you have nail him down for life and people will be thinking you use charm. 

    - Oluwaseun David Ajiboye - 2019-10-06 07:38:03 Quote

  • I can assure you food is one major reason in relationship ...the moment your man start. Complaining of your food he start going out to eat from there we can either take a house help to cook or marry the woman he saw at the restaurant so woman should make sure they Knows how to cook very well 

    - Osa Bigi - 2019-10-06 08:33:41 Quote

  • Yeah good is one thing that keeps a man..men generally love food especially our local dishes...after hustling it is necessary to have something strong to eat which cools them down...and then they give you a lovely smile..

    - Okotie Tosan - 2019-10-06 08:58:58 Quote

  • Trying different recipes is the best way to keep your man interested in your food. Best way to do this is researching new ways to cook various foods and also adding new dishes to the menu. A woman who can't cook will find it hard keeping a man due to the fact that it is believed that woman should be the one to cook for the family and take care of the house. Truly not been able to do that simply means a woman is not complete in administering her duties as a wife.

    - Aliyu Oyinoiza Hasiat - 2019-10-06 09:27:49 Quote

  • Funny how you think just meal would keep a man. True, a man might  love to stay with you if you cook nice meal but how about you being a very supportive lady. Someone who encourages rather than discourage... Well, in my own opinion I think nothing can really keep a man except he really wants to stay. 

    I stand to be corrected. 

    - Seriki Oyindamola - 2019-10-06 11:30:52 Quote

  • Funny how you think just meal would keep a man. True, a man might  love to stay with you if you cook nice meal but how about you being a very supportive lady. Someone who encourages rather than discourage... Well, in my own opinion I think nothing can really keep a man except he really wants to stay. 

    I stand to be corrected. 

    - Seriki Oyindamola - 2019-10-06 11:31:03 Quote

  • It is a pity that African ladies have derailed for cooking, so few of them can Cook good foods expect for the common once, an adage says to get to the heart of a man is through is stomach, but ladies of this days prefer going to buy for to cooking which is pretty bad. They should learn how to cook our local dishes to spice up the marriage.

    - Alamu Olayinka Abass - 2019-10-06 11:36:41 Quote

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