A.V Dicey Account On Rule Of Law Can It Be Applied To Modern Day Nigeria

In Nigeria, A.V. Dicey account on rule of law can be partially applied.

According to A.V. Dicey on "Absolute Supremacy of Power", it cannot be applicable to Nigeria because the President has powers, that is, if arrested, the President can get you free but A.V. Dicey bis saying that the President should not have that power because they are citizens too. But in present day Nigeria the President will not agree to these rule.

Therefore, "Equality before the law" is that A.V. Dicey is saying that every body should be equal before the law, but the police are above the law, they can come to your house and arrest you without any warrant and nobody can challenge them. Also this rule is not applicable to the President, Vice President, Governor's etc.

However in "The courts are better protectors of Human Rights", in this aspect, it can be applied to Nigeria and It will be beneficial because even though we make use of the written Constitution and we know bout Rights, they are still being violated unless when our Rights is violated we should go to court and the court will find favour in us.This method should be applicable so that our Rights can be favoured in court.

According to this I will say that A.V. Dicey account in"rule of law"can be partially applied in Nigeria.In conclusion I would like to here you guys opinion and know which one you prefer, us A.V.Dicey account or The one Nigeria is making use of now.

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  • To me I think that A.V.dicey is ok because everyone has aqual right in presence of the law so that the high people won't be over the low ones which is happening among most nigerians because some are powerful than the law which is very bad among our leaders and we the followers....so it will be a great help if everyone is equal in front of the law

    - Omoniyi Paul - 2019-11-21 21:08:09 Quote

  • If Nigeria make use of A.V Dicey rule of law, I believe we won’t be where we are today. It’s known to everyone that even tho the 1999 constitution state that no one is above the law but this is not applicable to our government. They violate the law of the land in a vivid way.

    - Akodu Basit - 2019-11-21 23:39:18 Quote

  • Yeah....I agree with you. It can be applied in our present day Nigeria only partially.... because in Nigeria today there are a whole lot of people that believe they are above the law. Once a person is rich in Nigeria today, he or she believes they can do whatever  they feel like doing( especially men) even if it's against the law which is very bad and improper

    - Adeoti Mary - 2019-11-22 09:57:08 Quote

  • Since Nigeria is operating under the democratic system of government. 

    The Government should be for the people. But rather we are being denied this system in our country. 

    This law can be applicable if only our leaders recognize our right as citizens. A. V dicey Principe is not being carried out in Nigeria. 

    I hope our leaders realise this soon. 

    - Owolabi Seyi - 2019-11-22 14:08:41 Quote

  • Rule of law proscribe the supremacy of law over the governors and the governed but in Nigeria that is not the case. The executive violate the law, the legislative don't follow due process and sometimes the court act funny. Therefore rule of law is not practiceable in Nigeria. instead what we have is the rule of the governed being imposed.

    - Olamide Emmanuel - 2019-11-23 10:36:39 Quote

  • The truth is that just as how democracy is relative to every country,so is the rule of law. In every nation apart from Nigeria certain individuals have certain privileges that immunes them from being totally subjected to the law. Although the Nigerian case is quite absurd because these days, everyone wants to show thy have authority

    - Ugonna Asomugha - 2019-11-27 07:25:04 Quote

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