Are We The Cause Of Our Problems In Nigeria?

On Tuesday, 13th of August 2019, there was an allegation been made about an attack by herdsmen at the Big Joe Motor Park in Lokoja which has been proved wrong by the Kogi state government and some traders in the market place saying that the park was peaceful and had no such fight.

In line with this, it was reported that some people had gone to different social media platforms to post pictures of killings that supposedly occured in the park which has been confirmed did not take place. 

So what is really the problem in Nigeria? Are we the cause of our problems or not?


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  • Because people think causing problems bring more to their pockets and as such, the unthinkable have to happen 

    - Emmanuel Ogwola - 2019-08-14 15:55:46 Quote

  • This is the same problem the USA Government was trying to curb....The spread of fake news. Fake News is a very bad Image Tanisher and there should be a law enforced to Punish Fake News Spreaders.

    - Ekemini Innocent - 2019-08-14 16:14:48 Quote

  • Of cause we Nigerians also contribute to the problem of this country 

    - Yekini Wasiu olaide - 2019-08-14 16:17:40 Quote

  • Yes we are... Nigerians don't actually support each other. We all have to come in one piece to form a unified Nigeria.

    - Muhammed Ibiyemi - 2019-08-14 16:18:31 Quote

  • It is a well known fact that killings are going around the country now but it is unfortunate that many people has taken it to frustrate the effort of the current admistration of President Mohammadu and also politicized it which is absolutely wrong 

    - Eze Harris - 2019-08-14 16:34:08 Quote

  • Our leaders are the prime number one cause..

    - Kelechi Kingsley - 2019-08-14 17:50:51 Quote

  • Yes we are the cause..we keep on recycling old thieves as our leaders

    - Gbadamosi michael - 2019-08-14 17:54:39 Quote

  • We definitely are the cause of the problems, and instead of doing what we should to make a change we still proceed to make things much difficult for ourselves. This is clearly seen in our democracy. We have the choice to put in power who we want but we certainly refused to do so. Other countries around the world are rising up and making a change we choose to allow what is to continue to be. 

    - Ikechi Aguma - 2019-08-14 18:01:50 Quote

  • We all are part of the problem in the country

    - Joseph Bassey - 2019-08-14 18:02:21 Quote

  • We Nigerian

    We like spreading those bad new that we are not Even sure of it

    So by doing this we keep Puting people fear 

    So part of problem we our self are the cause

    - Bright Moses - 2019-08-14 18:09:09 Quote

  • Yes because some youth are lazy 

    - Moronfolu Ayotunde - 2019-08-14 18:16:05 Quote

  • Some of them yes, but definitely not all. Some things just happen

    - Bridget David - 2019-08-14 18:59:23 Quote

  • Most of our youth are just too lazy to work, always depending on bet9ja

    - EGEDEGBE Divine Oghenejakpor - 2019-08-14 20:15:34 Quote

  • Most of our youth are just too lazy to work, always depending on bet9ja

    - EGEDEGBE Divine Oghenejakpor - 2019-08-14 20:16:02 Quote

  • Yes because the rate at which nowadays youth are seeking after money is too much and they are a lazy type

    - Ajayi Victor - 2019-08-14 21:10:23 Quote

  • I will say that 50% we are the cause of our problem in Nigeria because we don't have good heart to any government that is there so we decide to be spreading fake news

    - Olaleye Hammed - 2019-08-14 21:13:45 Quote

  • Nigeria youths are lazy there by making them Indulging In drug abuse

    - Seriki Mutiu - 2019-08-14 21:48:59 Quote

  • Wrong information is strictly prohibited. We caused a lot for ourselves 

    - Otukoya Omotayo - 2019-08-14 22:14:36 Quote

  • Government is the cause of our problem in Nigeria by not meeting up to its responsibilities to its citizens.

    - Nnadi Chukwuma - 2019-08-14 22:41:43 Quote

  • Yes we are the causes of our problem and we can be the solution to those problem if we can change our bad habit and bad orientation, most especially youths we must always think about the future of this great nation not always based on bet9ja, Nairatime,babaojebu, and so on 

    - Ayoola Sola - 2019-08-14 23:09:59 Quote

  • Off course, we are the cause of our problem. All the problems we have in this country were caused by us and not outsiders. The leaders who vocou not charter for the citizens and the citizens in order to survive hunger and poverty, put hands in different things to belong

    - Onwa Matthew - 2019-08-14 23:11:30 Quote

  • This kind of problem is due to social media, as it goes viral......

    Everyone without qualification, became "Journalist", posting untrue News, unverified and unapproved.

    - YUNUSA ABDULKAREEM - 2019-08-15 00:06:11 Quote

  • Everybody in Nigeria is part of Nigeria's problems. Both the government and the governed (the people)

    - Kelly Emmanuel - 2019-08-15 00:12:10 Quote

  • It's not a straight forward answer as we are to little extent while government is the problem to a greater extent 

    - Remigus Nwaokonko - 2019-08-15 00:45:16 Quote

  • Yes,  our leaders are greedy to the extdnd that they don't care about the well being let alone betterment of Nigeria. 

