Angel: The Boarding School Vigilante

 I'm a writer and since this platform allows me to share that with an audience, I decided to give it a try. Here is a piece from one of my and my brother's story.

Brian Mackson was just like anybody else, yet not quite. He was rather special; he never believed that people couldn’t be heroes. He knew everyone was capable of taking a stand. All one needed was a cause… a push. But the reason superheroes only existed in comics was because in the real world, people lacked that push. At least most of the anyway.

 Brian began junior high in a boarding school. He went in, got over the inevitable homesickness and soon adjusted to his new life. The school was big. It was run well and for the first two years of junior high, all was well. But entropy was bound to play its hand. Slowly, but surely, the fantasy that Brian had walked into began to give way to some harsh realities. Not that it was unexpected. Quite the contrary. The school was amazing, without doubt. But as time went by, as excitement gave way to monotony, it became a school tainted by crime. And of all atrocities was one most obvious, and most horrible; bullying. ATL high was crawling with bullies.

 At first it could have been written off as normal, but with time, it became uncontrollable. What started as merely a bunch of mean students here and there, turned into gangs of tyrants. Brian settled in alright. He had two friends, both of which he had met on his first day. One was his roommate, Charles Barker. The other was a science geek, Ashley Shan. Charles was very easy going like one of those vanilla-sweet, happy-go-lucky guys. He seemed to have this aura of positivity around him which was unbelievably contagious. When you had a conversation with Charles, you just laughed. Ashley was the hot kind of science geek you didn’t see every day. She was witty and just as hilarious as Charles.

 The three friends understood each other like they knew no one else could. If there were three people ever destined to be friends, Brian Mackson, Charles Barker and Ashley Shan were those people. The very day Brian began witnessing the destruction bullying was doing to the school, he knew there had to be a way… a way to end the suffering and stem the growing chaos. The school authorities were helpless, not to mention ignorant. They did nothing. But something had to be done and Brian knew what. So he began to plan, saving up his allowance as soon as he went homme for the holidays. He began purchasing materials, items, everything he would need. Maybe he was crazy. In fact, even he concluded he was. But he doubted that mattered. His mind and heart were set. And in the first two weeks of the holidays, he had created a suit. The suit was menacing as it was beautiful. Brian had put heart and mind into creating it.

 The suit was essentially made of a two-piece skin tight jet black suit. What made it armor were the things Brian had attached to it. The torso was padded with a strong, flexural, shock absorbent material that he had to get in ample supply. The padding was extended around the entire suit; on the arms, legs, fists and feet. The arm paddings were connected to each other, as were the other parts, by very strong flexible rubber wires. The fists were intricately padded with steel balls fastened smaller pads which were attached to the knuckles. Around the waist was a utility belt with numerous compartments hold items from a compressible staff he had made himself to knockout bombs and darts. The boots were given as much attention as the fists.

 In compartments under the sole were very bouncy rubber balls for shock absorption and to somewhat give a boost to his jumps. Under the padding of the entire suit, there was thin layer of foam for further shock absorption. Then came the glider. The glider was his cape which was fitted with tough jointed rubber poles on each side. They straightened only when the cape was spread wide and could each be fastened to the forearm of the suit as well as to his boots. Naturally the most menacing aspect of the suit was the mask which sat upon his face under a dark hood. Its eyes were made of a one way reflective plastic and the face as made of a phosphorescent. The suit was made for one thing and one thing alone;

 Butt-kicking Action.

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