A Remedy To Building Collapse In Nigeria

A Remedy to Building Collapse in Nigeria.

Mathew Desmond onced said "Housing is absolutely essential to human flourishing without stable shelter, it all falls apart". Shelter as one of the basic needs of man is every essential to the existence of man on Earth as every operation carried out by man is done under a particular type of shelter, most importantly, for adequate security of lives and properties, various types of shelter are employed which includes buildings. Unfortunately, some buildings no longer serve these purposes, rather it have become a death trap and death sentence to lives and properties. Statistics from the Federal ministry of works,power and housing has stated that 54 buildings collapse cases were recorded over the country within four years(2012 to 2016).

    Apart from the known causes of building collapse in Nigeria like substandard materials, defective designs and so on, I took an investigative journey to notable Engineers in my locality to ascertain hidden facts concerning building collapse in Nigeria, below are my findings:

Engr. Ejike Powell (owerri) said " most of the governmental bodies responsible for the surpervision of building projects are not effective, apart from Building Development Authority, departments like site analysis and soil text are no longer working in most states". He went to explain that some of the workers in these Development Authorities are not professionals in their area of specialization and can be easily deceived. Engr. Emma Okeke (Onitsha) also said "most of the materials taken to the Building

Development Authorities are different from the ones being used in the site". With the above findings, I believe if the following advice are implimented, it would help in reducing the occurance of building collapse in Nigeria: firstly, Government should enact law  guiding development authority in every local government, this would involve employing professionals in various fields like architectural field, building construction, geologist, surveyors etc.

The Government should also finance these development authorities to enable them work deligently, shunning bribery and corruption. Secondly, Building Development Authority should give  a building standard to every developer once the plan is duly criticised and approved, they should also inspect the approved plans  from soil tests, foundations till roofing stage, this would instill fear in builders and make them comply to the rules and regulation. Also, building materials should be checkmated on sites before use, samples of materials brought to the building authorities should as well be taken to the site to ensure that it is of the same quality.

Finally, whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well. The safety of lives and properties is the duty of all, let's join hands together in sincerity and change this bad omen in order to safeguard our future.

What other ways can be employed to reduce this menace of building collapse in our Nation?

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  • The main reason of a collapse building is mostly foundation issues and also the quality of the standard of materials used. In most cases on building construction the supervisor is the one to determine the structure of the building because he is the one in control of every materials used. Unfortunately, if the supervisor is not a trustworthy individual the building will be of no good quality. for instance where 3 bags of cement supposed to be used the supervisor Will use just 2 bags to bring money to his wallet.

    - Adewole tayo - 2019-11-21 10:49:19 Quote

  • Most people blame building collapse on contractors alone.. No, contractors ain't only the problem even tho they are still problem but the building owner's .... When the list of materials or cost of operation is given to them... Some see those costs as too high thereby giving their job to another construction company whose costs are less which leads to purchasing of fake and expired products for the building construction 

    - Oluwatobi Henry - 2019-11-22 09:21:14 Quote

  • Another reason as to why buildings collaspe is that most time the materials used are not of good quality. What builders go for these days is for quantity instead of quality, and after going for the material that is plenty and cheap then the building is not strong enough, that's why you see buildings collaspe after a few years of it being built

    - Adeoti Mary - 2019-11-22 10:18:19 Quote

  • It is still a great challenge that  the disaster of collapsed building is still experienced in this country. 

    All theses are due to the carelessness of some engineers who are entrusted with the job of making sure that the building followed all it requires to be strong enough. But due to their indifference and use of substandard materials, they allow things that matter slip off their finger. 

    Carefulness is most important to avoid this unbecoming situation. 

    - Christian Kelechi - 2019-12-01 22:02:50 Quote

  • From my point of view,most collapse building are caused by the contract and lack of adequate supervision,whereby 2 bags of cement will be managed to a certain location where they should have used up to 4bags of cement,thus making the building weak during a short period of time.


    - Kolapo Abidemi - 2020-01-07 21:47:13 Quote

  • Some of the reasons building collapse are faulty construction,bad design, extra ordinary loads , foundation failure but building collapse is also caused by the environmental effects such as earthquake.

    To prevent building collapse ,some precautions must be taken such as

    Awareness of the construction area and building earthquake proofs construction.

    - Precious Chidiebube - 2020-02-13 03:28:43 Quote

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