Choosing A Career For A Child Is It The Right Thing To Do?

First, a career is something that has to do with ones life. It is ones calling,occupation or profession.

Now you see situations whereby a child choose to be a music career and the parents wants him / her to be a politician. The parents won't give him the chance of fulfilling what he has passion for because of their sole aim.

That child might end up reading the career because of his parents and dumping the certificate after four years. Most times when they are doing a career because of their parents they don't put energy in it, they don't put in that effort because its not what they are willing to do. You realize that even after doing their parents wish they abandon the certificate and try to pursue what they have passion for.

 My advice to parents(mostly Nigeria parents) is never to force a career on a child because of that big name the career comes with. Instead you help your child by fulfilling his/her dream by giving him/her guidelines to follow, support both financially and physically and encouragements too.

 In conclusion,there's nothing as sweet as one achieving/fulfilling the career he/she wants to attain. I believe that when one have passion for something he strives hard to make sure that thing is being actualized.

Whats your opinion on this topic? Feel free to share your view.

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  • Choosing a career for a child is wrong. Every person has the right to free will even a child. And that is where guidance comes to play. Even God in his supreme authority, has never made any choice for man, instead he guide's man. So choosing a career for a child is not right instead you are expected to guide such child into making the right choice of career.

    - Mishael Jennifer kurukuru - 2019-12-27 18:35:07 Quote

  • Choosing a career for a child is not completely wrong depending on the type of parents doing such. Some parents just want what's best for their children and they help to bring out the best in them without their consent and that's what they believe. Some parents on the other hand tend to make or forcefully want their children to go after their career or their field of study and this isn't right because your career defines your life and your future so I think children should be able to choose their own career because it'd be in their best interest. You and only you would know what is good for you.

    - Sheriff Aliu Yamah - 2019-12-28 02:20:30 Quote

  • Each child has a potential and has something that he/she loves or will love to do,so it is not advisable for parents to choose careers for their children because apart from possible educational consequences the psychological trauma the child may have to go through may be very devastating. However parents could guide the children in the choices they(the children) make.

    - Kolawole Flourish - 2019-12-28 08:59:52 Quote

  • Career is a thing you do and later forsake. It is what will determine your continuous living on earth. 

    Choosing a career for a child is like trying to make your own path for the child in addition to the path been set by God for the child. 

    No one knows the full capability of the other,  a person can only know his capability at full length. 

    Choosing a career is not right. For u to choose a career for a child you will have to know what he likes, what he love doing, and what he can do best. Then u can now suggest which one will be better for the child. 

    - Samuel Damola - 2019-12-31 11:13:02 Quote

  • Choosing a career for a child is of two perspectives, it can be wrong or right depending on the circumstances. A parent can choose a career for their child if they discover the interest of the child or what the child is interested in doing, therefore choosing a career in line with the interest of the child is no problem. Choosing a career for a child becomes a problem when the child has little or no interest in the career chosen by the parent, this in line jeopardize the future of the child and the parent as well. 

    - Oladapo Yetunde - 2020-01-02 16:09:21 Quote

  • Choosing a carrer for children is not a bad idea in my opinion. A good number of parents know thier children to some extent, their strengths and weaknesses. Judging based on the children academic performance, interests, what gets them inspired, environmental conditiions, passions and available networks are some factors parents consider before choosing a carrer for their child(ren). 
    However, this should not be absolute, parents can aswell guide rather than enforce their opinion on the children. My opinion. 

    - Joel Tope - 2020-01-04 19:48:31 Quote

  • Choosing a career for a child is absolutely wrong .tho it depends on the parents and also the child but still looking at it it's wrong.

    However, parents should also know how good the child is but the child also knows his or her weaknesses.

    She might find solving questions in the accounts department very good and she Intends to follow that trend to become an accountant.but the parents would want her to become a nurse or something.

    A child should be given an opportunity to choose his or her career.

