Iphones Vs Samsung, Which One Should I Go For?

Phones with the IOS operating systems, also called iPhones are not to be compared with the phones rubbing with the Android operating system

But it can be argued that Samsung phones, also under the Android can compete with the iPhones

The newly produced Samsung phone, Samsung S10 can be compared with the iPhone X 

From the camera to the RAM to the screen resolutions

In short, i prefer Samsung phones to iPhones in general

What's your opinion?

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  • Everybody like better thing... if theres money I would still go for iPhone.. but as at now I prefer Samsung 

    - Alexander Akiama - 2019-08-17 09:47:12 Quote

  • Buying an iphone is good. but currently, not all features of the iphone are compatible with the regular and affordable android phones we have around us. going for samsung can serve you right interms of budgeting.

    - Lubem Terzungwe - 2019-08-17 10:10:00 Quote

  • go for samsung, their screens are the best in terms of graphics, android devices are user friendly, u can have access to every features of an android device unlike iphone where you will be required to buy apps

    - IBRAHIM HAFIZ - 2019-08-17 10:26:21 Quote

  • Well for me after using both operating systems, I feel Samsung is more flexible and economical to use especially in Nigeria

    - Godswill Augustus - 2019-08-17 11:20:11 Quote

  • As for me Samsung is better because i have been using one ..it very strong and last long when it is handled with care 

    - Chinecherem Loveth - 2019-08-17 11:29:17 Quote

  • Well iPhone is better but when it's about money and amount u have u go for Samsung just Lil different in the features tho


    - Justine Nuel - 2019-08-17 11:31:46 Quote

  • IPhone can't be compared with Samsung, Samsung is smarter than iPhone but I phone is faster,iphone can never hang irrespective of the apps installed,and iPhone has a better graphics.So it depends on what your want, maybe smartness or speed and good camera

    - Iria Ebenezer - 2019-08-17 11:36:33 Quote

  • All eyes are on iPhone, I will rather go for Samsung. I can vividly remember the last time I hold my brother's iPhone to snap a picture. I got over 7messages immediately I uploaded it saying "Big man with iphone", some even copy d picture and added caption.

    - Adeniji olamiposi temitope - 2019-08-17 11:44:28 Quote

  • Though I prefer iPhone, but Samsung is really a competing company with iPhone. If Samsung can improve their products battery capacity, they can be better off. But for now, iPhone is still the best

    - Emmanuel Iyanu - 2019-08-17 12:33:05 Quote

  • I've always loved Android phones and Samsung's the best of 'em all.

    I don't even know what's so special about the iPhones. 😏

    - Ogheneochuko Avwenagbiku - 2019-08-17 12:54:14 Quote

  • l do tell people Iphone is not environmentally friendly and the operations are too complex for a layman.

    - Olanrewaju Uthman - 2019-08-17 13:53:16 Quote

  • All eyes are on iPhone, I will rather go for Samsung. I can vividly remember the last time I hold my brother's iPhone to snap a picture. I got over 7messages immediately I uploaded it saying "Big man with iphone", some even copy d picture and added caption.

    - Vincent Ajala - 2019-08-17 20:01:21 Quote

  • I'll honestly go for Samsung. iPhones are more costly and user unfriendly although it has mad abilities. When I say 'Mad abilities, I trust you know what I mean.. 

    I honestly prefer cool less expensive Samsung model. It's really nice

    - Adehi Joshua - 2019-08-17 20:29:02 Quote

  • Well I go for iPhone...firstly is easy to use...memory aspect is great..apps are well organised... not like Samsung that the screen is cost than the phone panel...android is always having memory issue that alone upset me...iPhone all the way! !!!

    - Adebanjo Tobi - 2019-08-18 00:19:01 Quote

  • To me, if I even get more minmoto buy iPhones I won't and will better go for Samsung phone because iPhones is very complex to use unlike Samsung that is environmentally friendly

    - Ayoade Aliu - 2019-08-18 09:35:24 Quote

  • Depends on what you want sha.

    If you just want normal usage like making calls , social media, and playing some games.. then you can go for the iPhone.

