Dubai Tourism: A Perfect Example For Nigeria To Diversify Its Economy

When we are talking about tourism today, Dubai is the number one amongs the countries which succeded in tourism in this 21st century and a perfect epitome to all other countries on how to diversify economy and achieve stable economic growth. Dubai Commerce and Tourism Promotion Board was setup in 1989 to promote Dubai as a luxury destination and center of attraction to millions of people.

In May 2013, the government of Dubai also launched another strategy called “the Dubai Tourism Strategy 2020’’, with the key objective to attract 20 million visitors a year by 2020 and making Dubai a first-choice destination for international leisure travellers as well as business travellers. Over the last decade, Dubai has seen strong growth within the tourism sector. According to statistics report, From January to June 2019, 8.36 million international tourists visited Dubai. This 8.36 million international tourists include Nigerians both the citizens and the government.

Now to cut the story short, Dubai has been nicknamed as the "shopping capital of the Middle East. If Dubai can achieved all of these I don’t see any reason why Nigeria government can’t diversify our economy. There are various resort centres in Nigeria even more than that of Dubai.  What should be our concern for now in Nigeria is how we are going to diversify our economy because the news across the globe now, keep telling us that oil will soon be (if not 100%) irrelevant because most advanced countries are now changing from gas or oil engine to electric battery engine which means motor vehicle and other machineries will no longer be using petrol or diesel.

China said by year 2025 no motor using petrol will be on their road any more while some countries like Russia and America put their own in year 2030. At this dangerous time should Nigeria cross leg, fold arms, sit back and be looking while the world around us keep changing. The implication is this, if those countries said they are no longer producing diesel engine it means they will not buy crude oil any more. Though will can say if there is no car using petrol in China we will be using it here in Nigeria but can we use all the barrel of petrol Nigeria is producing everyday alone.

Now what is the fate of Nigeria if our largest buyer reject our oil? I think it is time to diversify, to touch the untap resources and create another stream of revenue as a country. If Dubai can do it I think we too can do it.

What is your believe do you think we can do it?

Your opinion matters!!!

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  • This is certainly what we have to do because time is running out of Nigeria and Nigerians. Crude oil is said to be black gold but if Nigeria returns to being the giant of the food basket of the world (Africa) we won't be able to cope if our crude oil buyers don't regard our oil as a part of their economy

    Economic Diversification wins it any day any time!

    - Josh Enoise - 2019-11-26 07:50:12 Quote

  • From my point of view, I think you're right. Cause if the government of Nigeria can really diversity their time to tournament, then they going to make a really lot of money for the country because the fact that crude oil will soon be useless can't be overlooked.... So we really need to get into something else in our country apart from crude oil, so the country can move forward

    - Olamilekan Oyedemi - 2019-11-26 09:48:02 Quote

  • The diversification of a nation's economy begins with passionate leaders of a country. 

    For a nation to excel in every sector its got, room must be given to young minds who understand the importance of growth.

    Most members of the Nigerian government when called upon have no idea of the vision of the country. Yet, we know that a visionless people have no motive for positivity in the land.

    If we must grow, our government body must be looked into

    - Mercy Samuel - 2019-11-26 10:12:43 Quote

  • Diversify of economy to me I don't think is a big problem but the problem is that our leaders are still getting enough from oil sector that is why they don't care about other sector that can bring revenue that are yet to be touch.

    Like one statement of a friend of mine he said "hunger will teach everyone what to do" when the value on oil is reduce Nigeria will know what to do, nobody will teach them when they we begin to diversify.

    - michael peace - 2019-11-26 10:48:09 Quote

  • Diversifying the economy should be a good option for a country as Nigeria, but the truth is that our leaders can never give a chance-thought for that. But I know for sure one day  a leader is going to rise up in this country that will be ready to give attention to better ways of improving grass-root development and lives of the citizens. For now, I think they(our leaders)are not ready to buy ideas as this .

