Cockroaches, More Harmful Than You Can Think.

Cockroaches as we all know are insects. Very small insects that are also very good at surviving. They are nocturnal creatures, that means they are very active at night or in the dark. They have been well observed to thrive in warm environment. They even run away when suddenly exposed to light. Cockroaches can survive days without water, several days without food and even hours without its head.

Cockroaches allergies exist. They came about when cockroaches climb the skin of people. Some begin to develop this allergies, mostly in the form of rashes.

These allergies sometimes trigger asthma. They transport different types of pathogens. They can spread certain types of bacteria that causes food poisoning and hence, typhoid. The bacteria will spread to the blood stream and hence can cause different types of life threatening infections. They crawl anywhere, eat anything, be it clothes, paper, food, tissue, books, smaller insects etc. they eat basically anything. They have been known to spread up to more than 20 kinds of bacteria and other types of pathogens that are harmful to man.

However it is very necessary to take preventive steps because these cockroaches as small as they are, are very capable of taking away the life of a loved one.

Clean your cupboards so as to prevent and reduce their hiding places.  Always ensure the dirty plates are washed, sinks are cleaned, and the floor and cupboards are cleaned, so as to avoid their survival. Ensure you avoid leaving food uncovered so as to prevent not just cockroaches but rats and houseflies also from dropping pathogens and bacteria on the food. They are actually very harmful and deserved to be killed. You can pour hot water in the sinks that haven't been used for a while, because they tend to relax there most times. I even wish they can go extinct because they add nothing positive to the environment, Of course except manure.

What do you have to say about your experience with cockroaches.

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  • My experience with cockroaches is the one experience I hate so much. I don’t like them at all and they happen to be in my hostel!!! And even crawl on my bed. very disappointing. But green leaf has been helping out though. In essence, it’s always a horrible experience 

    - Nnenna Gift - 2019-12-19 05:24:14 Quote

  • My experience with cockroaches is the worst experience i ever had. it was all over my room!!! I was asleep one day and it crawled my body. and I started feeling a hot burning sensation in that particular place.but sniper has been helping out though. infact it was a horrible experience

    - Sarah Omokhodion - 2019-12-20 21:10:08 Quote

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