Beginner Tips To Becoming A Good Graphic Designer

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1. Passion : You need to create love and interest in graphics designing before you can have passion for it. That passion will motivate you to want to learn it.

2.  Be mindful : Watch out for any designs you see, either on fliers, billboards, television, business cards and so on. Notice how they are placed and designed. The colour combinations and all the basic principles that guides designing.

3. Research : Read up on the basic principles of design, if possible take a course. This is just to help you with following principles and guidelines in designing.

4. Choose your software and area of specialization : There are different softwares for graphics designing. You can use Adobe illustrator, corel draw, photo shop (it's important you learn photoshop so as to help you in manipulating images when designing). You could decide on doing motion graphics, vector graphics and so on. You can decide to learn all these, but take it one step at a time. 

5. Practice and watch tutorials : Download YouTube tutorials and practice as you watch them. It will help you learn and improve your creativity 

6. Recreate Designs : Take designs of good graphics designers you know and try to recreate them. This will help you learn faster. Make sure you don't relent till you get the exact design. 

7. Be creative : Start to become creative and create designs on your own. Think deep and wide. Do free designs for people, Just to help you get better. Be ready for criticism, as this will help you correct your mistakes and get better. Don't stop designing. 


Beginner tips to becoming a good graphic Designer - By Lawal Ayomide - 2019-11-05 13:11:56

Yes, some people do become graphic designers without the benefit of a formal education. But a university degree remains the most safest and most reliable route into the industry. And it’s not just about getting a job – a thorough grounding in design theory and practice will enable you to do that job well, too.


Beginner tips to becoming a good graphic Designer - By Victor Oyetayo - 2019-11-06 13:35:19

Good points you highlighted in your write-up. One key quality a graphics designer should possess as well is being highly focused. I used to design sometime ago so I'm talking from experience, one mistake could be costly. Also, it takes a very creative person to produce a very beautiful and attractive graphics design.


Beginner tips to becoming a good graphic Designer - By Francisca Okpala - 2019-11-13 03:46:39

Graphic design is a good thing and one can decide to take it up as an occupation with or without formal education. But in our country today its better if you learn it in school and that will help a long way and will take someone to places if that person is good at it.