    - Ike Uche - 2019-11-26 11:26:25 Quote

  • With Dangote multi-billion naira refinery set to be built we will all seen cearly that Nigeria is not yet ready to diversify its economy at this moment. They are ready to spend billion naira on oil sector but they can not spend such on other sector. For this country to diversify its economy we have along way to go becuase any country that will succeed in tourism must have good road that is number one, of which Nigeria is very lacking not to talk of security of life and property.

    So, to me I think for Nigeria to diversify  into tourism at this present time it would  very difficult except if they can first overcome their security challenges like kidnapping, boko haram and fulani herdmen incessant killing and provide adequate road network that will enhance trooping of people in to this country.

    - aina babatunde - 2019-11-26 11:53:06 Quote

  • Yes you have points but the problem is that Nigeria focus on only one sector which is the oil sector,they neglect other sector that can generate money more than the oil sector,if Nigeria invest on other sectors like the Agricultural sector,just exporting the product will turn the country around and investors from other countries can also come 

    - Oluwagbemisola Ojedokun - 2019-11-26 12:04:22 Quote

  • Diversification of our economy is the best  if our government desire to make life worth living for all Nigerians. But this people who manage our affairs to siphon our treasuries economically , socially and politically won't make diversifying development possible for they are entrenched in endemic corruption. To achieve this, we have to usher them out before they suck us to death and put those with vision, honesty and God fearing in place. Then we can enjoy once more the milk and honey of our blessed country land and even achieve the greatest diversification.

    - Dada Iyanu - 2019-11-26 12:24:35 Quote

  • You are very correct. Nigeria has to do something, we cannot continue to sit and fold our arms and remain backwards. We have great minds in this country, doing and willing to achieve more for this country. I think it's time for the government to start supporting and promoting these great minds and stop focusing on crude oil only. So many people have produced things technology wise but no support from anywhere. We need to do better, the change is here and it is now.

    - Tolulope Ige - 2019-11-26 13:46:29 Quote

  • My dear for sure this statement by foreign countries is a very big challenge to us Nigerians. Its high time that the Nigeria government should wake up and join the growing train. We can not based on used products always, our people are better than those people. We can do better than them.

    - Chinwe Okeke - 2019-11-26 13:53:59 Quote

  • Nigeria has always been obsessed with crude oil because it brings fast and long lasting money. They forget that countries like Dubai also generate a large chunk of their revenue from tourism. The Nigerian government should invest in tourism as it'll also improve our look in the world. This country is blessed with milk and honey but cursed with greedy leaders.

    - Tomiwa Folorunso - 2019-11-26 17:38:25 Quote

  • The problem with Nigeria is our Government officials in different ministry who are there to just enrich their pockets rather than grow their ministry and be innovative. They add less to the ministry. Because they are less impactful and innovative that's why tourism in Nigeria is on a low compared to other countries

    - Godwin Preye - 2019-11-26 17:41:34 Quote

  • You are very correct. Nigeria has to do something, we cannot continue to sit and fold our arms and remain backwards. We have great minds in this country, doing and willing to achieve more for this country. I think it's time for the government to start supporting and promoting these great minds and stop focusing on crude oil only. So many people have produced things technology wise but no support from anywhere. We need to do better, the change is here and it is now.

    - Agboola Ronti - 2019-11-26 18:18:35 Quote

  • This is a disgrace to the Nigerian government, this has gone a long way to show they have failed us time and time again, we can say that the Dubai and Nigerian development started at the same time but see where Dubai is and where Nigeria is, it cant be compared at all.

    - Chimaobi Emmanuel - 2019-11-27 07:22:22 Quote

  • The Nigerian goverent should pay more attention to Agriculture, Agric is another gold mime with many sectors from which huge revenue can be generated, Agriculture has evolved as well and there are numerous untapped agribusiness. Nigeria can make their economy boom again, the farmers need to be turned to once again.

    - Nwakaeze Blessing Ngozi - 2019-11-27 14:13:59 Quote

  • Base on Nigeria economy looking back from 1960 since we got independence has Nigeria been moving forward, no. Taking a tour to Dubai to learn how their economy works is not pride is simply knowledge, putting that knowledge in practise is what boost the economy ,I know if going to Dubai which just emerge from poverty to a world known market center and tourist for both pleasure and goods is worth photocopying as standard.

