What You Should Know About Cultism

He once told me that being part of his cult is not a bad thing, listing out all the perks, the protection, how i'd get anything i wanted in school; well they would get it. I mean it is a big cult with more than 600 members in a university of roughly 4000+ undergraduate. Being the man my mother raised me to, his words went in one ear, out the other and into the ears of my roommate. We were four in a self contain of a 100k: myself, my friend, the cultist and my course mate who listen to him. You get intiated after a machete has been used on your back or legs. When my course mate join, he couldn'walk around without shorts or trousers for a while. I said correct, now I live with two cultist. I was weak, I didn't join their cult, when they oppress me, steal my money I couldn't do anything. One of them once beat up a giant of a man, the man was clearly way stronger than my roommate, he could have easily slapped my roommate and he'd be in the ICU, but he couldn't. You know why? Because he knew if he so much as raised his voice on my roommate it was either he kills every cult member or he leaves the school permanently. 

One of the attributes these guys portrayed, and well every other member was that if you got beef with anyone of them all you have too was to buy five hundred nails worth of weed. You could give them money and they would still oppress you, but once you smoke a blunt with them, you become a ride or die partner. Since I did not know where nor did I ever want to know how to smoke, tie and razzle dazzle weed, I kept being oppressed in an apartment I paid for.
Sure they lived the school to the fullest. They smoke weed in the morning, drink beer with the cute girls at the bar in the afternoon and in the evening smoke more weed and going out in the night and terrorize people. Each one of them needed spiritual protection, fortification in forms of charms. My roommates charms would stop working if they saw dirty bra or bath with soap used by a girl. Most of them would always break with menstrual blood flow of women. And surprisingly some girls capitalized on that; I would often hear them say they need to pay for the blood for their machete.

Four times have I seen them wounded. They needed money to pay for cult dues, to pay for charms, firearms and if they cannot speak the codes laguange of the cult they lose they belongings on them at the spot, they called it 'duff' and if the 'duffer' dislikes them, it would turn to a drilling.

Now I didn't join cultism, nor did I engage in any cult related activity even as I shared a room for that year with them. And as that semester drew to an end we got to see where our different paths will eventually take us. The expected truth. I was a second class upper man and my nice roommates over at yonder where having g.p's of 1.54 and 0.54 with the latest being my course mate. The former stayed in school for about another session only to be rusticated for rapping his ex and beating her current boyfriend. Turned out the boyfriend had the soldiers backing. If anything else can stop your 'jazz' it has to be the slap of an officer.

This is just a tip of the ice burg of an experience one would never ask another to have.
Cultism does not pay, never did and certainly never will.

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  • Cultism has taken so many lives so of whom were individuals with potentials to make Nigeria a better place. Youths have been persuaded to join cults that they will be protected from harm but it's all the other way round. If you join a cult group then your life is in someone's hands because you might just end up six feet down, Nigerians should by now Know the dangers of  joining such groups thus stay away from cult groups.

    - Mark Olen - 2019-11-25 11:56:23 Quote

  • Cultism in Nigeria especially in higher institutions is on the high side. It has led a lot of people to their early grave. Cultism has never been of any good benefit. Once you join a cult group, your life no longer become safe. You'll have to live in fear of being killed. We all need to be careful.

    - Alex Kujore - 2019-11-25 13:49:31 Quote

  • Cultism isn't what u think it is,coming to higher institutions students most times join cultism for protection and for good performance which is not necessary

    And sometimes students are forced to join cultism which it depends on how the cultists see him or her.cultism is a dangerous one someone can ever think of.my point here is let us be prayerful and have faith because nowadays isn't a good day

    - Amene Victor - 2019-11-29 10:46:38 Quote

  • Cultism is really not the solution to peer group intimidation. The rate at which cultism grows nowadays is becoming alarming, it has really gotten out of hand... i think the goverment has to put more effort in tackling their cumbersome activities, because now it is hard to put an end to.

    - Precious Augustine - 2019-11-29 12:16:00 Quote

  • Well I still don't get the main reason why some people still joins a secret cult,what would they want,if not trouble for themselves.cult in the first place was never meant to be a secret society of bad people in the first place,it was originally crated for people to come together and help fix the problems life,academics name it,in a reasonable way,but now the people joining these cults nowadays doesn't even remember that.some people give the lame reason that it's to enjoys their selves ,who says you can't enjoy yourself unless you join some secret cult,well I think most of these people have to be reorientated because nothing good comes out of this eventually.

    - Taofeeq Adebowale - 2019-11-30 09:32:14 Quote

  • You want the  protection, the fame, the power and life. Every thing is in Jesus christ

    Occultism is demonic and satanic, it is deceitful that most young in college are be deluded and deceit into cultism with the promise of giving  them protection from  harm and also the power to get what they want at their will. 

    Now the devil have no go free gift. But to  steal kill and destroy. Shun cultism, it kills

    God bless you.

    - Megwa Augustine - 2019-12-13 18:16:14 Quote

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