Benefits Of Having S3x During Menstruation

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I know this topic will bring about mixed feelings but it's for educational purposes 

Now as the heading tells us all,we might have different ideaology as touching the topic... 

Now Menstruation is an periodical occurrence in the life of a woman and it ranges from 5-7 days circle where she releases blood from her private part, some at times the flow might Be heavy or light ..

Now some ladies like having sex during that time as there tend to be more hor*y at that particular time and it seems irritating to guys..  but my little research has proving that 60% of ladies are more horny at that time than when there are not on their period.. 

From one of the ladies I interviewed this was here response

It doesn’t have any adverse effect. You might just want to cover the bed with a towel so it won’t stain the sheets... for girls: it helps with the cramps and  shorten your period days and it feels good too. For guys: she’s wetter now so ... do the maths.. mores so You’ll bleed more cos contractions from orgasm will push it down but your days will be less

So I don't know what your own ideas on the issue might be? On the issue already discussed.... Let's hear from you!



Benefits of Having S3x during Menstruation - By Abua Favour Peter - 2019-11-14 20:20:43

I totally disagree with everything you said in your post, having intercourse during your menstrual period is a no go area, because at this point in time you are at your most fertile state and any form of canal knowledge with a man could get you pregnant easily, it could even be messy as you have mentioned


Benefits of Having S3x during Menstruation - By Francis Mofunlewi - 2019-11-15 23:01:21

Yeah it's TRUE because the flow will go well and it will less days of having the menstrual period and pains. But for me I don't like it because of having bloods around the man's private part. Also if the man releases, the womans body is already open and her eggs are out and could be fertilized quickly.


Benefits of Having S3x during Menstruation - By Abua Favour Peter - 2019-11-21 19:21:36

I totally disagree with you on this one, based on the little knowledge i have on menstrual period, i don't think it's advisable or a good idea for you to have intercourse with a man, the reason why I say this is because during your menstrual period you are at your most fertile period


Benefits of Having S3x during Menstruation - By Kingsley Ezulofor - 2019-12-05 19:16:06

Depending on what you want. For those looking for the fruit of the womb, this can be a very good door way although it might seem messy, but you just have to do it. And based on research, it will feel good for the both parties. But if you don't want a child, then it's a no go area.


Benefits of Having S3x during Menstruation - By Nnebedum Immaculata - 2019-12-12 09:36:21

Actually I don't think it will have any effect on the lady and the risk of pregnancy is very high but then it's something that sounds irritating and really very messy and yes not every guy would love to have such a messy intercourse but then my type can never love it no matter the pressure it gives