    - Jude Iloyanomon - 2019-11-27 14:43:40 Quote

  • This is a talk about inevitability! Oil will fail definitely like other forms of energy before now but countries that have good leadership are already laying the foundation for the future. In Nigeria its not about diversifying its about good leadership and having the interest of the country at heart because everyone knows we need to diversify but its the government planning to?

    - Destiny Ehidiamhe - 2019-11-27 17:12:53 Quote

  • Nigeria is a real blessed country and I believe that. Speaking from the above topic I really dont think our government of today is willing to do anything to boost the economy rather than fighting corruption which can never be totally be eradicated from any country in the world...Only God we look up to and only him can save us.

    - Ikanimelody Ikanimelody - 2019-11-27 17:17:18 Quote

  • Nigeria will have to take alot of things into consideration to achieve and emerge a worldly tourist attractions, like the roads;to aid the movement of tourists, security; I don't think other countries see Nigeria as a safe place to visit, only few of them does. And ofcourse our current economy, if our leaders can tackle all these problems, with our oil money and agriculture we can be world focus for the tourists as we have lots of tourists attractions in the country.

    - Oyewunmi Oluwatosin Radeyo - 2019-11-27 19:00:11 Quote

  • Dubai was able to achieve that great feat because they were reminded,not full of all these corruption flying around our own country.You dont expect a country with extremely bad land transport system to become a world tourism center.First we need to reconstruct our leaders mind if possible and make them see the future's need.then we can talk about accomplishing Dubai's feat.

    - Adeleke Grace - 2019-11-27 23:35:37 Quote

  • Nigeria is not ready to be part of what is going on outside it boarder she is more concern in what is happening inside her,come to talk of it Dubai is working hand in hand with other country but Nigeria is not ready to do that our government are just focus on what is country money without using it for the development of the country instead they will use the money to invest in other country.

    - Omega Owah - 2019-11-28 10:15:26 Quote

  • We have a lot of resources in Nigeria but it's a shame that bad leadership has destroyed the country to this extent. I saw a brief interview where a man in Dubai said the difference between Nigeria and Dubai is bad governance. Dubai was practically a desert before but they were able to take the country to the level it is now due to the work of good leaders. Nigeria can have one of the biggest tourism attractions if the right leaders govern the country and utilize every resources we have, instead of just looting money up and down.

    - Araoluwa Olawoye - 2019-11-28 14:01:39 Quote

  • I really feel that's a problem with nigeria, we're endowed with enough tourist attraction centers here in Nigeria and to really make this a way of generating profit lies with those at the top cos only them have the resources to get such an attraction if Nigeria can really diversify then I think we can have a future

    - Abiodun Oyewole - 2019-11-28 22:21:59 Quote

  • This is the simple truth. If Dubai can do it, there's nothing stopping Nigeria from doing same. But there're alot of factors hindering Nigeria from achieving this. Just to mention few....

    Nigerians are greedy & selfish. They prefer to stockpile the money somewhere for their generations yet unborn. What's the use of ur money if u can't help ur fellow.

    Our governments too are not helping as well. They are the main contributors to the backwardness of this country. They don't support anybody's dream, instead they kill dreams of young & promising Nigerians. 

    We still have a long way to go in this our beloved country if we don't find a solution to all these greedy politicians & their likes.

    May God help us.

    - Bankole Sholarin - 2019-11-29 06:48:34 Quote

  • Nigeria has a nation where there's alot of mineral resources but due to corruption in our society today. If corruption isn't eradicate, Nigeria will never move forward. We are one of the richest country in the world but we don't know how to make use of our resources. Our refinerise is bad, lack of social amenities.

    - Olaleye Ololade - 2019-11-30 15:49:38 Quote

  • This is a prove that we can make Nigeria a great nation we all have dreamt of,God has blessed this country with a lot resources but our focus is only on crude oil thats why our economy is based on what crude oil is worth in the world market

    - Abiola Rilwan - 2019-12-05 10:02:57 Quote

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