Criminology As A Discipline In Nigeria

Criminology is the the scientific study of crime. Criminology is the study of Nature,Extent,Means,Origin,Reasons of Crime in Our Society

Criminology as a discipline has it's root mainly in Sociology but also use the knowledge of other discipline like Law, Psychology, Social work, and Economics because Criminology is a Social Sciences Course.

Branches of Criminology are:

Victomology: This is the study of victim(s) of crime, this study also sees to the rehabilitation of victims.

Penology: This is the study of penalty of Crimes, this study sees to melt certain punishment to offender(s) of crime. This also aims at the offender getting the deserved punishment for his crime.

Criminal Justice System: also Known as criminal corridor. This is then legal channel a case passes through from the day the crime is committed till the day the case is Judged in Court. CJS oversees to the affairs of both Offender and Victim . This enable the both parties to get deserved reward. The Corridor goes thus:  POLICE ===COURT==PRISON.

Places a Criminologists can Work?

A Criminologist can work in Bank as a security adviser/ expert

A Criminologist can work as a Law Enforcement Agent like the Police, Drug Enforcement Agency, Financial Crime Commission and the likes.

A Criminologists can work in reform/correction house otherwise  known as Prison. Criminologist helps to reform criminals into better citizen.

Universities that offers Criminology as a Course:

University of Ilorin 

Federal University Oye Ekiti ( FUOYE)

Caleb University

Ado Bayero University

University of Jo's

Nigeria Police Academy 

Note: To get admitted to study Criminology in Nigeria Universities check their portals for requirements


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  • Criminology is a very good course which helps to enlighten students the way criminal act are being carried out and the ways in which they can be cured.A student that studies criminology will be able to sense danger or any other criminal activities around him/her.

    So criminology is a very good course 

    - Ibraheem olushola - 2020-01-05 15:42:48 Quote

  • Criminology is one of the demanding course under the faculty of law in many Nigerian universities it involves the study of crime and most importantly how to identify victims and suspects of crime scenes

    - Ayas Hosanna - 2020-02-17 01:15:58 Quote

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