Awareness On Sickle Cell Disorder

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Please this sickle cell facts is for us to learn and also share with our friends and family. Together we can achieve a sickle cell enlightened world.

What is the cause for this variation ?

With my little knowledge, What cause the variation of the pain depends on one or more of the following situations.

Cold vulnerability, Drug/alcohol usage, during pregnancy or stress.

Everyone has a different immune system and we respond to pains differently. With proper management one can have less crisis in a year

People living with sickle cell also experience other types of illness as everyone else.

* We will probably live half our lives in the hospital ??

* Be on drugs routine daily ? to avoid been in and out of the hospital

* Drink water like fish ? 

* Try so hard to avoid drug dependency (addiction/abuse)

* Get swollen butt from frequent injection ?

* Pain from canulars and getting pierced a thousand and one times just to get a vein for fluids and iv ? (is like the thing is a set up, once there is a crisis boom vein yaf go on vacation) ☺ 

* The tears/shouts/screams from pain which gets to a 100% at nights.

* Been called customer dada (better customer) in your hospital.

* The emotional (Addiction, dependency, Mentally health e.g depression, anxiety disorder etc) Physical (AVN, DVT, blood transfusion, ACS, leg ulcer, organ failure etc) Social (Stigmatization, perceived as weak, pity) Financial (Managing SCD breaks the bank especially when there is no insurance) torture.

* Restrictions (swimming, not going to the theater because of AC, not getting married to just anyone unless they are AA, allowed to injest anything with iron in them "this differs")... 

* How can I forget how family, friends and significant others who has deprived themselves of so many things just to be able to take care of us

* Chai, some of us have suffered in this love matter while some of us had it easy (Our AA brothers and sisters na we dey rush them ?), so much dos and don't and the list is endless living with Sickle Cell Anemia.

The reason for this write is not to focus on this negativity we have to go through on a daily basis to stay alive but to remind us that a lot of us keep our focus on our loses (pain, death) and forget the things we should be grateful for in between all the hurdles. A lot of us were told we won't get to the age we are today but we still got through and are standing even stronger (Only Grace no be by how much you take care of yourself o). Some of us has gained their wings which saddened a lot of us (as to be expected) but if we look deeper "Their deaths should be a trigger to create awareness everyday of our lives to as much people we can get across to.

It's Sickle cell awareness month, how many of you have talked sickle cell, genotype testing etc to someone... I know it can be difficult for some of us (talking about having sickle cell might make the world perceive us as weak) but sickle cell should not make you weak, we have doctors, nurses, actors, engineers, flight attendants, writers, pharmacist, lab attendants, business gurus etc to mention but few.

P.s: You can achieve anything you set your mind to and stop comparing yourself to another warrior (same diseases but we are affected differently). I challenge you tell someone today about genotype testing, no one deserves to be in this much pain

We are *WARRIORS* , We are *SURVIVORS*

 *I* am *ME* and *YOU* are *YOU* before our cells.


Let's give Hope to other warriors. Upload a picture or a video of yourself, stating briefly about your sickle cell stories with the hashtag #SSCF #Sicklecellawarenessmonth

Awareness on sickle cell disorder - By Emmanuel Korodele - 2019-09-24 19:04:33

I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for sickle cell patients to live within constant medications and visit to hospitals. However, positivity generally helps one live a health life too. I’ll just encourage you all to be positive about life and enjoy it to it’s fullest. Your situation shouldn’t be a restriction in any way


Awareness on sickle cell disorder - By Christian Utsu - 2019-09-25 08:55:44

Sickle cell is one of the most combatted issues in human history, many at times lovers can't be together and have children because they are not compatible. But it's very important that before anyone enters into any relationship with anyone, they should make sure to know their genotype to avoid bringing children into the world that will suffer almost all through their lives. 


Awareness on sickle cell disorder - By Friday Tijani - 2019-09-26 08:04:19

Sickle cell anemia commonly abbreviated as ss is a deadly blood related abberation which can be managed or probably be avoided my being conscious of ones genotype because lots of people out there don’t even know their genotypes  which is too bad as we all know an ss can not marry ss or AS it is only AA that can marry an Ss so as to avoid producing progeny or offsprings with similar disorders.


Awareness on sickle cell disorder - By Abdulraheem Ajanilinks - 2019-09-27 06:53:20

I have a family member here in kaduna that already lost two children to this disorder, the man is a fighter, he didn't give up on life even this happened to him. Life really got to him, a father of 6 and already lost two. I pray the Almighty stir us clear of this aliment


Awareness on sickle cell disorder - By Olayinka Oluwafemi - 2019-09-27 09:20:24

Hmm, irregardless of all the pains/crisis, we're so wonderful individual to be around. Many of us can be so beautiful, knowledgeable, having a good family to behold with beautiful children (when married right), talented, collected, courageous, faithful to whatever we hold-on to, have perceivearance and great qualities that aren't in some of the regulars. Still, nothing comparable to living a healthy life! A crisis makes you forget every other relevances. Though, it's not easy to talk of one's self total extinguish from existence, but very very noteworthy having a happy married life void of deep pains is gainful. Don't be deceived by love, you may not be that lucky to escape. Only few of parents escape this. If you depend on prayers, you'll only discovered praying throughout a lifetime. Do the needful. Go for cleansing. Go for your compactibility Test before marriage.