    But if you prefer customizations, better processors, better gaming performance, and the power of Android then you should go for Samsung.

    In terms of camera tho I'd rather go for the Samsung... iPhone is just too plain.

    - Hafiz Ibikunle - 2019-08-18 11:56:06 Quote

  • Would prefer Samsung to iPhone for now cause the cost of maintenance is always higher than the actual price an item was bought..also iPhone requires a high life which is not favourable for all individuals. Though it has wonderful features.

    - Ekwueme Ebenezer - 2019-08-18 15:01:25 Quote

  • You can go for the iPhone so that you can see different things from android phones like example different between android and iOS and Samsung is still android 

    - Elias Ezekiel - 2019-08-18 20:29:25 Quote

  • You should go for iphone i know it's more expensive but go for it.....   All Android phones are into competition they want their own to be the best meanwhile they are actually making nonsense Samsung use to be good when we had the s5, s6, s7 but the recently joined the competition 

    - Isaac Golden - 2019-08-18 23:14:57 Quote

  • Buying an iPhone depends on how much you have, what you will use it for and others while sumsung is a little less costlier and strong. In my opinion I prefer sumsung cause I can get films, audio and others through xender or so. But iphone is can't transfer expect to iphone 

    - Miracle Brown - 2019-08-19 04:10:27 Quote

  • In my own opinion, I think Samsung is really trying a lot for their products and designs, but compared to iPhone, that half Apple company is advancing really quick, new stuffs year after year to chop peoples money lol , I’ve used both now I think iPhone is much better off

    - Adewale Adekunle - 2019-08-19 07:26:39 Quote

  • IPhone is far better than Samsung because iPhone has more battery life than Samsung tested it in water iPhone has longer battery life than Samsung 

    - Kingsley Okorie - 2019-08-19 09:36:16 Quote

  • The only special thing about IPhone is the camera and a lot of Samsung now has good camera too

    - Sylvia Dupe - 2019-08-19 15:42:15 Quote

  • I prefer u go for Samsung because it's the best

    - Oludemi Michael - 2019-08-19 16:14:28 Quote

  • I prefer Samsung to iPhone 

    Both phones feature 5.8-inch OLED screens; Samsung's is a Super AMOLED. Of the two, Samsung's S9 has a higher-resolution 2960 x 1440 display, resulting in a 570ppi pixel density. ... The iPhone X makes do with IP67 dust- and water-resistance, whereas the Galaxy S9 is slightly more resilient with an IP68 rating.

    - Adeyemi Clement - 2019-08-19 19:13:50 Quote

  • Phone are gadgets that will term to change at any give time so at any point in life get the one you can afford at that time and late upgrade to another dey both have slightly different

    - DOMINION HEAVENS - 2019-08-19 22:13:37 Quote

  • You can go for any depending on what you want to use them for.. And the amount you have at hand... 

    And the purpose you want to use them  for.... 

    I will choose iPhone because it okay..   And as high privacy. 

    - Michael Ogunjimi - 2019-08-20 01:04:05 Quote

  • I would rather go for  an iPhone instead of samsung considering the fact that the battter capacity of Samsung is not encouraging at all!..Though Samsung camera is very nice but still I can't replace an iPhone speed for a Samsung

    - Iyanuoluwa Phebian - 2019-08-20 07:41:27 Quote

  • iPhone is better than Samsung I will like u go for iPhone 

    - Elias Ezekiel - 2019-08-20 08:12:03 Quote

  • Samsung phones are more economical than iPhones and they provide a wide range of products

    - Moyinoluwa Ogunleye - 2019-08-20 09:02:25 Quote

  • IPhone is good but personally I don't like it because of it incomparable with Android phone because most of us in Nigeria uses android and also the price is much so I will go for Samsung 

    - Nora Chidera - 2019-08-20 09:45:25 Quote

  • I love the both of them, they are beautiful, but they have some differents that gonna make one choose one over another, like Samsung's great camera, camera wise, i go for Samsung but their battery is not always good, but i don't know if is really better than that of iPhone 

