Does Rema Deserve Next Rated At Headies Award 2019? How About Zlantan

I must confess that Zlatan actually did deserve the award.  However I always knew that Rema would win it.
Mind you, Barack Obama listens to Rema songs.  That alone initiates what Next rated represents.

Headies don't favour "street songs" no matter how massive the song is.,no they don't.

That is why Burna, Teni, Aq , Yemi alade, Falz, Wrld etc were major winners.
Without any doubt these guys understand what good music should sound like with positivity to the young's, therefore promoting good quality imagine of our brand/music to other part of the world.

All the blow wey Zlatan and Naira Marley blow it is obvious that they still did not recognize all that .

If you want to make street songs that don't really have any positive meaning or that normally promote a certain bad culture then no problem for you , you might blow and make money.........But when it comes to the big stage where it all matters(for posterity) you and your song will be parked to one corner.

I think it is a very good development for the music industry sincerely, it is quite clear that they favour those whom have spent quality time on good lyrically content.

By the way; Heading needs to do better with show management....those delays with presenting the winners was quite embarrassing to witness.

God bless the Nigeria music industry.

My two kobo.

Comment let hear your opinion 

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  • I believe all the nominated artists has done well in one way or the other and as such deserve to be where they are for it's their sweat and grace but we all know it can only be one winner and it doesn't make the others losers so anybody that bangs it deserve it and if it's Rema I will say well-done to him. 

    - TOCHUKWU KINGSLEY OKOYE - 2019-10-20 14:23:52 Quote

  • Most definitely Rema deserved it, Although zlatan did but the fact and reason why rema won it was because of the timing of his E.P Commando, the timing was perfect to increase publicity and win votes over becauuse it was weeks to Headies

    - Yusuff Abdurrahman - 2019-10-20 21:08:55 Quote

  • Yes that award belonged to Zlatan. Though rema was the talk of Nigeria at a time but Zlatan released hit singles and also was featured with most of the African giants in music. With all these feats achieved, it should have been more than enough to allow Zlatan bag the award

    - Dadiowei Fidelis - 2019-10-21 08:44:10 Quote

  • I would say congratulations to Rema for winning that category but it doesn't mean that Zlatan Ibile is not good also or that it's because he produces street music. Most people are of the opinion that Zlatan should have won because he has been in the industry way longer than Rema. A lot of factors are being considered and it's also based on peoples votes. They both are good artists and have played different roles in the society.

    - Akachukwu Jaguar-Ofoegbu - 2019-10-21 08:47:00 Quote

  • Personally I think rema deserves the award he was given. Although zlatan ibile has also been making waves in his own lane. Rema is the deserved headies 2019 next rated artist. Bottom line is that they are both good but play different roles in the society with their music.

    - Ehiosun Victory - 2019-10-22 16:58:32 Quote

  • I dont think rema deserves that next rated award, because i feel he doesnt have the experience that Zlatan have in the musical industry, he is too young to be given that award, even Fire boy is far far better than Rema. The award was supposed to be given to Zlatan because he is the king of the street jamz.

    - Olamide Obafemi - 2019-10-25 13:28:43 Quote

  • Awarding Rema the next rated I think,might not be because he actually worth it. The headies is just trying to encourage young talented artist out there not to give up,no matter how so soon you've started. Zlatan on the other hand has gotten the accolades that he deserves- even more worthy than the award itself. As a matter of fact,they are both cool musicians.

    - JOSHUA ADEOYE - 2019-11-04 10:10:52 Quote

  • Rema for sure did a really good work this year and his songs are amazing but giving him the award of next rated where Victor AD is there I just dont think it's really proper. You said they don't give much credit to street songs maybe that why Zlantan did not win the award but what about Victor AD? Would you say his songs aren't good. Or would you call it street songs compared to Zlantan? No na. Victor AD brings inspiration and motivation along with this so called 'street songs'. To me the person who deserves that award the most is Victor AD. To me he is the winner.

    - Sureboi Cazipez - 2019-11-06 18:04:32 Quote

  • The next rated actually belongs to zlatan. If we check the number of songs released by zlatan and if we check the number of songs release by rema, we would see that rema's own is nothing compared to Zlatan's own. Zlatan's song is actually a hit, looking at it from Zanku, to 'My body', to 'This year' and so many other mind blowing songs, we would see that Zlatan is really a talented musician. Though Rema too is trying, but Zlatan is still the one that deserves the next rated award.

    - Temiyemi Oguntunde - 2019-11-08 20:03:00 Quote

  • Rema doesn’t deserve the headies and to my own opinion I think Zlatan deserve it because he has been giving us hit back to back and also got featured with most of the artist in the industry including Davido and Olamide with Burna but Rema is just new to the industry and he hasn’t got featured with any big artist in the industry and that is why I think Zlatan deserve it

    - Adebayo Busayo - 2019-11-12 09:15:10 Quote

  • I think why he won next rated was because of the vibe he came with and the way he sings his song..because he came with a different voice into the music industry...zlatan is doing a street kind of song and I think  it’s mostly Nigerians that listens to him..nevertheless they’re both good..

    - Kudos Israel - 2019-11-29 06:17:21 Quote

  • Rema winning the next rated award I think he doesn't deserve much of it though he's an artist full of positive vibes he's good in all genres of music but to me he doesn't have more hit tracks than Fireboy through out the year everyone knew Fireboy comes out with a good motivating vibes I think Fireboy deserves it more better than Rema 

    - Ozor Raphael - 2019-12-01 07:55:35 Quote

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