Burna Boy: Africa's Pride

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Recently, Burna boy has being blessing Nigerians with quality music from his store of melodies, we can say that he is truly an African Giant. 

After dieing down for a while, Burna boy revived his music career by releasing his hit single "ye". Just like a classic comback Burna released many more songs and his widely acclaimed album African Giant.

Burna's style of music is Afropop, originated from the song style of the great legendary musician Fela Anikulapo Kuti. Burna boy has a love for Fela's music, he uses extract from Fela's songs. Burna hopes to live on Fela's legacy.

Burna could in fact be referred to as the Fela of our time, with his soul rending music ranging from themes that have to do with societal issues, african loving and culture and many more.

Burna is now a widely acclaimed musician both home and abroad. He has sang with international musicians such as Jorja Smith, YG and he also featured a song in Beyonce's lion king album featuring him alone. The title of the song is "Ja ra e"

Apart from being a great musician Burna boy is also a lover. He has a romantic relationship with top British artiste Steff London. They recently went through a relationship crisis which has fortunately been resolved 

Burna is a brother, a son, a musician, a mentor, and a giant.

Burna Boy: Africa's pride - By Melvis Dareno - 2019-10-08 19:32:52

Burna boy is a class apart; lyrics,vibe everything required of a top musician he has it. Some people might prefer wizkid to him, but everyone has his/her preference. I see him being the first Nigerian to win a Grammy....who agrees with me?


Burna Boy: Africa's pride - By Abdulsalam Hassan - 2019-10-08 19:43:37

African Giant He is...The love I have for Burnaboy is not the refilar type..this guy has been Making us proud he's very good at what he does...African Giant.....Great one


Burna Boy: Africa's pride - By Babatunde lateef - 2019-10-08 21:09:05

Burna boy has been in existence for a long. Not that his music wasn't good, he was simply not accoeted because of his style of music.  With the revelation in Nigeria music,  he took advantage of it and put himself into the limelight. He is arguably the best African musician right now.


Burna Boy: Africa's pride - By Adesina Kehinde - 2019-10-09 19:07:36

Burna is my African Giant and He Worked really Hard to take that spot His Afro Vibe is undiluted no copy copy whatsoever from the lyrics in Pidgin to his message to the Beat it's all Shades of Africa 


Burna Boy: Africa's pride - By Daniel Nwadike - 2019-10-09 20:26:13

Burna Boy comeback was Epic

I never knew who Burna Boy was until I heard this song "Gbona", the song was extraordinary that even the Chinese enjoys the rhythm aside the fact they never understood what he was saying, Burna Boy is just world class


Burna Boy: Africa's pride - By Rilwani Latifah - 2019-10-10 17:29:50

Oluwa burna boy is the best Nigeria artist as of now because he's just hot everywhere, every recent hit has been a hit back to back and he's very talented and deserves everything that has came to him and many many more, I love him and his music so much 😍


Burna Boy: Africa's pride - By Onekeneke prince - 2019-10-11 21:07:34

I will proudly say that burna boy is one of the very best musician in Nigeria. He has been representing Africa as a whole, home and beyond. His style of music is different and has its roots from the main Nigeria culture music. He has even gone far to win the BET award as the best international musician.


Burna Boy: Africa's pride - By Idi Grace - 2019-10-11 23:02:36

Burna boy is really trying Its not long ago I noticed him as a musician but I've come to love his songs he is really a African giant. Keep the struggle going and God will see you through. 


Burna Boy: Africa's pride - By Emmanuella Obowaiti - 2019-10-11 23:18:45

Burna is zero to none

his songs are inspiring he’s doing a great job trying to make Africa one 

burna boys song has made a personal impact on me too 

Respect is reciprocal 


Burna Boy: Africa's pride - By Olawoyin Awonaike - 2019-10-12 20:23:12

Burna boy has elevated his music class to the international level where world class music acts are featuring him. He's truly the pride of the black continent (Mother Africa) and I love his music vibes vecause it's brings out the African culture. The pride of Africa. 


Burna Boy: Africa's pride - By Emmanuel Saviour - 2019-10-12 21:52:14

His style of song wasn't accepted in past but after his hit song "ye" which brought him to light people began to vibe with his songs an right now his agurably one of the best artist in Africa and he also got his name big internationally 


Burna Boy: Africa's pride - By Alalade Temilade - 2019-10-12 22:24:37

Burnaby boy is the African giant although the rest are trying in their own way but burna is different.. He sand and write songs like fela which we all know as legend ..Am very sure there is a lot he is going to drop soon..just keep calm and watch the Giant growing.. 


Burna Boy: Africa's pride - By Endy Joe - 2019-10-13 19:38:24

I enjoy Burns boy's songs a lot 

For sometime I really thought he has dropped music but he came back massively i must say i as a  Nigerian am proud of him.


Burna Boy: Africa's pride - By Endy Joe - 2019-10-13 19:42:20

I must say I really enjoy Burns boy's b music.

For sometime I thought his music career has died ...but he came back massively with more spark. I must say that I as a Nigerian am proud of him..


Burna Boy: Africa's pride - By Joseph Akande - 2019-10-15 10:30:16

Burna boy is really doing well for himself and in the process making Africa proud. He has this fire and great vibe and this has made him to be known all over. Truly speaking, he's really Africa's pride.