Different Types Of People At Football Viewing Center

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There are various categories of people you will always find at any football viewing center. There are as follows;

1. The Die Hard Fans; Whenever there's a Football Match between two clubs e.g Chelsea vs Manchester United, these set of people are always there to support their various Clubs. No matter the outcome or the result of the Match, these set of people will still defend their various teams without much problem.

2. The Noise Makers; These set of people are those ones that are not supporting either of the teams, but they only make stupid noise about a player that's not performing well on the pitch or complain about the coach and all sort of other errors during a football match.

3. The Bet Stakers; These set of people are either supporting one of the teams or supporting non of the teams but would have stake so many bets on the match. They will be ranting so many things like; "I need two more goals", "I need straight win from Chelsea", "I need Seven yellow cards in this match", etc. They will also be consistent in checking livescores of other matches.

4. The Football History Gurus; This kind of people are always updated about any football match that occurred in the past and that occurs currently. You can't argue with these set of people and go scott free, they'll always prove you wrong.

5. The troublemaker; Funny enough, these set of people are not always concerned about the match that's going on but will always look for everyone's trouble in the viewing center by making jest of the current team that's loosing the match.

Do you have another sets of people that you've encounter at the viewing center? Kindly drop them in the comment section and let's see.

Different types of people at football viewing center - By Olufunmilayo modupe Jimson - 2019-10-28 09:37:12

Another set of people in the viewing centers are the MOCKERS. these set of people will not have there team playing but come only to make jest of a particular team that has one time a good beater of their own team because that particular team is meeting a superior team that could beat them white and black.


Different types of people at football viewing center - By Adewuyi Nafisat - 2019-11-02 18:18:15

I really don't like football but have been to the viewing center and have met different categories of people , some people are actuay there to make jest of the losing team, while some people did not even understand how they play it they were just there because their friend was there.


Different types of people at football viewing center - By Remilekun Akinbo - 2019-11-06 09:20:51

The viewing center is the best place to watch football and get entertained and know more about football because you will see the people who know so much history that you can learn from and there also you will see people that are confused just watching the match to pass time and you will also meet the die hard fan and the jesters too who want your team to lose for no reason.