Campus Hostel Or Off Campus Hostel - Which Is Better?

This is a major worry or matter that calls for discussion mostly among students in the university. Some students believe that it is better to stay in the school hostel while some are of the opinion that it is better to say off campus. Now, these two sets of people have their reasons for their decisions and we must consider both sides if we are together arrive at an agreeable point regarding a matter like this.

Some schools do not have many hostels inside their walls, so students are left without choice, whether they like the idea or not, they have to live outside the school. There are some students that are indigenes of the state where the school is located and not only that, their home of residence is very close to school and so their parents insist that they go to school from home; these ones do not have a choice too.
The focus of this article is to discuss why students ( who have choice) choose to live off campus or inside a school hostel.

To drive home the point in which I believe in, I will list out the benefits that I find in school hostels and also make comparisons at the same time.

1. Uninterrupted power supply
No student can deny the feeling of joy that follows 24/7 electricity or at least, for most of the whole day. Most students come from homes, areas or states where they only have light for a few hours throughout the day or none at all, or even worse, when there is constant breakdown of transformers.

Now, imagine the joy of such student when he finds himself inside school environment where he doesn't have to experience issues like that.

Can we say the same for off campus hostels?
Some may be of the opinion that there are some private hostels that provide constant electricity, but the question is, at what cost? Students pay lots of money to secure one of the rooms in the hostels but that is not so for hostels inside the school, you pay normal amount and you get to enjoy the good things of life.

2. Access to facilities such as 24 hours library, Internet, security, etc

Talking about movement inside the school area, most schools permit students to move at any time of the day as long as they carry any means of identification on them at such time so that they can identify themselves as students of the school when stopped by security guards for questions.
The libraries in universities are opened for students to use, even in the dead of the night and we all know that libraries are very good places to read and assimilate.

Also, there is a new slang which states that "data is life", it used to be oxygen, but at some point, it became data. For people who use android phones, we can relate how it feels to be without data. Schools allow you to use unlimited data for free but only when you are inside the school environment.

The security level that students who stay in school hostels enjoy can not be underrated. It is undeniable that there are some little theft, but it can not be compared to the major ones that happen in the streets outside the school.

3.Trekable distance to lecture theatres inside the school
For those of us who are in the university, we know how it feels to have a 7 am class. We can tell about the stress, the rush, the fear of being late to the class, probably because the lecturer is a strict one and he closes the door 5 minutes after the class commence. Now, imagine what would happen if you live outside the school and you have to go through the stress of fighting for bus or bike that will convey you to the school gate, hustle for bike that will take you from the school gate into the school. We can not predict what would happen every morning but sometimes, the crowd at the junction and the traffic would be so much that one would give up and miss class for that day.

That is not entirely the case for students who live inside school who can easily trek from their hostels to their lecture venues without having to pay for transport, waiting in queue for bus or bike.

These are some of the few reasons why I personally think it is better to live in school hostels than to live outside the school premises. You may share a different view so drop your own opinion and lets juxtapose

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  • On a different note I think off campus is much better than school hostels. There are times when a school falls into crises which could be spell danger for student in that vicinity. We find out most of the time that students run out of their hostels to squat with students off campus. There are also a lot of other privileges we enjoy staying off camp which Is privacy and its just what most students want. That is being away from all the check and disturbances.

    - Emife Obogwu - 2020-01-18 22:09:33 Quote

  • I personally think off campus is better. The hostels are usually over crowded and noisy, buildings are usually delapidated, the toilet conditions are usually terrible unlike houses off campus where you have control of literally everything that goes on in your house. The issue of lateness to class doesn't even surface if your place is very close to school. 

    - Wisdom Yellowe - 2020-01-24 21:18:23 Quote

  •  In my opinion, Staying off campus is a much better option. This is because most of the accommodations given in school are not condusive enough for students. Many of them complain of shortage of water, indecency of the hostels and vulnerability to whatever violence occurs such as cult rivalry and so on

    - Jessica Yerimah - 2020-01-31 16:28:29 Quote

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