Corruption In Every Nook And Cranny Of Our Society

Corruption is not a new thing in our society, no. There are many misconceptions that people have when it comes to corruption, some folks can only think of politicians holding posts in the government whenever they hear the word "corruption", some people can only think of Old people, grow men and women when they hear the word "corruption", there are some people who can only think of pastor, imams, teachers, lecturers, teachers, traders, business men and women when they hear things like word "corruption", but is it not more than that? Is corruption only when stealing some amount of money from a general "purse", is corruption only when a leader runs away with the hard earned money of his fellow members? Is corruption only when a police officer asks for a bribe? No. To simplify my point of view in this article of mine, I would like to say that these aforementioned instances are the big veils of corruptions that is still being unable to be lifted as at yet, but there are little veils of corruptions that we have failed to notice, or should I say " intentionally ignored? " and that is our main point of view in this article.

* Students who we sell bed space allocated to them.
Now, this is a common practice in most of the universities in our country, but that is not the point. The real problem is the cost at which these students make their transactions. A bed space is allocated to a student at the cost of thirty thousand Naira only but such a student goes on to sell the bed space (probably because he does not plan to live on school campus, or maybe because he has a better offer), for seventy thousand Naira or more. That is double the amount that he bought the bed space. This is one of the corrupt acts that we have ignored and overlooked, but is that not too much? That is wickedness if you ask me. The other student also will have to buy because he has no choice at all, as if that is not enough, such a student will live his entire time in the hostel in fear and trembling because his number one worry is that the hostel authorities do not get to catch him and evict him. These students who do such bad things will listen to the news and curse "the bad politicians" who embezzle some amount of money.

* Market Traders who sell goods in excess price all in the name of profit.
It is an indisputable fact that the reason why we trade, sell is to make profit but I want us to take note of the word "excess". It is a normal sign of being honest that we do nothing that will affect other people, that we live our life comfortably but not at the expense of other people's life. When a trader buys a goods for sixty thousand Naira only but because he or she discovers that the bidder is a newbie or JJC and he has no experience about the product, such trader will now multiply the cost of the goods tremendously and that is how an ignorant customer will fall prey into the corrupt trader's trap. These traders do not see this evil they do why? Because it is not politics, because they are not armed robbers? No, that is not how corruption works, it is generally anything that does not have a tip of honesty and integrity in it.

* Spiritual fathers and mothers who extort money from their spiritual children or followers.
In the name of prayers, pastors and imams have lied to collect money from their followers.
They give lying visions, they talk about false revelations, they commit all sorts of atrocities just to make money. We have seen cases whereby a pastor tells his female member that if she wants to have children in her life, then she has to commit adultery with him, and she agreed too, all because of ignorance. When it comes to these spiritual people, there are mostly two things they intend to gain through wickedness and covetousness, they are money and sex. They can lie to any extent just to get these two things but they deceive  their followers by using the basis of spiritual prayers to convince them, they tell their congregation that "God said this, God said that '' and use the opportunity to collect money dubiously.

* Children who lie to their parents just for the purpose of collecting money.
This is a very common practice among students. All in the name of receiving money, they combine lies and serve it to their parents. There are students who justify their actions by saying that their father is a stingy person so they have no choice, some say that their mother is a stingy woman so they have to find other means to collect money from her, is that really good?
Students lie about handouts, they lie about house rent, they lie about certain fees to be paid in school, just to make money.

Truth be told, it is not appropriate to do these things. The reason why I have highlighted examples like this is because they are the ones we often overlooked and underrated. We see them as normal things that don't really matter, but we forget that every little intentional dishonesty is corruption. Thanks.

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