Child Development And Early Learning

​​​​​The first year's childhood is very important, especially in the first three years. During this time, children learn very fast, and if anything goes wrong, it affects the child's growth and progress. 

  • The care a child gets in the first five years of life, especially in the first three years is important and affects the child for life. 

A lot of development takes place in the brain of the child within the first three years of life. 

Babies grow and develop very well when mothers and caregivers carry them close to the body, show them, love, play with and talk to them. Keeping the baby close to the mother and breastfeeding whenever the baby wants it, makes the baby feel safe. 

Fathers play an important role in bringing up children. They should show love to their children to learn to listen to them and make every family member feels safe. They can also help with housework, especially when the mother is pregnant or breastfeeding. 

  • Babies grow and learn quickly from the time they are born if they get love, attention, good food, and proper health care. 

Babies grow well when they are talked to, held close and shown love 

Babies need to be helped to say new words and praise when they learn to do so.

When the child is not growing well, take the child to see a health worker for help. 

Talking to children in their local languages from an early age helps them to think and speak well. Children learn a language quickly and easily through songs, family stories, and games. 

  • Children learn to do what the people around them do. 

Family members and other people who take care of children should know that children watch and copy what they do. They should, therefore, show a good example.

If adults shout and behave badly, children will copy this type of behavior. If adult kindness, respect, and patience, children will follow their example. 

Children like to act d different roles. They should be encouraged because it to develop their ability to imagine, create, and develop good behavior. 

  • All parents and other people who take care of children should know when a child is not growing and learning well. 

All children grow and develop in similar ways, but each child learns at her or his own speed.

If parents and caregivers take time to check and observer their children they will be able to know when the children are not growing well ( delay in neck control, sitting, crawling, speaking, etc)

Parents and those who take care of children should spend time to play and talk to the children. 

  • Entering pre-school at age 3 and primary school at age 6 is good for a child's learning. 

Both girls and boys in Nigeria should start primary school at the age of six. 

Parents' guardians and care-givers should support children by preparing them for school and ensuring that they attend regularly. 

Teachers should make schools children-friendly by being nice, using interesting ways of teaching and making learning fun

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  • The first 3 to 6yrs of children's lives are very important. At this stage their mind is like a clean slate (in psychology it's called Tabularaza), whatever is sown into their mind at this stage stick with them for life. So let every party involved in raising children sow the right things to their minds

    - Timothy Oriabure - 2019-11-18 21:22:39 Quote

  • The first 5 years of a child is very important ,they tend to learn so many things between that time, you see them doing what adults are doing ,trying to say what people around then are saying.early learning of a child helps the child to develop and know things much more easier and convenient

    - Eniola Toriola - 2019-11-20 14:26:18 Quote

  • Child care at early stage of life is very important. Children learn very fast at this stage of their life, they ask lots of questions and imitate whatever their guidian, parents and whoever that is around them says or does. So care should be taken in handling them at this stage.

    - Chinwe Okeke - 2019-11-23 13:45:35 Quote

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