    - Ahmad Musa - 2019-08-15 05:53:57 Quote

  • naija people should wake up and realize that fake news do kill too. it insight hatred in the heart of people

    - Anthony Bassey - 2019-08-15 06:09:13 Quote

  • Nigeria itself is a problem because our leader who connived to bring PMB to power are now regretting, thereby recruiting some tout to add salt to injury especially on social media.

    - Uwem Akpan - 2019-08-15 07:00:00 Quote

  • Our problem didn't start today. 

    Nigeria has always been tagged as a corrupt nation since independence. 

    - Okoye John - 2019-08-15 07:01:54 Quote

  • Honestly speaking, a greater number of we the people are a part.. We just need divine intervention

    - Rose Okah - 2019-08-15 07:15:36 Quote

  • What I no in Nigeria everybody contribute The course and problem of our country not only the president even the masses

    - Obani Ikenna - 2019-08-15 07:26:24 Quote

  • Yes to some point our population is getting larger than the budget for expenses 

    - ONNIONG UDOFIA - 2019-08-15 08:02:34 Quote

  • It's a case of the survival of the fittest. In this country where there is poor service delivery by the public service, we're all scared of our future. I don't think there is a problem with Nigeria that is not inherent in nature.

    - Godstime Bethuel - 2019-08-15 08:51:16 Quote

  • It depends on the point of view you maybe seeing it, for me it is the fault of the government because  everything in the country is not in good condition. For instance now even if one wants to start a business now, the basic infrastructure is not there to support him/her. Bad road, inadequate power supply etc

    - Nnamani Elias - 2019-08-15 08:53:10 Quote

  • yes we are. we seem to forget the commandments of our creator. 

    - IBRAHIM HAFIZ - 2019-08-15 08:59:21 Quote

  • We are nigerian problem, excluding me, but let me join me with you because God already knows who is good,  we share false prophesy just like some pastors...

    - Tajudeen Abdullahi - 2019-08-15 09:23:42 Quote

  • Yes of  cause the truth is that everybody  is a hypocrisy so are the cause of our problem and we all know  it

    - Chigozie Emmanuel - 2019-08-15 09:41:38 Quote

  • I think that everybody in this country contributed to the problem Nigeria is facing. So we should all join hands and make it a better country

    - Kelechi Nwogwugwu - 2019-08-15 09:55:23 Quote

  • Evidently we are. 

    Our decisions and indecisions contribute to the problems plaguing our country today. 

    - IFEDAYO AYODEJI - 2019-08-15 10:48:24 Quote

  • I think the government of this country has not done anything to support the upcoming population. This is worrisome as we don't even know the future

    - Victor Oladele - 2019-08-15 10:52:08 Quote

  • It's obvious some people thrive on controversy and trouble. And all these are fuelled by our barbaric response to issues.

    - Rita Amadedon - 2019-08-15 12:13:44 Quote

  • If we work together in harmony, most of our problems will be solved 

    - AsakeSuccess Theophilus - 2019-08-15 12:42:03 Quote

  • Nigerians have been enslaved socially and morally ( that's we love suffering, crisis and confusion to our own detriment) we don't like advancement. Why post pictures of incident that doesn't occur, we are the root of our problems...

    - Fanim Peter Rimven - 2019-08-15 13:37:59 Quote

  • It is not only In Nigeria, it is everywhere. Men are the author of their own misfortune. We call upon ourselves what is not meant to be ours. Imagine, giving fake news, making people to panic. God will save us all. 

    - Adenike Oguntuase - 2019-08-15 13:41:01 Quote

  • I think we are the cause of our problems in this country,and if we must eradicate it, it must start from us as well

    - Okoh Joshua - 2019-08-15 14:15:18 Quote

  • Without argument, it's obvious that we are the cause of our own problems. Why would a reasonable person just wake up and decide to post something that never happened 

    - Chinaza Obinwa - 2019-08-15 14:57:17 Quote

  • According to me government is our major problem while we the masses contribute minor once on it

    - DAUDA ABDULMUMUNI - 2019-08-15 16:36:34 Quote

  • People feel causing tension may add more gain to their personal business

    - Agav igbadio Solomon - 2019-08-15 18:08:48 Quote

  • The cause of the problem and so called corruption is by me and you. The massages are the major cause of the problem this country is facing. If we can love each other and treat ourselves as brothers and sisters then Nigeria have no problem. But tribalism will not allow us live as one.

    - Miracle Nwancho - 2019-08-16 07:36:11 Quote

  • The thing is just that behind every rumour or fake news, there is an element of truth. Something must have led to the fake news. I don't think it's wrong to hear something and then share to others

    - Emmanuel Iyanu - 2019-08-16 08:20:40 Quote

  • Of a truth in my own opinion I'll say Nigerians are the problem of Nigeria especially in this era of social media taken over past lives. Most people hardly try to verify news before sharing. It's not good.

    - Stanley Uzoma - 2019-08-16 08:22:53 Quote

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