    - Richard Ngirigwa - 2019-08-20 10:44:54 Quote

  • It depends on the preference and taste of the user. For me I would gladly pick a Samsung s10 over an iPhone x

    - Simi Tobi - 2019-08-20 12:22:10 Quote

  • Well it depends on someone's taste and what you are looking for in phone

    - Prayer Diovu - 2019-08-20 13:42:35 Quote

  • For me  i will go for iPhone because of high definition of internet and security

    - Nicholas Cletus - 2019-08-20 15:40:10 Quote

  • I will go for Samsung, everything about it interest me

    - Bukola Ayobami - 2019-08-20 16:05:01 Quote

  • Is better u go for Samsung because u will be at a safer side than iPhone, Samsung cameras are still very good. For me I prefer Samsung.

    - Richard Ejiro - 2019-08-21 08:41:35 Quote

  • For real though,apart from the status iPhone gives and the camera quality,I don't see anything special about it. Samsung is the real deal,though annoying lol.

    - Olajumoke Adesanya - 2019-08-21 21:01:19 Quote

  • iPhones are better than Samsung in the sense that it has strong parts and the parts are not expensive than that of Samsung. If a Samsung part gets spoilt, the money you use to replace that part can get you a new one if a little money is added. So, Samsung should be used carefully.

    - Francis Chidera - 2019-08-22 09:46:08 Quote

  • While Samsung can be described as a phone, an iPhone is simply a machine. Who doesn't want a machine that can perform all your activities 😉 lol

    - Hussein Ayomide - 2019-08-22 09:54:07 Quote

  • I will go for iphone looking at its brand name.

    - Sanusi Abubakar - 2019-08-22 11:05:17 Quote

  • IPhone can't be compared with Samsung, Samsung is smarter than iPhone but I phone is faster,iphone can never hang irrespective of the apps installed,and iPhone has a better graphics.So it depends on what your want, maybe smartness or speed and a good camera.

    - Ukwede Shedrach - 2019-08-22 12:06:29 Quote

  • iPhone z really cool....You should go for an IPhone...if you really have the money

    - Ikenga Dominic Chukwuemeka - 2019-08-22 13:54:51 Quote

  • iphone is good tho but I'll prefer Samsung considering some factors in it and in a country like Nigeria ,I'll pick samsum.east to econoize

    - Ogunyinka Ezekiel - 2019-08-22 18:59:37 Quote

  • Never think of going for iPhone if you wanna use your phone for online business or anything, 

    1. You can't customize your phone(changing of keyboard and launcher) 
    2. Can't download some apps on Apple Store if you don't have Gift Card which is not here in Nigeria 
    3. IPhone just copied Samsung Galaxy fold, they are about doing iPhone fold 
    4. Samsung brought the idea of screen covering every part of the phone and iPhone took it up also 

    - Agboola Olamilekan - 2019-08-25 01:20:29 Quote

  •  I prefer Samsung because of its flexibility. I phones are restricted to perform alot a task.

    - Miracle Aniobi - 2019-08-25 02:21:23 Quote

  • Ad for me I will prefer Samsung because it has a lot of advantages over iPhone. It has camera that can stand the standard of iphone if not perfect. It is close. Then it's flexible, it can perform a lot of tax like normal Android compared to iPhone. Then it saves your money

    - Lydia Ogunlola - 2019-08-26 09:41:01 Quote

  • The only thing I admire on iphone x is the Camera I prefer Samsung S10. Samsung has a lot of benefit and not as costly as iphones. 

    - Obagunle Paul Kehinde - 2019-08-26 15:34:43 Quote

  • I would prefer a samsung to an iphone because of its reduced cost of usuage. An iphone demands you keep paying up for itunes feature just to listen to music. I wouldnt like that at all

    - Ayomide Adodo - 2019-08-26 17:11:25 Quote

  • I would prefer Samsung to iPhone, there are so many features that are not available in iPhone,  you have to iTunes card to download but Samsung its more lighter you don't need any iTunes. 

    - Solomon Enechukwu - 2019-08-26 18:24:51 Quote

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