    - Obasuyi Orobosa Greatness - 2020-01-05 01:41:27 Quote

  • To my own level of understanding, forcing a child to pursue a career he/she is not interested in is wrong because the child might end up being frustrated and can even commit suicide during the course of the journey, so to all parent let us allow our children to do what they are passionate about..... Because, what a man finds passion in doing is what he likes doing

    - Kareem Kehinde - 2020-01-06 15:41:05 Quote

  • Parents are meant to be a guardian to their children and also to tailor their moral life.but when it comes to this type of issue children are the one to decide the career they want to choose parent are to allow their children go after their heart desire in choosing a career

    - Oludare Ayomide - 2020-01-07 07:02:57 Quote

  • Choosing a career for a child is very wrong. Parents( especially Africans) choose careers for their children for their own sole gain and reason. Instead of choosing careers for our children; we should study them, take note of their potentials, their weaknesses and even ask their teachers in school the subjects they show interest in and we support and encourage them. I think that is better than imposing a career on the child.

    - Godbless Emmanuel - 2020-01-10 10:50:06 Quote

  • Chosing a career for any child is completely can only assist  a child in suggesting some careers based on your relationship,what you have seen him/ her have strong interest in and how long you have known such child.but chosing a career is a no no for me

    - Asemota More - 2020-01-10 12:00:10 Quote

  • looking at it from the nigerian point of view i think it is right to choose for that child. The way nigeria economy has been running lately not all careers can survive the toughness, so it is best for the parent to choose for the child seeing that the parent has gained knowledge from experience

    - OLUDARE AYOMIDE - 2020-01-10 15:05:30 Quote

  • A child has the right to choose for himself or herself so as to derive a positive result at the end of the day. Giving a child what to do is wrong but directing him on the right path is good by showing him the future in what career he or she chooses, it helps the children know what decision plus determination in achieving their career goal is.

    - Bolu Ojo - 2020-01-11 16:47:56 Quote

  • For parent to decide for his or her child is somehow wrong because the child may not like the career chosen for him or her . Thus,this may cause the child not paying attention to the career  chosen for him or her i.e he or she time is wasted by their parents.  On the other hand  is ok, in as much the child is satisfy by the career chosen for them by their parents...  

    - Banjoko Oluwabimpe Adepeju - 2020-01-18 15:09:43 Quote

  • well, I would say "it is not too good" but if you did that after studying and knowing the temperament and potentials of the child then it's okay.
    but I'll rather advise that you teach the child to know how his temperament blend, know his potentials and purpose in life so that he or she can choose the very best for himself.

    - Promise Gospel - 2020-01-24 22:18:55 Quote

  • Choosing a career and certain paths on how a child is to live his life is a bad thing for the children. I say so because they would tend to not have a crucial opinion on matters that would benefit them. And parents this days advice their children on ways that would be of great benefit to them rather than looking at the child's perspective. I will draw a conclusion that it's best for a child to decide on the career best for him or her.

    - Stanley Chibuike - 2020-01-26 16:00:12 Quote

  • Choosing a career for a child is quite literally the worst thing you can do for a kid. Why? Because most likely they have no interest whatsoever in the field of study you've forced them into. And that's something they have to get up everyday of their lives to do. Absorb there's no passion or zeal or interest you've basically condemned such child to a life of liberty bad regret and dissatisfaction and honesty, sadness. They become robots that just do something because they absolutely have to. So don't just do it. Take care if your kids. Hear them out and advise them. Don't make life choices for them because you'll both end up regretting it 

    - Adetunji Titilademi - 2020-01-31 08:47:30 Quote

  • Choosing a career for a child may not be completely wrong, but forcing the child to do something he or she doesn't want to do or does not have a passion for is wrong. If the parenst notice that the child has a passion for something, they can carefully guide that child to walk in that direction, not by forcing the child but by encouraging him or her in that aspect. 

    - Olubowale Oluseyi - 2020-02-06 11:16:52 Quote

  • i strongly belive that parents can choose careers for their children because as at now most parents pick a career for the child at their tender age which sort of convince them and i know a parent would choose what is best for the child

    - Boluwatito David Adewunni - 2020-02-11 20:55:47 Quote

  • It's very wrong to choose a career for your children because career is an aspect of life that needs one passion and commitment but you choose for them is like you forcing them on a path they don't want to go and at the end they might get lost and if they do you put all the blame on them not knowing that you caused it 

    - Bisiriyu Samuel - 2020-02-18 19:47:23 Quote

  • For me choosing a carrier for a child is wrong because everyone is made to have their own choice in life and if they are forced to pursue something that isn't their choice and they end up failing in that carrier it might not be good for them, so they should be allowed to choose their own carrier thank you

    - Emmanuel Williams - 2020-02-23 19:17:12 Quote

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