Are The Present Youths Of Nigeria Really The Future We Envisage?

A youth is a young person within  the age if 15-29(even though some 40 year old still claim to be youths)

As it is a generally accepted fact  that the youths are the future.I believe this statement doesn't apply to Nigerian youths.
When we mean Future, we don't mean just tomorrow,we mean a bright tomorrow that won't be a repetition of the present day (i believe we can imagine the type of future we all want for Nigeria).It still puzzles me how this generation of mostly jobless and uncreative youth can make the future that we envisage.When most of our youths have gone the wrong lane and engaged in many frivolous acts in a bid to make ends meet,how then can this same people constitute our desired future.

Moreso,for the future to be bright and great, we have to prepare for it today,but come to think of it,are we really preparing Nigerian youths to be the better future?
Is it the youths that showcase promiscuity and prostitution in the BBnaija show, or the young boys and girls in yahoo business,fraud, rituals and all sort of evil that are going to be the great future we seek?
We have less young people in governance at the present day,yet we claim youths are the future when they are not even be trained!
The youths that pay to get certificates in schools coming out as half baked graduates,are these the future we breed?

My final question is how can these group of irresponsible Nigerian youths take care of the future not to be a duplication of this present?.
I agree that not all Nigerian youths are irresponsible but then the serious are few.
I just can't figure it out, what our bunch of old leaders are still staring it,it seems to me that they are only concerned about the present and their concerns about the future is only a meresay.

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  • The youths can make the future we envisage of course. I agree that not all youths are serious. However, these few ones who seem to be on the right path can make great changes, changes that we have never thought of. All we need to do is to keep on encouraging and supporting them regardless. I tell you, the future is really bright.

    - Deborah Adeoye - 2019-12-27 23:18:51 Quote

  • it is generally almost accepted that the youth are the future leaders but looking at it from another angle one would say it is rather not possible. the youth that we see today has proven that they won't be able to handle the future even if given to them..their level of irresponsibility is  high moral training zero .how then can the future we hope for come out strong? there is an urgent need for all youth to sit up come up with a long term plan and be a better youth Nigeria had always hoped for 

    - Deborah Owebor - 2019-12-29 07:57:45 Quote

  • Well said youth are the futeuy leader and nobody knows tomorrow they can be a great turn in Nigeria tomorrow where youths will be the one leading concerning the unserious onces there's nothing we can do but we still have youth who are following the proper way in these country my concern is just that the present government should support them in every way they can

    - Olabamiji Juwon Moses - 2020-01-07 10:50:30 Quote

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