Awareness on sickle cell disorder - By Victor Oladele - 2019-09-27 11:35:40

One thing I have come to love about sickle cell children is that they are fighters. They make up in every area of their lives what they don't in health. We would continue to stand with sickle cell persons to encourage and give all the hope we can to them


Awareness on sickle cell disorder - By Chioma Obinna - 2019-09-27 21:22:14

SS is no joke,one can only imagine it but not wish to experience what the patients go through, constant medical attention required and so many dos/donts.Let's always remener those living with SS in prayers and endeavor to render our quota of help when we can!


Awareness on sickle cell disorder - By Ekerete John - 2019-09-27 23:32:35

Living with a sickle cell patient has been one of the hardest experience, always rushing to the hospital always on medication ,ah sickle cell is really bad many lovers are no longer together because of the health condition 


Awareness on sickle cell disorder - By Eruemuteya Anita Enita - 2019-09-29 17:20:37

Sickle cell is really a deadly sickness and a painful one this cell is as a result of genotypes that are not compartable I will advice anyone living with it to always Hus or her doc and intending couples should know there genetype and blood group before marriage 


Awareness on sickle cell disorder - By Abubakar bukar - 2019-09-30 00:12:27

Sickle cell is a blood disorder which is of many type but sickle cell anemia is the one seen most often, it can not be treated complete but it can be maitained by drugs and prescription from a doctor.. there is nothing much to be worried about as long as you take your drugs on time.. sickle cell anaemia is just a quantitative and qualitative reduction of red blood cell in the body due to alteration of the heamoglobin found inside the red blood cells this alteration is caused by buy replacement of amino acid valine by a glutamine in the amino acid chain that for me protein called the haemoglobin


Awareness on sickle cell disorder - By Nwokoukwu Jerome - 2019-09-30 12:09:53

Sicklers suffer much.  They would rather prefer to die rather that remain alife.  Their life is full of pain: they don't enjoy AC, they remain on drugs, and would never play with constant drinking of water above all. We need to check our blood group very well before marriage to avoid producing sicklers please.


Awareness on sickle cell disorder - By Patrick Juliet - 2019-09-30 20:08:42

Sickle cell children are a strong fighters

It is really a deadly sickness and  a painful one

Their life is all about pains and drugs,  please parent should always check there geno type before bringing innocent children to this word to suffer what they know nothing about


Awareness on sickle cell disorder - By Wisdom Omoruyi - 2019-09-30 23:27:20

No one knows how it feels for sickel cell my sister is a victim not just one but two am the only one who has AS I cry alot and because of their condition I am studying medicine ...will render free treatment to those who need help and sickel cell don't drink any thing with iron I can see my sister taking a special blood tonic from mine..the only things that make them difference is their weight she weigh 40 and she is 17...may God help us please tell people share this post please


Awareness on sickle cell disorder - By Adelokun Temidayo - 2019-10-01 12:34:21

The most combatted diseases, and can't imagine the pain people living with sickle cell anemia. There is caution to every thing they do, marriage, food sometimes and jst endless. Couples knowing their genotype before getting married can reduce the rate of sickle cell anemia patient 


Awareness on sickle cell disorder - By Ayomide Aluko - 2019-10-02 22:08:48

As a nurse practitioner,  I have come across a lot of individuals living with the sickle cell disease. No one chooses the life they are born with and as such , we should always show them love. I must say that i cannot really rate which pain is more between the sickle cell crisis pain and that of someone living with cancer.  Let us create more awareness  so that we don't  bring children into this life of pain. And for those that are here already, we hope for the best life for them while they adhere strictly to what the doctor says.


Awareness on sickle cell disorder - By Ajala Babatunde - 2019-10-13 15:45:49

Thanks for this awareness, am very happy for this information.pls people having sickle cell should pls stick to their doctors advice. I want to advice people intending to get married, pls do blood and genotype test before marriage and if you are likely to give birth to S S pls avoid it.


Awareness on sickle cell disorder - By Chidubem Joshua - 2019-10-13 17:30:17

My brother course mate is SS carrier and I truly feel her pain. She sometimes can't cope with class activities. Intending couples hould always do genotypic test for marriage.


Awareness on sickle cell disorder - By Adebayo Omowumi - 2019-11-19 02:14:26

I can imagine how difficult it is too survive in this part of the world with sickle cell disease, the world in which stigmatization is the order of the day. How difficult it is for this people to live a normal life,the stress their family go through just to keep them alive. I bet it has not been easy at all. Please don't let us get blind by love and marry people that we know our blood group are not matching to prevent problems for our children