Activities Earning On NNU Forum Have A Limit. Kindly Read This Important Notice And Also Take Note Of Them.

Activities earning on NNU Forum have a limit. Kindly read this important notice and also take note of them.

Daily login is ones a day.

You can read unlimited post that interest you but you will only earn from 20 post read. The same condition is applicable to replies / commenting on post threads.

You can comment on any post but you will earn from 20 comment that get approved. Your comment or contribution wont be save or pending for approval if not up to at least 30 words. Else don't comment at all if you have no better contribution.This is to avoid casual drop or spam comment.

You can create as many post you want, but you can only earn from 5 post that get approved per day. Your post wont be save or pending for approval if not up to at least 150 words. Else don't border to create post at all. We need a well written and explanatory post for a better contribution.

Viral share is earn as you go per day, depending on how many viral share posted available daily. Usually one post per day but at times 2 post a day. You need to click the last link on the post on NNU Forum which says "Click here to earn". You must follow the link to the end till when it redirect back to the site.

Once you click here to earn, it will direct you to view ad with a button at the top which says wait for 5 seconds, Thereafter, click skip ad to redirect back to the site before the earning can appear on you account.

However, if you notice irregularity in your earning other than the limit as explained, please report to us without requesting withdrawal for excessive earning otherwise, your withdrawal will be declined. We notice some irregularities on the system which has cause so much decline of so many withdrawal this month while eligible earners got a share from available fund.

To be on a safe side, cooperate with us and make sure you don't request withdrawal of excessive earning cause by irregularities, support us to improve the system so it wont be as if you are wasting your time.

In other to resolve the current irregularities, we have tweak the system in a such a way that activities point now work between 2am to 10pm daily. Please take note. If you notice any other irregularities or bug, please report to us.

Kindly share this with other members.

Happy money making, isa new month.



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  • I'm very happy and satisfied even with the limitations,, to earn at least N250 every day is very good after sign up with just 1400

    In a month you get N7000 and above ,in a year you earn more than N90,000 ,it's so great ,,I love it's gonna help we students a lot

    Long live NNU


    - Dosa Stephen - 2020-01-02 12:19:54 Quote

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