Basic Steps To Care For Your Puppies/dogs

If you LOVE DOGS, and you're planning to get one or maybe you already have one, I have some basic tips on how to care for your dogs in your various homes. Below are some of the steps you should adhere to in order to cater and care for your cute dogs.

>Bathing: Pet dogs which stay indoors should be bathed as regularly as possible to prevent spreading of bacteria within the house environment, use antiseptic soap that also prevents ticks and fleas.

>Grooming: This is mainly for really furry dogs. You should cultivate the habit of grooming for your adorable pooches. This reduces the ticks and fleas that might be hiding somewhere in your dogs fur. Grooming your pup doesn't mean taking all the hair out, just a little. If you don't  have the time to groom your puppy often, you can always take them to a trusted vet.

>Discipline: This does not mean beating your dogs with sticks or shoes or even your hands, that's absolutely wrong and it's animal abuse. Teaching your dog (with a calm voice and attitude) the right things to do e.g not peeing in the house, no unnecessary barking, no scratching or eating of furniture, no running away etc, must all be done in a caring manner. It's a scientific fact that dogs don't respond to their owners yelling at them, they might look guilty when you yell but it doesn't do much. So why not get down to their level and correct them calmly.

>Vaccinations: Please please please, never ignore the time you are meant to take your pups to the vet, it is extremely crucial to avoid the development of any disease that could have been easily prevented and also to avoid spending more money on other medical procedures.

>Show Some Love: The brain of dogs are wired similar to that of human when it comes to emotions. When you get back from work, give your pup a hug (not too tight?) rub their tummies and their chins and ears, don't push them away when they want to cuddle, take them for walks to keep them healthy, feed them properly, play with them, dance with them. Let them know they are loved, because everyone wants to feel loved, even animals.

I hope this post has helped in some way, if you have any other tips you'd like to share, please comment down below. Thank you. 

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