DIY Or Original Products?

DIY, popularly known as "Do It Yourself" is simply the act of getting things done by yourself rather than purchasing them. Most of DIYs products, be it creams, soap, bags, life hacks and so on can be really cool and far better than the one you purchase from the store. Take for example, there are organic skin care products you can learn to do online with natural ingredients without having to add preservatives or artificial substances that may cause problem to the skin.

Many of these body creams we buy from stores tend to have some side effects like dark knuckles,stretch marks and all. I'm using body cream as example cause it is what most of us can relate. After getting these side effects and going to complain to the store it was brought from,you would then be referred to another ointment that will clear the dark knuckles,then why making it cause dark knuckles in the first place?

And if you now decide to get a product that will work perfectly for your skin problems and all, it would be at a very breathtaking price. So why not go online and search for how you can "Do It Yourself"?


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  • You said it right.I prefer diy products to original products.You can make diy products in limited time.And they are much better than the former.Diy products are easy to make and the best part is that the materials are readily available.It is also a source of income to most people.They sell it at very cheap rate which attracts customers.

    - Agbeyi Jacob - 2019-11-24 22:23:09 Quote

  • Well DIY is good but me I always believe everything is meant to be handled by professionals those who have done the same thing over and over, encountering problem and solving them, unlike someone who doesn't know anything about making a particular product just relying on the tutorials found online. So am not always in support of diy instead I love buying original products

    - Abiodun Oyewole - 2019-11-24 23:20:22 Quote

  • Doing it yourself can be pretty awesome and all, but it has some downsides too. It's not always as easy as going online to look at how to create stuffs for yourself. Most times people don't come up with the right results, and even when they do, it can be very time consuming. Sometimes really expensive too. You could go to the store to buy a cup of cream for 1000, but when you want to make that same cream yourself, you end up spending way much more. Most times people end up trying these life hacks and either end up wasting their time, getting hurt, or spending more. I'm not saying doing it yourself is not cool, I'm just saying it has its own downsides too.

    - Aliu Victor - 2019-11-25 06:01:56 Quote

  • DIY is good provided that one is good at it and is sure of the effectiveness. It also gives room for use of fresh things and natural materials unlike the ready-made stuffs.  The originals are nice too if the companies are known for quality products and if the goods have passed through the necessary tests. 

    - Ganiyat Folashade - 2019-11-25 08:57:49 Quote

  • I will go for DIY "Do It Yourself", sometimes the cream you buy in the market are so bad that it burns the skin,but when you do it yourself it wont be that so bad. Making detergents,creams,soap are all good when you do it yourself because you will put the chemical to your own satisfaction.

    - Okonkwo Mabel - 2019-11-25 09:54:26 Quote

  • Do it yourself is good, but I prefer buying original products, reasons been that most times when one follow the DIY procedures and a step is missing what you are trying to make won't come out the way you want it to. So it's good to stick to an original product you're use to.

    - Joan Zubairu - 2019-11-25 11:29:49 Quote

  • I totally agree with you, but do it yourself have it disadvantages as well. Most time when you make a product yourself, you might end up making one or two mistakes because it's not something you are used to. Since you haven't done it before, mistakes are bound to occur and when finally get it used to the will find out that it consumes time alot... compared to walking into a store and pay for an already made produc.

    - Adeoti Mary - 2019-11-25 12:45:16 Quote

  • Operation DIY is actually the best, at least you are rest assured that no side effects will occur. Especially when it comes to all those creams is preferable to do it yourself, but sometimes doing it yourself can be stressful, trying to get the ingredients and other things especially for people that don't have that time but nevertheless DIY is the option. 

    - Oyinkansola Olanrewaju - 2019-11-25 13:24:26 Quote

  • DIY Is actually healthier and safer depending on what you're making, since it is for personal use you would want to put in the best. But considering a situation whereby the ingredients are hard to come by or when you work in a state like lagos where traffic is tight and you get back tired and very late, walking into a store to get it seems like the best option.☺   

    - Isaiah Pam - 2019-11-25 19:16:14 Quote

  • Actually DIY is good but depends on the kind of product you're doing yourself. For example cream... If you watch an online tutorial on how to make cream your skin is at risk because you won't be shown the side effect online, it's only how smoothening your skin will be matters after all. Since you only watch how to make it then you have to be fine with the side effect either positive or negative... I prefer Original products because you tend to see other people using such product and what effect it will impact on your skin. 

    - Barakat Titilope - 2019-11-27 13:26:55 Quote

  • Well, DIY are good because you get to do it yourself and it saves you money and time but you know the original products are also good to but I prefer the DIY cus it's time engaging and you will learn to do different things yourself and if you are an entrepreneur, you could take yourself to a whole new level

    - Veneshay Moses - 2019-11-28 10:38:56 Quote

  • I think its nice to do things on your own especially when you don't have enough money to purchase what you want at a particular price. Sometimes i also repair my own home appliances when they are faulty with the aid of tutorial videos from youtube, in other to save money.

    - Nengimote Davidson - 2019-11-28 12:28:19 Quote

  • Doing it yourself is better but also depends on what you are doing if it's more stressful then get it in the store but doing it yourself is creative.. I watch videos of DIY and I really feel like I will do it the ingredients or things used are expensive at times and should feel like let me get the product rather than all these ingredients 

    - Ikeoluwa Fakunle - 2019-11-29 07:21:59 Quote

  • Original products are good but DIY are not bad as well. It actually saves money especially when the ingredients that you already have or can get easily. I do DIY sometimes and I must say I love them. It makes you feel comfortable knowing you did it yourself so you don't have to be afraid of side effects, harmful chemical and all what not.

    - Loveth Richard - 2019-11-29 13:08:52 Quote

  • I usually prefer DIY products because it is easy to make and help you learn how to make this products yourself without having to spend a lot of money and it always have good effects... Although original products are good but DIY products are most times better unless you don't have the time to be able to make it yourself... 

    - Paulina Agoudavi - 2019-11-30 07:48:47 Quote

  • Most Original products are ridiculously expensive unlike making yours that can actually work better and faster, this is because of the use of natural ingredients with no preservatives in it. One might buy a product and get irritations from using it. DIY helps to make one conscious of what he or she uses and prevents any risk of worsening an already bad condition. The only issue with DIY especially in Nigeria is that some of this products can still not be found in some states except in places like Lagos and Abuja. But still, DIY are still  safer as far as it’s elements are gotten from a good source.

    - Nureini Kareemah - 2019-12-05 07:59:47 Quote

  • Original product are good but one of the importance of DIY product its that some are natural, you do it to ur own tastes size and the disadvantage is that some things might be dangerous for you to do yourself and you can end up spending money and unable to accomplish what you want 

    - Zubair Umar - 2019-12-12 22:52:41 Quote

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