After The Burial Of Her Mother Her Brothers Ganged Up And Killed Her

This is a story about a friend, a sister a customer and a very caring lady. Some years ago ( like over 5 years ago) miss Angela's mother fell I'll with severe heart illness. Angela took care of her mother alone being the only daughter of her mother without the help of her brothers or any other person . she took her mother to various hospitals and clinic 4 different operation on the heart, she also spend a lot on drugs and other supplements to help her stay longer. 

After about a year her mother died finally from the heart failure. Being the first child she called all her brothers that had previously left their mother with her alone to care for to plan for her burial both they all gave her different excuses about not having money for the burial . out of anger she insulted her brothers and uncles for their wickedness and left them all for the city back

After two weeks she went back to tell them the date she had selected a date for the burial. 

She single handed did the burial for mother and went back to the city that was when all the predicament started . 

On getting back to the city she was immediately sacked from her working place. She fell ill from an incurable sickness . 

She decided to venture into business BT same tin happened. It gradually went down daily. finally the illness got the best of her and she had to relocate to the village 

the last time I called her was last week and she was barely able to speak well.. The only thing she said was that she won't rest until they all pay for this.

last week Monday I received the shock of my life when my phone rang and it was my very good friend Angela , when I picked it was her brother that my friend is dead and they where planning on burying her that Sam Monday that she suffered all of them and also she has no children so no need to keep her I had to leave all I was doing to hurry back to her village 4 the burial . b4 I reach her was already under the soil

How do you guys see this matter .. Now all her properties in the city have been sold by the brothers and the money split by them.. 

I really feel bad for my friend.  if only she didn't say anytin during her mothers burial

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  • Its a pity your friend had to suffer and died in that manner after everything she went through. Its obvious that they could be a hidden story behind the reason the brothers of your friend treated their mother in that way which u may not know about. Not withstanding it doesn't justify their actions towards their late mother and sister. Love and unity was lacking among them. May her soul rest in peace and may God who sees all things handle the brothers accordingly.

    - joy onche emmanuel - 2019-11-08 10:50:28 Quote

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