Check Out A Profitable Business Idea On NNU Forum

Come i have a profitable business for you. A lucrative idea and financial solution you should never miss. Read on.
The Big Deal:
Here is my offer, join NNU Forum and become our agent / distributor with only ₦24k investment or more depending on your capability. ₦24k is the minimum.
Return of Investment (ROI):
You will be earning daily commission of ₦200 per sale and you will also earn between ₦20k to ₦50k commission monthly depending on how smart you work.
NOTE: Smart guys are using this opportunity to earn over ₦100k monthly.
More Benefit:
As an agent, you will get top priority business connection with us.
As an agent, you stand out from the crowd of regular earners if you can work smart and earn smartly, then you will be among our smart earner.
As an agent, you stand a chance to be part of our up coming NNU Agent e-Osusu Program (NAEP) where we help agent business growth.
As an agent, you could benefit from my offer on MMO Club if you are interested in full time internet business.
NOTE: This is a legit profitable business that over 100 people are involved and you should not be left out.
The BIG Question?
What if i did not make sale? What if e-pin expired? What if i lost my 24k without profit or any return.
Now listen, chill, e-pin doesn't expire, it has no expiration date, if no sale, the pin will be used for others and your money is safe. There is no way you cannot get profit or returns since you are buying bulk in discounted price.
Also don't forget that NNU Forum is still FRESH, we are aiming to recruit 1 million members and above by the end of 2020. You have more chances now as we are yet to hit 100k members even. So you need to be fast and take action now. membership is growing daily, by the end of today we will hit 60k members. You can check the statistic by yourself and see.
How it Works, Your Duty and Requirement:
You must have a smart phone with Whatsapp, chrome or firefox browser and Google sheet + internet connection thats all. As an agent, you wont need to be moving around or hawking from pole to pole. Isa soft work right from the comfort of your home and your bedroom wearing your pant. You gat no worry ?
Thousands of people join NNU Forum daily and they use e-pin to register. ---------
To become a distributor / agent and earn daily commission, you will need to buy e-pin at wholesale price which is ₦1,200 per one pin. The minimum bulk purchase is 20 pins or more depending on your capability. Meaning 20 pins minimum at ₦24,000 and above. Thats what you can start with.
Forum registration is ₦1,400 and that's the price you must sell to prospective members while you earn ₦200 profit per sales. If you sell below the fixed price, you will be removed from distributors list.
Make sure you keep a good reputation by delivering e-pins on time to your prospects or buyers so they can get referrals and be buying from you as you also guide and encourage them. Also, don't keep members money without delivering e-pins else, if your bank account is reported, you are on your own.
Your name will be added to the list of distributors on the website so you can also be getting prospects / buyers from our general campaign / advert and also have proof for your prospective customers.
If you are interested and ready to start, send message via whatsapp here No Calls

#Smartdistributors earns more. Registration E-Pin distributors / agent opportunity door is still open, before i decide to close it. Whatsapp me if you are interested No Call

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