A Short Poem: Dream

(Might be short but a friend of mine, Daniel inspired me to write this poem, saying “when going after your dreams, don't leave loved ones behind ” )

Title: #DREAM

Dawn comes to give rest to dusk,

Down the memory lane laid dreams still masked.

When I crane my neck and gaze my eyes into skies

I see pessimism falling like snow on our lands,

The future is vacuum and holds zilch.

The lands we live in needs dreamers not sleepers,

Dream isn't what is seen when sleeping,

Dream is what keeps the eye awake,

So keep eyes awake till sun rays peep through windows.

Hold the pen firmly, write till the land says well done,

Think of more strategies till the last breathe of the brain,

Dream has the power to empower and nourish our lands,

Saves the dying souls and inject hope into the hopeless,

Dream has the power to fill the future with optimisms.

Dream to unleash your lands from slavery.

Leading loved ones to their better selves,  it's bravely 

#Written by: Victor Agu


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