Arthritis And Its Negative Effects On The Human Body: My Experience

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I am a 33 year old Benue indigene who has lived with arthritis for the greater part of my life. As far back as my primary school days, I had experienced persistent pains around my joints which as we speak, have been on the increase and has damaged the tissues and ligaments around my waist, knee and feet.

What I want to share with us is that arthritis us deadly and can damage an individual's ability to reproduce. It weakens your strongest body parts and makes you incapacitated such that s*xual activity eludes you completely.

It also kills your hormones as a man and makes you vulnerable to s*xual activity. If not noticed at the early stages, it cripples your waist and gives you a dysfunctional er3ction.

As a man, watch out for the kind of food you eat and always go for check up when you feel strange pains.


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