Challenges Students Face In The University

When we talk about challenges faced by students in school, we mean the all-round problem they experience during their stay in the university, whether a fresher or a stalite or a finalist, everyone in every category faces his or her problem. As much as this problem varies, it is experienced by every student without exempt anyone. These problems can range from first-year to the last year that such a student will use on the university ground. The serious kinds of problems will push some students against the wall and stretch them too thin till they get tired, give up and eventually break, while some students never stop fighting back, never stop pushing back what the school pushes at them, or what the lecturer imposes on them, these set of students are the ones that never give up, they never relent, and they will never quit, and so they don't lose.

Not everyone is the same; not all students have the same background, not all students have the same kind of orientation from home, that is why the attitude they show to a problem disturbing them is different; this is to explain that all students have a general problem that all clouds over all of them as long as they remain a student of a particular university. The main aim of this article is to discuss some of these problems... Read on. 

1. Financial Problem:
In our society today, we will all agree with me that the rich are few compared to the poor or the less privileged. Everyone is a result of his or her society, and that explains why some students Face this particular challenge, and the reason is not far fetched; it is because of the home they come from. Student who have financial challenge have to endure certain that hardships because they can not buy enough food, buy new clothes when the old ones they have begins to worn out, they can not pay certain fees or dues thereby causing them to miss out on events like excursions, departmental week, faculty week, hall week, etc.

2. Having to adjust to the new school life:
This is precisely Particular to fresh students who are just entering the university. The truth of the matter is that the fact that you had stayed at home for one or two years before you gained admission excludes you from this category, no it does not. Every new place will always be "new" to you; every new level will always be "new" to you as far as you have not been there before. You will need to adjust to a new environment, adjust to the new different kinds of people you will have to live with, adjust to the fact that you are away from home; that is you are no longer with your old friends or families, you are practically on your own.

You need to learn to tolerate things, learn to handle situations on your own, learn to plan by yourself, learn to make certain decisions.
They say university is a new world and life on its own entirely, that means (even for an individual that has gone to one higher institution before coming to the university, it is also a new place for him or her, a new world, different from where ever he might be coming from). It entails that you quickly blend into the new system so that you do not lose yourself.

3. Having to live with Another Student in the same room:
This applies to students that have chosen to live in the school hostel and some students who live outside. Now, for an individual who originally stays alone in a room back when he was at home and he has gotten accustomed to the one-man lifestyle, how do you think he would cope when he has no choice but to live with two or three other persons?

Not to long the matter, you have to learn how to live with new people. Most importantly, tolerance. You do not who, or where your roommate is coming from, you don't know his background. He may exhibit some characters that deem strange to you, he may do things that you find illogical, for example, he may be the type that takes to play his must loud, or he may like to keep the light on overnight, you must learn to tolerate him. The truth of the matter is, your roommate also finds you weird too, because you do not do the things he does; this explains that he is also tolerating your strange behaviour too.

4. Cumbersome Workload.
This applies mostly to students who take part in religious activities, extracurricular activities such as sports, one or two social groups, or a student who is also an entrepreneur. All of these listed activities take time a lot, even though they are secondary purpose in school, they require time, Money (for students who have decided to engage in them). Now, combining these with school work is more than enough workload that will weigh down anyone and eventually crush down any student who does not manage his time well. Lecturer or school authorities do not care about other activities you engage in, apart from your studies so they will not shift classes or reduce assignment because you have a church program or because there is a football training you must attend, it is left to you to manage your time well. 

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